The 44 players tipped to be joining Arsenal this summer

 by Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes the transfer window is not even open.  Indeed the season is a long way from being concluded.  And yet already we have 44 players tipped to be coming our way this summer. 




It is amazing where these people get their information from – and amazing how wrong most of it is.

But where would football be without fake news.  Indeed leaving aside the special case of the Book of Genesis, football basically created fake news – which makes it all the more odd when their editorials start complaining about how it has spread.

3 Replies to “The 44 players tipped to be joining Arsenal this summer”

  1. I think Le Boss should renew his interest in the rejuvinated now top regular league goals scorer again, Mario Balotelli during the next summer transfer window to bring him to the Emirates Stadium who shouldn’t cost Arsenal much to sign to replace a 3rd rated striker at Arsenal that has remained non proven regular goals scorer for Arsenal since he has joined the club and who should leave the club in the summer to make space for Balotelli. Let’s watch it, if Le Boss doesn’t bring him, another top club in Europe League will swoop on him to take him away from Nice FC during the next summer window.

    And I also think Arsenal may reopen their interest to sign the experience centreback Jonny Evans from WBA next summer to replace another centreback at the heart of the Arsenal defense-line who has been suffering from a long standing achilles injury that has refused to go away and has been hampering his performaces this season for Arsenal in games for sometimes now. Arsenal will need to act positively here in the summer.

    And I believe as well that the club should try by all means to bring in a top quality holding midfielder in the next summer window who has ticked all the boxes. For, since Francis Coquelin, the former Gunners DM left the club during the last winter window, Arsenal have but all been struggling at protecting their defense-line in games efficiently as there is no any true and out DM left in the rank and file of the current Arsenal first team squad to efficiently do the job as the torted to be DM for Arsenal, Granit Xhaka is more or less an attacking midfielder but adapted as DM for Arsenal by Le Boss. So, Arsenal should think seriously on this issue and solve the problem duing the next summer window. But I don’t see any of our current midfielders, save, Santi Cazorla leaving the club unfortunately as it is during the summer window. For, he was a top quality player for Arsenal.

    My takes for Arsenal in next summer window are.
    1. Bring in Jonny Evans to replace a CB at Arsenal if WBA are relegated.
    2, sign striker Mario Balotelli next summer window to replace a 3rd rated sriker at Arsenal who from all indications cannot become a regular goals striker for Arsenal llike Vardy is for Liecester, and more over, Arsenal need a back up striker who can score goals regularly when called upon.
    3. And lastly, Arsenal have to sign a top quality holding midfielder next summer window who ticks all the boxes to efficiently protect the Arsenal defense-line. This is where Arsenal will spend some money in the next summer window if they want to do it.

  2. Most of these transfer rumours are sourced from agents; the curse of the modern game. Footballers don’t really need them as they could engage dedicated negotiators for contract issues and at the same time prevent 15% of earnings going out of the game and into their pockets.

  3. Right on PTO………they are simply leeches that attach themselves to their ignorant hosts (most Football professionals) and suck whatever they can out of them, without any care for the game or the player themselves. FIFA should ban them entirely and provide proper labour forums where the purchaser can sit with the player and a FIFA representative and discuss a fair transfer free, free of agent’s pound of flesh! OF COURSE FIFA will want a bribe or ten to do this…..

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