The new squad: who has left, who is in the 25, and what happened to the youngsters.

by Andrew Crawshaw and Tony Attwood

(all mistakes are Tony’s fault – two earlier problems have now been fixed).

We now have a list of all the players aged over 21 (by the League’s definition of qualifying dates).  As you’ll know of course, only 25 such players can be listed – but all registered players aged under 21 can be played in games.

The squad list may contain no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the “Home Grown Player” (HG) criteria.  The remainder of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be “homegrown” – meaning that they were trained as youth players in England or Wales.  Homegrown has no relationship to nationality.

Arsenal always regularly fulfil this criteria of home grown players unlike many other teams.  At the moment however we have space for more players of any nationality or origins, since we have sold several players and not replaced them on a one for one basis.  Also Akpom has gone on loan.

As a result of these changes we now have space for Santi Cazorla, – although I don’t think that means he is close to playing.  But he is on the payroll and therefore it makes sense to include him when space is available.

Iwobi and Maitland Niles are still not listed because of age, although now they must be counted as regular first team players.

Here’s the list of over 21 year olds counting towards the full list of 25.  Salaries are in pounds sterling per week.

As I have made a mistake, but published, I am leaving this up while I get the new table prepared.  My apologies.


Contract Wages Country No Position HG
Mohammed Elneny 2020 55,000 Egypt 35 Mid/CB N
Petr Cech  2018 100.000 Czech Rep 33 GK N
Aaron Ramsey 2019 110,000 Wales 8 Mid Y
Jack Wilshere 2018 90,000 England 10 Mid Y
Rob Holding 2020 25,000 England 16 CB Y
Calum Chambers 2020 25,000 England 21 CB Y
Danny Welbeck 2019 70,000 England 23 Forward Y
Hector Bellerin 2023 100,000 Spain 24 RB Y
Deyan Iliev Macedonia 50 GK Y
Matt Macey 2018 5,000 England 54 GK Y
Per Mertesacker 2018 70,000 Germany 4 CB N
Laurent Koscielny 2020 75,000 France 6 CB N
Henrikh Mkhitarian 2021 170000 Armenia 7 Midfield N
Andre Lacazette 2022 200,000 France 9 Striker N
Mesut Özil 2021 350,000 Germany 11 Mid N
David Ospina 2019 40,000 Colombia 13 GK N
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 2021 180000 Gabon 14 Striker N
Nacho Monreal 2019 65,000 Spain 18 LB N
Santi Cazorla 2018 90,000 Spain 19 Mid N
Shkodran Mustafi 2021 90,000 Germany 20 CB N
Granit Xhaka 2021 90,000 Switzerland 29 CM N
Saad Kolasinac 2022 119,500 Bosnia 31 LB N

All contracts run to 30 June of the year indicated.

So who did we lose?  Basically we lost two “home grown” players in Coquelin and Walcott, one home grown player going out on loan in terms of Akpom and three “foreign” players in terms of Debuchy, Giroud, and Sanchez.  We also lost youth team players Marcus McGuane to Barcelona.

Apart from the players already mentioned we have these players who are playing fairly regularly for the under 23s who are, I think, all under 21.    If anything is wrong with this list please do let me know.

  • Defenders: Mavropanos, Medley, Osei-Tuto
  • Midfield: Balogun, Smith Rowe, Dragomir, Eyoma, Gilmor, Willock,
  • Attack: Dasilva, Nelson, Nketiah

From the under 21 list we have these new loanees who have gone out on loan in January…

  • Stephy Mavididi to Charlton Athletic
  • Tafari Moore to Wycombe Wanderers
  • Ben Sheaf to Stevenage
  • Jeff Reine-Adélaïde  to Angers
  • Chuba Akpom to Sint-Truidense
  • Krystian Bielik to Walsall
  • Julio Pleguezuelo to Gimnàstic de Tarragona

And we have Zelalem making his slow recovery from injury.

Finally (and I know you’ll correct me if I am wrong) we have these players out on loan for the whole season…

Takuma Asano – Stuttgart.  He has played 37 times for them in the past season and a half.

Marc Bola – Bristol Rovers.  He has played for Bristol Rovers 12 times,

Emiliano Martínez – Getafe   I thought that he was being moved to another club having only played five games for Getafe but it appears he is still there.  If you have info on this can you let me know.

Carl Jenkinson – Birmingham City.  Carl had yet another serious injury soon after his move to Birmingham and was out for most of the season so far but has just returned to action.

Cohen Bramall – also went to Birmingham City for whom he has played three times.

Kelechi Nwakali – having finished his loan with VVV-Venlo I think he is now back with MVV Maastricht.

Lucas Pérez – is on loan with Deportivo La Coruña and is playing for them regularly.

Joel Campbell – is on loan with Real Betis but has only played three times, having been injured again – according to the report I have seen.  If you have an update please do say.

54 Replies to “The new squad: who has left, who is in the 25, and what happened to the youngsters.”

  1. The defence needs strengthening.There is no balance .
    The fm has neglected the defence too long in his quest to play attacking soccer.

  2. OT

    Dwain Kaye
    04/02/2018 at 2:28 pm

    Dwain, just read your comment and sky link on the bonkers blog. The write is either at best for him writing with a bias or at worst for him displaying is ignorance in other words he was Donald Trumping.
    Don’t waste your time on the British media. Don’t insult your brain on it, it is not worth it.

    For what its worth this Sunday afternoon I listened to the rugby pundits ‘trumping’ about rugby. Their pronunciations were the same type of drivel as for football. A complete waste of time.

  3. It took Moss 69 minutes to card Dele Alli (Liverpool!!! still leading 1-0).

    Arsenal Women beat Yeovil 0-3. Should have been more, we missed converting two penalties. First penalty shot wide, second was saved. Congratulations Ladies!

    I wonder if Andrew was at the game (where ever Yeovil plays)?

  4. We have lost in Walcot and Giroud two players two players who loved the club. the first didn’t quite come up to expectations. The second, written off as another ‘Arsene useless buy’, before he had ever kicked a ball or headed a goal in the Premier league.

    He went on to prove yet again ‘Arsene knows’

    We wish them well except when playing against us.

  5. My guess is that Moss has a love interest in the Spuds now as well. Gives Kane a penalty to go ahead, and Kane misses. Liverpool scores to go ahead, so Moss gives Kane another penalty to get a point for the spuds.

  6. Kane was offside AND he dived!!
    2nd penalty…I don’t know how to call a penalty if you come from behind a player and step in front of his foot…

  7. Gord

    To be fair it was the linesman that gave the 2nd penalty.

    Alli dives. Gets booked. Hardly a word of admonishment from the commentators.

    Waiting for another replay but wasn’t Kane already on the way down when he kicked the defender.

    Maybe the lads can put me right but surely when the ball was played Kane was offside. That’s it. Surely the fact the defender tried to clear the ball was because of were Kane was standing. Therefore he was interfering with play at that moment ?

    Even the 2nd penalty given by the linesmen seemed a bit soft.

  8. Both pens were PGMOL bollocks. Kane dived as did the other cheat. Kane was off side so the first pen was wrong. Simple truth is PGMOL can manipulate a game any which way they want to.

  9. The way the commentators were going on about the ‘GREAT’ Harry Kane…14 of his 100 goals have been penalties. The great white hope, indeed! About 7% of Premiership goals are penalties, but with Harry…

  10. Sky and Demont o’ query are saying That Kane was onside because the ball came of Lovren.
    But isn’t this an old rule and has to be deliberate pass from a defender?

  11. Very dodgy penalties but everyone on SKY, including Dermot Gallagher ALL say the officials got EVERY decision correct.

    Perhaps Andrew can clear the offside, or should I say, ‘non’ offside up, because as far as I can see they are judging it under an old rule we knew back in the day being ‘played on’.

    I thought that rule was abolished years ago in favour of if you are offside ‘When The Ball is Played’ that is it, you are off side.

    It became irrelevant if it touched a defender on the way through.

    Even so, surely Kane standing where he was affected what the defender did, therefore Kane influenced the game from an off side position.

    As I say, I’ll be interested to hear what Andrew has to say.

  12. Say it ain’t so! AW is right…everybody including the PGMO is cheering for Sp*rs!

  13. Knobby

    Just what I was typing as you posted.

    It was known as being ‘played on’ but I thought that was abolished years ago.

  14. @knobby and Nitram,

    The pundits prove again that they do not know what they are talking about. It is literally written in the FIFA/ FA rules:—offside

    In regards to an offside offense, the rules state:

    “A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by:
    – gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering with an opponent when it has:
    – rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar or an opponent
    – been deliberately saved by any opponent
    – A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball (except from a deliberate save by any opponent) is not considered to have gained an advantage.

    The ball was clearly deflected and not deliberately played back so 100% offside for Kane’s first penalty.

    Hope we start out quick next week. Going to be tough game with Alli and Kane diving all over the field.

  15. @Andrew and Tony,

    Thanks for doing the hard work and research on the team’s 25 and contracts. Looking at the player’s contracts, first thought was man Monreal needs a raise!

  16. Jerry ring the tossers on talkshite up they are still stating the old rule and var would clear it up.. (even if they don’t know the laws of the game)

  17. Kane was offside. He gained an advantage from his offside position. The deflection of a defender doesn’t play him onside.

  18. It’s bad enough that the ‘pundits’ don’t know the rules.

    It’s terrible that an ex referee doing the analysis doesn’t know the rules.

    It’s simply unforgivable that the Linesman and Referee in charge of the match don’t know the rules.

    When Moss went over to the linesmen he made it absolutely clear to Moss that Kane was in an offside when the ball was played. All he said to Moss was that he couldn’t say whether Lovren touched the ball on the way through.

    On hearing that, Mosses response should of been simple.


    Because the laws of the game, as illustrated on that link, clearly say that a touch on the ball, by a defender, on it’s way through to the attacker standing in an offside position when the ball is played, is completely irrelevant.

    This is a multi Billion pound industry and the officials don’t even know the laws of the game.


  19. The terrible thing is as you say that non of the pundits know the laws of the game. For Dermot Gallagher: he is probably stuck in the middle ages when he still was a referee…..

  20. well, to me as well it was a crass off-side.
    Then, looking at the table, both teams lost 2 points.
    So from an Arsenal point of view, it was I think a good outcome….

    Then, next week-end we can always worry about Harry Kane tripping over a grass leaf and getting a penalty….

    The only thing that can save us is that our ‘rockets squad’ learn formation flying and just rip them apart – they are absolutely capable of doing it. Don’t care about our defense as long as the offense scores one more goal….

  21. Interesting to hear Klopp criticize the ref. Guardiola did it. Mr Wenger did it.
    Can’t remeber if Conte had any reasons to and did it as well.
    How come only Mr Wenger gets punished, and taken down by the press ?

    Apart from that maybe there is some heath building under PGMOB’S arses
    And that would be a very welcome evolution.

  22. It’s bad enough that the commentators, pundits and ex referees don’t know the rules, but for the officials actually in charge of the match to not know is simply unacceptable.

    Surely this has to be a disciplinary matter for Moss ?

    But guess what? I bet he somehow gets away with it. He’ll probably even get a cup final as a reward.


    As you say, it seems only Wenger is worthy of punishment.

  23. I tell you what. It will be interesting to see how MOTD handle this tonight.

    It took Jerry less than an hour to look up and post a link to the relevant rule regarding off side, and myself less than an hour and a half to find a clear and graphic pictorial illustration of said rule.

    Both of us have shown, that according to the laws of the game, Kane was definitely Off Side.

    Walter confirms what we have shown.

    With all there researchers/resources there will be no excuse for MOTD not to of done the same.

    The only right and proper conclusion they should come to is that Moss made an almighty cock up, and as such, he, along with his equally culpable linesman, have to be stood down immediately for gross incompetence.

    In my line of work I know I would be.

    Alas I cant see them doing that under any circumstances, but as I say, it will be interesting to see how they do handle it.

  24. The other thing Tha I noticed was after Barmideli Alli got booked for diving the cheat just ran past the ref and gave him a little touch, no shame no argument, just “yep I’m a effing cheat, no problem”

  25. Knobby

    No real criticism from the commentators either.

    Don’t think it was even mentioned after the match.

  26. Nitram.. MOTD FA rule 11 did the defender deliberately touch the ball?
    Yes.. But did he mean it to go in a different direction to that intended?
    Does this have any credibility at all?
    What a mess (that could cost fortunes).

  27. The U23 play Everton Monday night. Maybe Steve Gatting should get Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan suited up for the warmup? 🙂 But, people who live near Meadow Park might want to go watch them at 7pm.


    I see in the news, that Neville has screwed up the calls too.

  28. Moss is a good PGMO official in the sense that he is trusted to doliver exactly what is expected of him. If his masters desire a particular outcome from a game he can be trusted to tilt the pitch as fast as possible to get it. Like most PGMO officials both current and retired (but still working to whitewash the organisation in the media) he has to know the rules in order to selectively enforce them.

    The whole PGMO organisation is a “Wunch of Bankers”.

  29. It was a great game of football. Liverpool the better team in the first half. Spurs much the better team in the second. Two outstanding goals. A breathless finish. It’s a shame that all the talk (not just here) is all about the officials.

    Kane was offside and did dive after the slightest of touches. Alli dived too. In mitigation, Alli did at least realise the the error of his ways as he was going to ground and subsequently tried to play on instead of appealing for a penalty.

    The second penalty, however, was clear cut. Cute by Lamela, perhaps. And certainly not deliberate on VVD’s part. But no question that he ended up clumsily kicking Lamela and not the ball.

    Two good performances from Spurs this week. But your lot looked ominously good on Saturday too, with the new signings having an instant impact. So, as ever, I will feel sick with nerves before this coming Saturday’s NLD – and probably throughout it too.

  30. Knobby

    MOTD FA rule 11 did the defender deliberately touch the ball?

    Yes.. But did he mean it to go in a different direction to that intended?

    Does this have any credibility at all? What a mess (that could cost fortunes).

    Even if Lovren touching the ball whilst making a deliberate attempt to block it means Kane is ‘played on’, he’s still off side under the following rule regarding INTERFEREING WITH PLAY.


    Making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the Referee, deceives or distracts an opponent.

    The opponent must be reasonably close to the play, so that the blocking, deceiving or distracting makes a difference.””

    Surely Kanes presence has to of affected Lovren. Lovren must of been aware of Kanes presence behind him and as such affected what he did.

    It would be a perfectly legitimate argument for Lovren to say, given it obviously wasn’t a shot, that he would not of even gone for the ball had Kane not been where he was.


    That is irrefutable.

    Either way Kane is off side. What a crock of shite this is.

    But it’s Spurs and the 98% correct Referees. Is any of this a surprise?

  31. JimB

    You’re right, it was an exciting game of football. But sadly the diving and wrong refereeing decisions spoiled it. This is why we need referees that do the job properly.

  32. Pat,

    There was only one incorrect decision – the Kane penalty / offside. Thankfully, it didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

  33. Surely it is impossible to believe that Moss, his linesman and the fourth official Atkinson (who Moss appears to have been communicating with) do not know the offside law but that is how it appears. They collectively are hiding behind the fact that Lovren deeliberately played the ball yet if the offside law is interpreted at face value that renders Lovrens involvement irrelevent.
    So what the hell is going on.

  34. I have to say I did quite enjoy Alli’s cheek after his yellow. Cheating prick.
    Not as much as the 2 points each dropped , however that was manipulated. Perfect.
    Let’s hope The Port give them some falling over treatment on Wednesday. Or should we say “get in their faces”.

  35. It seems from a statement by PIGMOB that all the decisions Moss made yesterday were correct and he didn’t speak to the 4th official so there we go everything is rosey in the football world of administration

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