FFP set for a return, Big Sam stumped, Miki/Aub friends, under 23s squad, Zelalem back.

By Tony Attwood

In the early days of Uefa’s Financial Fair Play there was a bit of a battle on this site between those of us in favour of FFP’s aims and some Manchester City supporters who argued that FFP was illegal and would be thrown out by the courts.

It wasn’t and nothing happened, not least because the court case had already been and gone.   But Manchester City did manage to by-pass FFP eventually, just as PSG did, and so after a year of restraint the money poured forth, and Uefa stopped trying – for a while.

But they are going to have another go this summer, and the prompting for this new look has come from Barcelona, Real Madrid and other clubs concerned about the runaway finances of PSG and Manchester City, and the escalating bids for TV rights in the Premier League, which are not being matched elsewhere.

The new idea simplifies the arrangements by saying that no club in Europe can make a transfer loss of 100m euros a season.  Indeed it is the possibility of this deal coming to pass that is part of the reason for clubs with mega-deals from sponsors rushing around and buying lots of players at the moment.  They don’t necessarily want them all, but if the new arrangements come in, in May, they will have some unwanted high cost players they can flog, in order to keep the losses on transfers next time around down to the 100m euro mark.

This is also a way of containing the possibility that the TV deal will take an unexpected turn next time around with an organisation like Facebook or Google or Amazon taking a lot of the games, and offering them in ways that were never imagined before.

What the new system will do is allow clubs to go on spending lots of money bringing in and then sacking managers (it is said that Chelsea have spent over £80m in pay-offs to managers since Abramovich took over the club).  All the new FFP deals in is the ins and outs of transfer fees.

One of the interesting side effects could be that there will be less of a market in players aged 30+ whose value declines very quickly.  And it does mean that huge expenditure on one player could be reduced.  Indeed prices might even start to come down – which would confuse everyone.

So, is there anything else as we look among the ashes of the fires that burned so bright yesterday?  Well, there is a reminder that some players have minds of their own, as with the news that Allardyce found that footballers didn’t do what he said!!!

Apparently Ademola Lookman joined RB Leipzig when the Large One didn’t want him to while Davy Klaassen didn’t go to Napoli even though the deal was arranged because there was a tiff between the player and one or more of his representatives working on his behalf!

And gradually the media is waking up to the fact that Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan used to play in the same team with Aub sending Mk a message to say a message ‘great to link up again bro’. In his first interview he emphasised the fact with, ‘Finally I am really happy to be here of course I can join Miki in this team.’

Also, at least for a day or two, the emphasis changes.  I thought the headline “How long before Alexis Sanchez and Mourinho fall out?” from Arsenal Fever made a welcome change, and the Telegraph’s “Why can’t Jose Mourinho get a tune out of Paul Pogba?” gave me a laugh.

Manchester City are of course in deflection mode as always as the headline “Bernardo Silva urges referees to clamp down on X-rated challenges amid Man City concern over lack of protection” shows.

But Arsenal were engaged in activity, as so, quite possibly by Premier League Rules and Regulations there has to be a negative around.  101 Great Goals found it with “Arsenal’s paltry last-ditch offer for Jonny Evans revealed.”

And just in case you missed it, the FA WSL Continental Tyres Cup final is coming up with Arsenal playing Manchester City.  The game is on March 14, kick-off 7.00pm at Adams Park, where Wycombe Wanderers and Reading’s WSL teams play.  The game will be shown on Facebook.

And we have the first predictions for the line up on Saturday evening.  It looks like this


Bellerin, Koscielny, Mustafi, Monreal;

Xhaka, Ramsey;


Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Aubameyang

And going along with that a suggestion of how the Under 23 team will line up now a number of players have gone out on loan.  Thanks to Jeorge Bird’s website for this


Osei Tutu, Mavropanos, Medley, T. Bola

Willock, Dasilva

Dragomir, Nelson, Smith-Rowe


Zelalem is now back and recovering from his multiple injury issues.  We’re hopingto see him again soon.

7 Replies to “FFP set for a return, Big Sam stumped, Miki/Aub friends, under 23s squad, Zelalem back.”

  1. The above Gunners playing formation style of: 4-2-1-2-1 against the Toffees tomorrow that I am seeing defers from the Le Boss mostly used playing style formation of: 3-2-4-1 since last season.

    Notwithstanding, whatever be the playing style formation he’ll use to play against Everton on Saturday at the Ems in the PL which is likely to be the back three style, Arsenal looks like they will be devastating in attack with their newly signed duo of: Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang whose attacking prowess will devastate Everton in the game and leaves them devastated.

    My Arsenal 3-2-4-1 playing formation style and 7 substitutes on the bench Gunners against Everton on Saturday.

    Ozil…Wilshere…Xhaka.. .Mkhitaryan

    Ospina Koscielny Maitland ElNeny Ramsey Iwobi Lacazette.

    My starts and bench are totally based on current performance form of the individual Gunners. Although Aruba is just coming in into the Gunners starting XI, but to whom much is given {£56m) much is expected.

  2. But I wonder if our owner poured in as much money as City’s whether you’d complain so much? Jealousy perhaps plays its part. The sour grapes are quite bitter on here at times which is sad really as City play exciting football reminiscent of Wenger’s old style back at the turn of the century.

    Yes it would be lovely if every team could have a shot at winning the league, cups etc. but the riches are not equally doled out. It was ever thus. And a hundred years from now some rich owner might invest in Stoke and they’ll be the 22nd century Manchester City. Sadly present day Stoke fans won’t be alive to see it.

  3. Surely Man City will merely buy crap players and “sell” them on to one of their “other” clubs for massive fees, thus ensuring that they have a huge income from transfers to buy the players they really want. Unless FIFA get to grips with the ownership of clubs surely this will do nothing.

  4. Since season 2008/2009 Manchester Cities Net spend on players is not far short of:


    Let me repeat that:


    It currently stands at a staggering £934,470,000 or £934 MILLION.

    I find that not only astonishing, but actually, given the World we are living in, and more, given were the majority of that money has come from, quite sickening.

    Honestly, were is the achievement in winning anything following investment like that?

    I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say my Grandad could win trophies with a budget like that, and he’s been dead for 20 years.

    Of course Man City play great football, akin to how we played back in the day, but FFS if you cant put together an attractive team on that kind of money you really should get another job.

    Jealous ?

    Surely you have to be joking?

    If that’s what anyone wants for Arsenal football club then you live in a different World to the one I live.

    As I say, when you look closely at it, it’s actually quite sickening.

  5. Oh damn I knew I kept forgetting someone, yes we have a Ceac; Gediom. On dong, best one touch passer at the club. I mean, best 1 touch passer at the club.

    The name Gideon is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Gideon is: Destroyer One who has a stump in place of a hand

    Hebrew of the language that formed the doctrines from which Mohammed derived the Qu’ran, which was changed after his death by imams.

    Hebrew also of Judaism, the basis of the doctrine for which Heyzus demonstrated Christianity, to follow the works of Christ by ones own actions. Hebrew from which the bible doctrines were derive do and adjusted.

    Luke: 20-45-46 it says beware lying penmanship in the bible, the drives weren’t he left levites, of the 13th tribe.

    History: beware these ~${#$~| hacks!

    I pray he drops Xhaka rather than ask him to make up for it, and the lack of pace in Monreal and Mustarfi, the latter can go faster, born yo to speed. I would be unhappy about. And that’s 2 games 2 flops for Cech. Needs addressing. Time out!

    Aubameyang is ill and shouldn’t be rushed which sets him up for the perfect debut game. Sead should handle Theo. Putting Theo against Monreal, just foolish. That is the last thing wen need, Theo turning him inside out.

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