At least when Mr Wenger goes we won’t have a complete change of backroom staff.

By Tony Attwood

So now we know two things.  First, most removals of managers by league clubs in all four divisions result in failure to improve and instead result in another manager and another.  That we’ve known for a long old time and this season just proves it.  Indeed even where vast amounts of money are available changing the manager is no guarantee of success.

Second, two serious attempts to ask the question about why it is a good idea to criticise the manager or  the players or both, have simply resulted in discussions about a totally different point: mostly whether the manager should leave, although to some degree questioning the sanity of the writer.  Thus we know that is not a debate that can be had.

As a guide to what is happening in the rest of the League at the moment here is the list of managerial comings and goings thus far this season.  I leave you to judge whether any of these changes have been successful.

Team Outgoing manager Why he went Incoming manager
Watford  Walter Mazzarri Sacked  Marco Silva
Crystal Palace  Sam Allardyce Resigned  Frank de Boer
Southampton  Claude Puel Sacked  Mauricio Pellegrino
Crystal Palace  Frank de Boer  Roy Hodgson
Leicester City  Craig Shakespeare  Claude Puel
Everton  Ronald Koeman  Sam Allardyce
West Ham United  Slaven Bilić  David Moyes
West Brom  Tony Pulis  Alan Pardew
Swansea City  Paul Clement  Carlos Carvalhal
Stoke City  Mark Hughes  Paul Lambert
Watford  Marco Silva  Javi Gracia

Arsenal however have been doing something different.  Appointing the backroom staff first – people such as Raul Sanllehi from Barcelona as director of football, to be head of football relations.

Earlier there was Sven Mislintat as the head of recruitment.  Plus we have also noted the fact that Huss Fahmy from Team Sky came in as contract negotiator.   And of course although we had to wait while the Aussie season ended there was Darren Burgess from Australia as director of high performance.

Jens Lehmann and Sal Bibbo were then given jobs in the first-team coaching staff and there is the one move that everyone knows, Per Mertesacker becoming the academy manager next season.

Now what this looks like to me is a complete overhaul, which will ultimately end with the manager being replaced by someone who, I suspect, they already have lined up.

This is interesting because it is the exact opposite of what most clubs do.  When people like Allerdyce turn up with a club they bring along a whole entourage – and those of us with a decentish memory will recall that this is exactly what Arsene Wenger didn’t do.  He came along and worked with the players and the management team we had, only slowly making changes off the pitch, although he made changes on the pitch somewhat faster, bringing in Vieira for example, before he’d actually arrived himself.

Such a restructure looks to me completely like a plan – which of course is something that the media and the anti-Arsenal groups hate – what they want is something they can get their teeth into today, rather than a project that is spread across two years which is what is being delivered.

But replacing the manager, which it looks to me to be the final element in the programme is getting harder day by day, so if Arsenal do have the man they want in mind, and already signed into the job, then the club has done a good job in getting everything in place.

However the new man has a tough job emulating his predecessor, for in terms of win percentage Mr Wenger is by far the most successful of all the long term managers we have had.  Long term here means over a season.  Here’s the list.

Name From To Win %
George Morrell 10 February 1908 13 April 1915 36.57
Leslie Knighton 25 May 1919 16 May 1925 36.71
Billy Wright 1 May 1962 13 June 1966 38.46
George Swindin 21 June 1958 1 May 1962 40.86
Phil Kelso 1 May 1904 9 February 1908 41.45
Jack Crayston 24 October 1956 19 May 1958 41.98
Bertie Mee 20 June 1966 4 May 1976 44.71
Terry Neill 9 July 1976 16 December 1983 44.95
Don Howe  16 December 1983 22 March 1986 46.15
George Allison 28 May 1934 31 May 1947 46.24
Bruce Rioch 15 June 1995 12 August 1996 46.81
Tom Whittaker 2 June 1947 24 October 1956 47.21
George Graham 14 May 1986 21 February 1995 48.91
Herbert Chapman 11 June 1925 6 January 1934 49.64
Punch McEwen * 19 April 1915 24 May 1919 50.00
Harry Bradshaw 30 June 1899 30 April 1904 50.21
Thomas Mitchell 30 March 1897 10 March 1898 51.11
Arsène Wenger 1 October 1996 57.37

*James Punch McEwan did serve as manager for more than a year but it was during the first world war when the normal rules of League football did not apply.   He moved back to his earlier job the moment professional football returned.

Thus what the club is looking for is someone who can better the best, and who will work with all the people recently recruited – rather than an Allerdyce type who brings his own crew.

If the person sought is one who has already agreed to work with the team, then he will know just what the job entails and the rampant negativity there is surrounding the club, both from the media, fed by the anti-Arsenal groupings.  And he knows Mr Wenger’s 57.37% win rate is not good enough to placate either group – even though it is an all time record for the club.  He will also know that debate on the topic of supporting the team through difficult periods is not one to be had, and he will know that winning the FA Cup three times in four seasons, and getting to Wembley finals four times in five seasons, is most certainly not defined as sufficient success to result in support.

This is why I suspect a successor to Mr Wenger has already been found and agreed, because the reasons for anyone not to take the job are already clearly laid out.  Who after all wants to take on not just the Arsenal job, but the mass media, the bloggettas, and some of the fans, all of whom are now seriously anti-Wenger in their approach.  Can you imagine what life is going to be like if the new manager arrives and loses three of his first six games?

It is not a case of doing better than Herbert Chapman.  It is a case of doing far, far, far better than that.

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54 Replies to “At least when Mr Wenger goes we won’t have a complete change of backroom staff.”

  1. @ Tony

    You do realise that your argument will be far to rational and/or complicated for many “supporters” to understand!

  2. Can you not see that the way we are playing is devoid of ideas, confidence and tactics? I wouldn’t care too much if we looked like we were trying. From my admittedly amateur perspective, the team looks like it has given up on Wenger, evidenced by slow, unconvincing build up and naive defending.

    Most admire Wenger for what he has done, but most would now want a change, any change, to stop this downward cycle of terrible football. Yes we might fail with a new manager, but we might not.

  3. Hmmmm..
    Cant wait to see a new manager in like Luis Enrique or any other top manager to manage Arsenal becos under your friend and our friend Mr Wenger we cannot compete again with all the other big team in the top six…. Lack of discipline ,fight , determination and hunger has been the other of the day.

  4. Lack of discipline, fight, determination and hunger has been the order of the day and yet the lads have been at Wembley four times in the last five years and won three times. Some lack of hunger.

    Obviously words mean nothing. Actions count. When you see people leaving Wembley because the team is playing shite and the same team with the same manager has won three times in the previous years, and the same fans stayed because they wanted to applaud the wins – three wins – you have to seriously ask what sort of fans are these?

    Who would want to play in front of these? Win three times at Wembley, stand and cheer. Lose once, walk away before the end.

  5. More Arsenal and AW bashing even though they made it to another cup final.

    19 years of being in the Champions League, and every year you hear moaners complain and mock the team for being in it. Now the team is not in it, they complain that the team fail to qualify for it. The media and the WOBs mocked AW about the ‘fourth place trophy’ when Conte, Pep, Klopp, and Poch talk about the importance of qualifying for the Champions League, the media and WOBs all of a sudden changed their tune.

    9 years they moan that Arsenal haven’t won any trophies, Arsenal won 3 FA Cup since but somehow it isn’t a trophy anymore. Winning 3 FA Cups is called a club in ‘crisis’ and ‘decline’ when others haven’t won anything is called ‘progressing’.

  6. As a manager I’d have serious doubts about taking up the Arsenal job. Liverpool ? yeah, Spurs ? yeah, United, sure.

    Arsenal ? forget it. They don’t have a fan base, they a following : Mean, despiriting, spoiled, and unrealistic, never there to be counted on in difficult situations.

    And I’d know I cannot match City, so winning is not realistic.

    Unless the rules change, there is no way to compete. They have a good manager with money. Guardiola has never coached a team that did not have a financial position out of reach of the competition. IMHO, any of the top coaches in the UK would be winning with that kind of endless money.

  7. Think you are correct Tony.
    And despite popular opinion, i believe it is possible Mr Wenger may be a willing part of this plan, he may even have agreed to stay on for longer to see it through.
    Arsenal do things quietly, I would not be surprised if as early as next summer , or at latest, the one after, the new man is ushered in. A couple of managers are consistantly mentioned, but wouldnt be surprised if he comes in from the left of field.
    There may even be quite an appealing international job for our boss.
    As you say, whatever is going on for the moment, he will be a very hard act to follow.

  8. Tony
    Great analysis vis-a-vis the backroom changes at AFC. I recognise the strategy and plan as a means of succeeding AW as you do. However, it still rankles to see Mikel Arteta being congratulated by Guardiola after the match and remembering that Patrick Vieira (the epitome of the Invincibles) is also in the coaching pipeline at City and not at the Arsenal! Two loyal servants who should be working in our organisation, not theirs. One from the glory days and one from the recent not so glorious days. Different style players but with a similar, unrelenting work ethic and love of the shirt. Willing to subsume their egos for the good of the team. I think that the new regime will look outside to replace AW when he goes and that the two worthy candidates cited above won’t be considered. A shame, that.

  9. and dont rule out the possibility that the players have an inkling of things we do not.
    wenger is held in high esteem by most players, suspicions of him going could seriously unsettle them
    I hope he can end this season on something of a high, it is possible it may be his last

  10. not so sure on Arteta not being considered, 72, but who knows.
    After all, Arteta is a very smart guy, schooled at Barca, and will have worked with Guardiola and Wenger, I think one day, he will return to his destiny. Would this or next summer be too soon, I am not so sure, especially with a great staff around him.

  11. let’s not forget the brilliant generation we have in store: nelson, nketiah, willock, niles, john-jules, smith-rowe, dragomir, gilmour, dasilva, osei-tutu, amaechi … for those who haven’t done it yet, just check out on arsenalplayer the pleasure they are to watch – and they’re winners too
    if i had one thing to blame the club for this season, it would be for the handling of mcguane’s case, actually; but i strongly suspect the amount of money he got from the blaugranas and their infinite resources, was way beyond anything a club like arsenal could promise to a guy with (almost) no first team football.
    AW certainly deserves many things, and being the one who turns (some of, of course) these amazing prospects into (a successful) first team regulars is undoubtedly one of them
    having done that, time will come for the great man to make way, eventually; and even though i do know how vain such guessing game is, i think eddie howe would be a perfect fit – if only for his decency as a human being, which would turn him into the new target of the hatred-vomiting media in no time
    … seriously: what the lad has done at bournemouth is amazing, in my opinion

  12. Tony

    I’m sorry but you don’t give a single evidence for your claim that any manager would find difficult to take over at Arsenal after Arsene decides to leave.

    Firstly, as you have pointed out many times before, boo-boys have been around Arsenal since Chapman’s era. Their IQ is probably still at the same level as it was back then. If your claim was true, Arsenal would have stood managerless for over 80 years. We all know it didn’t happen.

    Secondly, if you already take other clubs as an example, Arsenal have every reason to be considered as the most desirable employer.

    1) STADIUM – Arsenal FC have a state of the art stadium and the transition to the stadium was done painlessly by Arsene. (Pretty much it means that every successful Arsenal manager in the future should take a second to thank Arsene for making his job easier.) Tottenham are yet to feel the negative impact of their new stadium and who knows what will happen with Chelsea in that regard.

    2) PATIENCE OF THE BOARD – Unlike Spurs and Liverpool, Arsenal Football Club didn’t sack the manager during the trophyless era. On the other hand, Liverpool parted ways with Rafa Benitez five years after he had won their last Champions League against all odds, European Supercup and four years after he had won their last FA Cup. Tottenham in EPL era hadn’t known the manager can stay beyond three years before Pochettino was appointed. Manchester United sacked Louis Van Gaal after he had won FA Cup to get them joint top in the competition with Arsenal. And don’t let me start talking about Roman Abramovich who has sacked Jose Mourinho (twice), Carlo Ancelotti and Roberto Di Matteo within 15 months after their league/Champions League title, all inside the last 14 years. Same goes for Manchester City who sacked Roberto Mancini after he had won their first league title in 44 years and Manuel Pellegrini after he had won the title while scoring 102 goals in the league within a year.

    I have already named a few examples from Real Mad’s recent history – all managers who were sacked immediately after they had won either Champions League or La Liga (Heynckes, Del Bosque), never mind those who were sacked within a year after failing to repeat the achievement (Mourinho, Ancelotti).

    Or, take a look at Bayern München. They replaced a treble winner Jupp Heynckes with Pep Guardiola in 2013, then they went for Carlo Ancelotti after Guardiola had accepted Man City offer in 2016 only to replace Ancelotti last year with…Heynckes. Who would want to work for a club that was dubbed “FC Hollywood” (there were videos of players slapping each other, a club captain slept with his team-mate’s wife…)? Apparently, everyone want.

    3) LONDON – Alexis Sánchez stated one of the reasons why he choose Arsenal over Liverpool was London. Petr Čech made a switch from Chelsea to Arsenal because it meant his family wouldn’t move from London.

    Thirdly, when you talk about Arsene’s win percentage, you are taking into account his whole 21-and-half-year-long spell. This season, Arsenal have played 43 games in all competitions (Community Shield, Premier League, League Cup, FA Cup, Europa League). Arsenal have won 23 (counting Community Shield victory on penalties as a victory), drew 8 and lost 12 which gives us a win percentage of 53.49%. While it is still better than Mitchell’s overall percentage, it’s below Arsene’s overall percentage at Arsenal even if we have been playing against much weaker opponents in Europe this season than it was the case in previous 19 seasons.

    Also, what I have been pointing out for quite a while is our poor defending that’s been in decline for years. Arsenal have conceded three goals or more in eight occasions this season – it took 55 games last season for the same record (mostly after Cazorla got injured). In 2015-16, we played 53 official games and conceded three goals or more in seven occasions (mostly after Cazorla-Coquelin was lost to injuries). In 2014-15, we played 55 games and conceded three goals or more in just three occasions (two of those before Coquelin-Cazorla axis was established). All those things have to be addressed

    I’ve been always surprised with the way true Arsenal supporters, who have been supporting manager through thick and thin, paint the picture black about what will happen after he leaves one day thus inadvertly diminishing the healthy foundation the manager has built. Given what Graham and Rioch had left behind, Arsene’s heir won’t have to think where the team will train or how to make up financially for having the smallest stadium of all title rivals.

  13. Tony, whilst I must admit that I am a Wenger fan I am also a student of statistics. The 57% win rate that you have calculated as the WIN RATE for Mr Wenger is actually an accumulated figure. Since Wenger has been the boss for more than 22 years that means that poorer win rates in that latter years could indeed be masked by a moving average figure.
    What may be better is to see Wenger’s win rates in 5-year chunks. We will then tell whether he is improving or getting worse.

    As an example, if Wenger was winning 70% of his games in the first 5 years but we realise that he is only winning 40% or 50% in the last 5 years (or only 45% in the current year) then critiques may be justified in saying that Wenger is NOT performing well in recent times (even though his long term average is still very high).

    Another example of the statistics of a moving average giving a wrong impression is if Wenger was winning 80% of his games in the first 15 seasons but he drops down to only 35% in that last 5 years. The moving average will still be very, very good at well over 65%.
    But … A big club like Arsenal cannot afford to keep a manager with a win rate of only 35% over a 5-year period even if he excelled in the first 15 years.

    What the moving average tells us is not recent performance but overall performance. It tell us that Wenger is a legendary manager. But we all know that all good things do come to an end. Maybe the time of our great manager is coming to an end. His tactics stood the test of a 20-year period but football moves on. Maybe it is time to look for another good manager just as we looked around before and found Arsene Wenger.
    Wenger himself will tell you that he is NOT irreplaceable. I know he can be replaced. And I know it will be very, very difficult to find anyone as good as the Wenger of the present day (let alone the Wenger of the 90s and the Noughties). Wenger is a legend.

  14. Josif,

    I can see your point on the goals taken. What is missing in that statistics is how many times we were able to field our ‘starter’ pair. Kos was absent quite a long time if I remember right. So the young guns had to jump in. Considering how expensive players in the transfer market are, we have to get the young guns game experience – which will translate into errors here and there. Seems like a necessity to me. We need to have a generational shift over then next 2 years. And if you start thinking about player prices inflations, well it does not look good to depend on the mercato.

  15. Guys you are looking way much into this. Arsene and Pep are logical people. ‘Pep you are 16 points ahead, i need 3 points on Thursday’ – ‘ Yes but i cant lose twice in a row from you, ive already lost from Wigan, they will kill me’ – ‘Ok i will play Mustafi at centreback for the final and Chambers’ – ‘Really?! ok Thanks, deal!

  16. What of if the new Arsenal manager demanded for his own choice of backroom staff and will not accept being imposed on him of Arsene Wenger:s backroom staff when he leaves? And moreover, if results on the field starts to turn around for the club beginning with a win over Man City in League on Thursday night at the Emirates Stadium. Which if the wins in the League and in the ELC knockouts extend to the very end of the season that sees Arsenal miraculously qualified for the CL through the League and also wins the ELC? Would Arsenal season not has been saved with these two achievements? And thus all the anti-Arsene Wenger crying will stop until the 2018-19 season’s campaign begins to see what Arsenal will look to be achieving during the campaign with of course Le Boss still in charge of Arsenal and could still have his tenure extended. More so, if Arsenal win the EPL or CL or both which are possibilities that will be on the cards when the new season kickoff.

    Furthermore, if a new manager is appointed by the Arsenal board at the expiration of Le Boss tenure in 2018-19 season’s end, will the new Arsenal manager not demanded for huge amount of money to enable him buy the League Title as presently the status quo in the Premier League? Will the Arsenal board gives the new manager £250m to buy the League Title and other domestic and external Titles through the signings of players in the transfer market as Pep Guardiola has appeared to be succeeding at doing this campaign with of course the aid and a betting of the PGMO match officiating officials as Jack Wilshere has pointed out how Arsenal was shortchanged in the Carabao Cup final at Wembley on Sunday by referee Craig Pawson who denied a free kick to Arsenal as Aguero pushed Mustafi in the buildup to Man City’s 1st goal. And an obvious offside headed goal by Kompany for Man City’s 2nd was allowed to stand by the linesman who didn’t raise his flag for offside with referee Pawson refusing the Gunners request to view the VAR for confirmation. But why didn’t the Gunners insist the VAR must be consulted by refusing to resume playing the match unless the VAR is consulted? Otherwise, the Gunners should have staged a walk out on the field. It is better the match is awarded to Man City than for Arsenal to be crooked by the PGMO and be accepted by the Gunners.

    So, let’s be calm and remain calmed in the demand for a new Arsenal manager be appointed by the Arsenal board at the end of this season. For, it is not guaranteed the new Arsenal manager will win the PL and CL plus one other domesti Cup in his first season at Atsenal. Save, if heavy cash is made available to him to sign say, a 40 goals per season striker like Harry Kane or Lionel Messi. Therefore, a holistic digital look at things at Arsenal has become imperative for us the Gooners to take a serious look at rather than for us to just take a single analogue look of, get rid of the manager now aproach when he is still serving and there is still time for him to turn things around for the better for Arsenal even in this current season..

  17. “Most admire Wenger for what he has done, but most would now want a change, any change, to stop this downward cycle of terrible football.”

    This is a lie. The Wenger Outers have had their chances to show how many of them there are. The first time, they brought 300 people. The second time, they brought 25. If an Arsenal player performed like that on the field, even Wenger would sub them off at the half.

    Polo speaks the truth: The Wenger Outers are loud but stupid, and a sliver of a minority.

    I want Wenger to leave when HE is ready — and to choose his own successor, the one HE wants, not any of the now-proven numpties that THEY want. Don’t give the schmucks the satisfaction.

  18. Uncle Mike

    Well said. All that belittling and disrespect thrown at the club is unprecedented anywhere in world football right now i believe. Most of it is completely unjustified. I just hope the boys and the manager are strong enough to endure it all. I dont know whether personally I’d have weathered the storm.

  19. But those managers have come into clubs that have very little financial muscle, with maybe the exception of Everton, compared to Arsenal. How about considering the impact that Pochettino, Klopp, Conte and Guardiola have had? These are high profile managers, not the rather average selection that end up at clubs like West Ham, Watford etc. Arsenal will be courting the signature of a high profile manager, not one of the also rans that end up at the likes of the clubs you’ve picked.

    All the big clubs act swiftly if their managers don’t appear to be pushing the club forward and it doesn’t seem to do them any harm. I do understand your support of Wenger but he seems to have been left behind and even the trademark exciting football we used to play has become dull and drab. Well that’s an opinion of course but I find the endless sideways passing mind-numbing and incredibly frustrating.

    I agree that with the signing of those background staff a change of manager seems to be sooner rather than later. I think City did something similar before they signed Guardiola.

    As for criticism of players and managers I think it’s all well and good if it’s measured and concludes on a positive note but hysterical supporters are more prone to be negative.

    @hilbert, believe me if a manager of Manu or Barcelona hadn’t won the league in fourteen years the so-called belittling of our club would look like a kid’s tea party. Arsenal fans have been incredibly patient considering the nonsense they’ve had to listen to about competing on level terms with Barca and co. I stress that that nonsense was not said by Wenger but others at the club.

  20. “I want Wenger to leave when HE is ready — and to choose his own successor, the one HE wants, not any of the now-proven numpties that THEY want. Don’t give the schmucks the satisfaction.”

    While we are at it, might as well change the club’s name to Arsene F.C. if that is the collective attitude of the majority.

    Sometimes I truly feel that rival fans come here, post comments like these to take a piss.

  21. “I want Wenger to leave when HE is ready” — yes.

    “and to choose his own successor” – no. Ferguson picked Moyes and…well…

  22. Josif that you can place Ferguson on the same platform of thinking as Arsene Wenger tells us everything we need to know about you.

  23. As an outsider looking in I can’t see how this ends well. I don’t mean on the pitch but I mean from both a supporters point of view and indeed the AW legacy.
    Tony has suggested on most occasions that changing the manager doesn’t work. Rupert points out something that I think is correct in that most of the clubs that change managers and are referred to by Tony are those that aren’t in what is termed the top 6 clubs and by virtue of their resources look at to a different talent pool when they believe change is required.
    For me avoidance of change is far more dangerous that not recognising when change is needed and that I suspect is where the Arsenal board are at this point in time they aren’t daft and know once they pull the trigger things may improve but there are no guarantees.Loyalty is one thing but pragmatism too is relevant.
    Tony talks about the past and suggests that will inform how things will pan out yet the circumstances are different down to many factors none more so than society and therefore football is a vastly different beast than it was when AW turned up at Highbury.
    I don’t know if the appointment of a new manager or indeed head coach, because that’s the way that Arsenal seem to be heading , will lead to more trophies no one does but it seems to me that AW is in grave danger of walking away from the job as a broken man ridiculed by certain sections of Arsenal supporters and indeed to a degree remembered because he stayed too long in the job more akin to the Clough exit as opposed to the SAF approach.
    I find it a sad time for AW and I suspect it’s fast approaching the point if he won’t make the descion someone will for him which would be tragic.

  24. @colario

    And who are “we” that you are hiding behind? WOBs who think Arsene is not as legendary manager as Ferguson?

  25. @colario, to put it bluntly Ferguson won a lot more than Wenger and kept Manu competing at the top level right to the end of his career. It’s not a personality contest, it’s about a manager who can bring success and for most supporters that now means a league title which I think is obviously beyond Wenger’s capability in this day and age. It’s extremely difficult for any manager to stay at a club for more than ten years and still be relevant. Wenger did it but perhaps his time is past.

  26. Josif

    By way of reply please go to this link and read the article.

    The George Wray referred to is now president of his country.
    It was macrednose who sneered about Arsene with this:
    ‘What does a French man from Japan know about English football?’

    Can you imagine Arsene saying something like about some one when all the time knowing the person’s success as macrednose did?
    I can’t may be you can. They are on different platforms.

    Arsene’s platform is one of honesty and respect for everyone and there is more that is not macredose’s book of life.
    Please read the article at the link and remember I wrote it.

    Hope the above helps.

  27. @colario

    I’m sorry, mate. I thought you were implying something else.

    The thing is, I was not comparing their personalities. I’ve said a long ago that the fact Ferguson, father of manipulations and pressure on the referees, has “Sir” and Wenger, the only man ever that has asked to replay the game his team had won with an unfair goal, doesn’t makes the whole concept of knighthood ridiculous. As personalities, they can’t be compared.

    As successful long-term managers in their clubs which spells have lasted over at least three different decades (in Ferguson’s case four – late eighties, nineties, ’00s and the beginning of ’10s), they can be compared. At the end of his road, Ferguson was given the honour to pick his own heir and it backfired spectacularly. I don’t want the same thing to happen to Arsenal. (I must admit I can’t recall of a single successful case when the manager picked his heir.)

    That being said, keeping a man of Arsene’s knowledge and ability to think beyond the ordinary football around the club once his managerial days will be over should be a goal for the board and the majority owner.

  28. Good points Tony.I have always believed that sacking managers is not a solution most of the times as the situations even out over a few months

  29. Its Okay, you weren’t to know unless you have been around here for a few years.

    I am writing this without checking for the exact year.
    When the spuds manager who had led them to the double and the first English club to win a European Cup retired, the Board of directors appointed the new manager, they didn’t consult the man who knew football their retiring manager.

    Two years? later across the park the board of directors also need to replace the manager who had led the club to its first double.

    It is on record that the retiring manager of spuds made it known he was appalled at the directors choice and said the board never consulted him.

    Across the park as far as I know Bertie Mee never made a public comment on the board’s choice. For both clubs the directors choice a walk down Mediocrity Road with Terry Neil.

    Terry an Arsenal fan was no winning manager. He did better at Arsenal then he did at spudland but at spudland he did not have the help of Don Howe.

    A former Sunderland player wrote a book about footie and one chapter was entitled ‘What the average Football director knows about football, the page was left blank.

    Change the subject just a little we can make the same chapter heading not for directors but ‘pundits’. By all means listen to them but believe them, quote them at your peril.

  30. Nice piece tony, of course it does have the feel of wenger’s time has come to an end.
    He has done great stuff for the club and fans and hopefully in time that will be remembered, but let’s hope that come the summer he actually has the Europa league under his belt. I also hope the club back his successor not just by giving them time but the financial backing to change the on field fortunes of the club.

  31. I’m certain that AW said he won’t get involve in selecting the next Arsenal manager, it’s up to the club board to decide.

  32. @ colario 09:02am

    You’re quite right. Wenger is not on the same level as Ferguson… can be easily demonstrated.

    I did a piece for untold a few seasons ago which showed the number of points gained per £1m of net spend in the transfer market over a ten year period. As expected, Chelski and the Manchester Oilers managed a lowly 1.2 & 1.4 premiership points respectively per £1m of net spend. Ferguson achieved a much higher 5.1 points per £1m (albeit that he had the PIGMOB in his pocket). AW over the same period achieved over 44 points for each £1m of net spend.

    I’m so glad you pointed out this out for the non-blievers and I’m very pleased you gave me the opportunity to provide the evidence.

  33. After reading your post Goonermikey! I think the old saying, people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones! Your one of the thickest people on this site! All you do is repeat what Tony and Walter peddle because you are to stupid to form an original opinion! Moron

  34. Slugboy, Tony is now saying it’s not Wengers fault or the players! It’s now all because of the fans! Wenger can do no wrong!

  35. Shut up you idiot! It had nothing to do with losing! It was the manner in which we lost! And don’t start sprouting well man city spend this much!! You fucking tool! We get beat by teams who have a third of the budget we have! Open your eyes you idiot!

  36. Ok let’s focus on Polo! a person so stupid if Tony and Walter told him Arsenal lose because the grass was 1mm to long, polo would be posting about it all day! Your a parrot polo! You have never given one original answer on this site, you just follow Tony around like a little lost puppy. Everyone on this site knows it they just don’t have the balls to tell you

  37. Yes sacking the manager doesn’t work! Try telling that to man city! You know the side managed by the best in the business!! The one who just made Wenger look like a primary school coach! Idiot

  38. Why do you always have to write ridiculously long posts! You don’t even write anything of interest! A couple of lines is enough not war and peace

  39. Shut up you idiot! Leave when he is ready? He is not Jesus and can not walk on water! Idiotic fans like you who cross there fingers saying one day it will change are the reason we are in such a crap position

  40. Conte didn’t improve Chelsea? Guardiola didn’t improve Man City? mom didn’t improve Man U? Pochard didn’t improve Tottenham? Klopp didn’t improve Liverpool? Shall I go on! Tony is wrong! He is wrong 99% of the time! Stop being a sheep!! Wenger needs to go and he needs to go now!

  41. Wenger is not fit to shine ferguson a boots! Don’t even try and compare them! Ferguson knew when his time was up and did the right thing stepping down! And what’s more he stepped down a winner! People are going to forget what Wender did! Just what he is doing now! The man is destroying his own legacy, it’s sad to see however it’s now his own fault!

  42. Did you just say for the non believers? Do you think your in a cult? Who gives a flying fuck how many points per million? You idiot! you proved only that your a sad little man who hides behind any excuse you can! Pathetic

  43. Anyway I am bored and feel a little guilty for attacking people who obviously suffer from low IQ and mostly coffin Dodgers!

    Much love from Arsenal Fan Tv! If you continue to attack us and call us toddlers we will take over these comments and drown your ranting out! For every idiot you have on this site, Arsenal fan tv have 50! Don’t mess with us!

  44. Well, I believe that you have 50 times more idiots at Arsenal Fan TV than any blog can assemble.

  45. I was going to l leave! However Josif you have inspired me to stay… So who’s fault was it against Man City Josif? The wind? The grass? I did hear an airplane go overhead from the stand… Maybe that distracted the players and clouded Wengers ability to do his job correctly? Maybe that nasty referee and his mafia organisation who are so powerful they even have the press under control? Wow the press who can’t be controlled by governments are scared of the Ref association? Or as you say the super secretive pigmol! Who’s head office is located within the grounds of Area 51!

  46. “Goonermikey

    I did a piece for untold a few seasons ago which showed the number of points gained per £1m of net spend in the transfer market over a ten year period. As expected, Chelski and the Manchester Oilers managed a lowly 1.2 & 1.4 premiership points respectively per £1m of net spend. Ferguson achieved a much higher 5.1 points per £1m (albeit that he had the PIGMOB in his pocket). AW over the same period achieved over 44 points for each £1m of net spend.

    I’m so glad you pointed out this out for the non-blievers and I’m very pleased you gave me the opportunity to provide the evidence.”

    Another trophy for Mr. Wenger, Ladies and Gentlemen. Champion of Point/ million spent. Only on Untold. This site is aptly named as Untold, as no other sane entity will speak this drivel.

  47. @Arsenal 62

    You haven’t heard of “Tottenham would have been first if only games on Sky Sports counted”?

    You haven’t heard of “Harry Kane is the best striker in the world in the calendar year”?

    You haven’t seen Kevin Wimmer, ex-Spurs, celebrating winning a preseason trophy – Kitchee Cup?

    For every club there is a silver lining in their current situation, only Arsenal should self-hate itself because a part of our fan-base doesn’t like our manager.

    FFS, there was a dude who actually made analysis of Game 50 in which he defended Mike Riley for his abysmal performance. Why? Because when you want to shot down the manager all means are allowed, apparently. The author of that shameful article is an Arsenal fan.

    There is also a part of our fan-base that has turned onto that little crying boy from the Man City game. Abusing comments all over AKB-Twitter. I don’t know how father of that kid feels these days but I know what I would do to someone who’d call my 8-year-old kid “self-entitled” and “cretin”.

  48. @Polo

    He takes pride of being part of Arsenal Fan TV group, leaches that earn money by spitting on the club, players and the manager. The only medication for that lot would be to be forced to actually work and earn something with their fingers and toes.

  49. WW go back to your hole you jobless prat. Your grandmother must be more intelligent than you so get her to comment.

    When you learn to string a few lines together try and write a resume (CV) & get some work.

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