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June 2021

Arsenal v Everton: one of the most astonishing runs of all time

By Bulldog Drummond

According to Physioroom, Aubameyang is ill, and will have a late fitness test.  Jack Wilshere is also ill and likewise will have a late fitness test, and Danny Welbeck is out with a muscular injury.  Everton are reported to have four injuries:

  • McCarthy – broken leg
  • Baines – muscle strain
  • Stekelenburg – groin injury
  • Funes Mori – carilage knee injury –

None of these players is given any chance of playing.   The Guardian confirms the illness of Aubameyang and Wilshere.

We’ve played Everton 209 times and won 104, with 45 drawn and 60 lost.  Across the last ten games the results look like this

Date Game Res Score Competition
08 Mar 2014 Arsenal v Everton W 4-1 FA Cup
06 Apr 2014 Everton v Arsenal L 3-0 Premier League
23 Aug 2014 Everton v Arsenal D 2-2 Premier League
01 Mar 2015 Arsenal v Everton W 2-0 Premier League
18 Jul 2015 Everton v Arsenal W 1-3 Premier League Asia Trophy
24 Oct 2015 Arsenal v Everton W 2-1 Premier League
19 Mar 2016 Everton v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
13 Dec 2016 Everton v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League
21 May 2017 Arsenal v Everton W 3-1 Premier League
22 Oct 2017 Everton v Arsenal W 2-5 Premier League

All of those games played at Arsenal Stadium had gone well for us, and of course we’ll remember the fun we had with the away game this season on 22 October.   And in fact Everton have gone since January 1996 without a win at Arsenal.   Here is the run

No Date Game Res Score Competition
20 Jan 1996 Arsenal v Everton L 1-2 Premier League
1 19 Jan 1997 Arsenal v Everton W 3-1 Premier League
2 03 May 1998 Arsenal v Everton W 4-0 Premier League
3 08 Nov 1998 Arsenal v Everton W 1-0 Premier League
4 16 Oct 1999 Arsenal v Everton W 4-1 Premier League
5 21 Apr 2001 Arsenal v Everton W 4-1 Premier League
6 11 May 2002 Arsenal v Everton W 4-3 Premier League
7 23 Mar 2003 Arsenal v Everton W 2-1 Premier League
8 16 Aug 2003 Arsenal v Everton W 2-1 Premier League
9 09 Nov 2004 Arsenal v Everton W 3-1 League Cup
10 11 May 2005 Arsenal v Everton W 7-0 Premier League
11 19 Sep 2005 Arsenal v Everton W 2-0 Premier League
12 28 Oct 2006 Arsenal v Everton D 1-1 Premier League
13 04 May 2008 Arsenal v Everton W 1-0 Premier League
14 18 Oct 2008 Arsenal v Everton W 3-1 Premier League
15 09 Jan 2010 Arsenal v Everton D 2-2 Premier League
16 01 Feb 2011 Arsenal v Everton W 2-1 Premier League
17 10 Dec 2011 Arsenal v Everton W 1-0 Premier League
18 16 Apr 2013 Arsenal v Everton D 0-0 Premier League
19 08 Dec 2013 Arsenal v Everton D 1-1 Premier League
20 08 Mar 2014 Arsenal v Everton W 4-1 FA Cup
21 01 Mar 2015 Arsenal v Everton W 2-0 Premier League
22 24 Oct 2015 Arsenal v Everton W 2-1 Premier League
23 21 May 2017 Arsenal v Everton W 3-1 Premier League

Arsenal have scored 100 goals against Everton, the only club to do so against another Premier League team.   And gone 23 matches without them winning.  Time to make it number 24 I think.

So what do we know?  Mr Wenger said of the transfer window, “I couldn’t do everything. I wanted to do more.

“I believe we have to find an internal solution to our defensive problems, and that means everyone putting more effort in.  But overall I am happy with the way things went in the transfer market.”

On the BBC website Mark Lawrenson said, “Arsenal are eight points adrift of the top four but I don’t think their hopes of making a Champions League spot through their league position are over yet.  I see them going on a run, because that is what Arsenal do.”

But here’s something that not many people know.  Arsenal have never lost a Premier League game at the Emirates Stadium in February.  17 have been won and 4 have been drawn.  We have also won all eight Premier League home fixtures this season against teams below them in the table.

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And one more factoid, we have have scored in the last 26 league games at the Emirates since a 0-0 draw against Middlesbrough in October 2016.

Everton on the other hand have not won in seven games until the victory over Leicester in midweek.  It was their only win against teams above them in the table.   And to add to all this Large Sam has not won a game in 13 Premier League matches at Arsenal Stadium, and has lost the last eight in a row.

It is in fact Allardyce’s 500th game in the Premier League, and the old reprobate is the fifth to make it to 500.  Arsene Wenger won his 500th match in charge, Harry Redknapp drew his, and Alex Ferguson and David Moyes both lost their match number 500.

Next up, the referee preview.



10 comments to Arsenal v Everton: one of the most astonishing runs of all time

  • Ogban

    Forget top four. Our only realistic hope of CL football is through the Europa league. So we need to approach that competition with more seriousness and commitment

  • al_the_gunner

    forget anything!!!
    arsenal hopeless!
    as most of it supporters

  • Hesbee

    Al_the_gunner, hate to say this but you seem to be the hopeless one here.

  • I reserve judgement on the comments, but runs, that’s just what Arsenal do!

    Tips hat!

    70mins to the beginning of another victory!

    Sorry Phat Sam, 500 club ends in a mash potato war and a shit down. Welcome back down Theo. Score you are not allowed.

    Mikhi time to take the….



    For the quad we go Supernova

  • Jose is playing with fire again, this time next to some gasoline and straw.

    No games coming midweek, Pogba benched, Martial benched, and the one if have wanted almost as much as Mikhi had it not been what we lost needing replacing; Rashford.

    Ok so keep Alexis happy at the expense of those three, against Huddersfield. Assist, Mata, height deficiency distinct.

    Score 1-0 thus far, City, points dropped! Merson winners so far, mostly wrong, let alone scores .

  • 1 change, I’d have Karen him
    Run off the illness, best thing for it!

    There is that debut goal, I don’t care how l, expect more as they can’t keep up with the play.

    God boy afforded space and time for late runs. So dominantl in attack, what defending.

    Confidence flowing, now reminder the last time we were 4 up at half time! Snap to!

    Xhaka taking the ball from Ozil when he’s about to end a mesmerising run! This boy is getting on my nerves. He shouldny havr ecen been there!

    2 ways, let the man rectify it, or leave them out, softer than I am.

    Mustarfi knows, Theo, shall not pass. His face coming off the pitch.

    Let a fix the table and GD.

    Carrying Iwobi, gets him space to use his feet and r spect the players around you, you don’t shoot, you pass; for now!




    We go Supernova for the quad!

  • Cech not playing, Cech can’t get injured! Now this could be awkward for Spurs, looks innocuous enough, but that clean sheet can’t come.

    Where is Mustarfi on their goal?

    God boy hat-trick!

    Sead praying and he comes on, sensible to protect Nacho!

  • Aaron first career hat-trick, Mikhi full debut and a hatrick of assists.

    Absolutely vintage, what they got to say, next we rumble Spurs and then we begin to dominate.

    This Ian possession based, attacking, counter attacking, controlled total football, transition could Ben anything!

    4-3-3 no way we have to work out how to put Lampard and Gerrard together! Still drop Xhaka, Javks numbers are enough!

  • Beautiful, 24 to the top as Butnely do what they do, having learned a lesson from the last game against City. United ease by a team who can take get anything for free right now.

    But Chelsea could very much get hurt hu Warford, hanging on to Deeney; priceless.

    Meanwhile a draw in the Merseyside London tie would put us 6 from 4th and sitting pretty to make waves.

    I don’t expect a loss until the season close.

    Kos still wasn’t but smiling at the end, nor Ramsey, even with his match ball and first hat trick!

    That is what I want to see, still think Mustarfi, Xhaka and Cech are for the bench!

    Cech could have come, because if anyone make sure contact that far out, with Sead against two and sandwich e and the ball cutting out Koscielny and Mustarfi AWOL, it was a punch. Xhaka was supposed to be on the cover! I understand with that head gear. But same 3 again!

    If Mustarfi gets into those problems again, we are in trouble, if Xhaka doesn’t drop into the hole, Ali, Kane and Cristian are alll scoring and Cech will need to punch more than catch against on each of the EPL tallest sides.

    Spurs would be one to many chances for me.

    +4 GD

    Lets GO!