51 players tipped to be joining Arsenal this summer. We’re almost half way there.

by Sir Hardly Anyone

New on the manager front is Max Allegri who is coming from Juventus to Arsenal, maybe via a year out.  Daily Canon, and Corriere della Sera have this one straight out of the fantasy factory.


And from the History Society


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  1. I was very near the Moscow fans. There weren’t enough of them to fill the space, probably because it is a fair old distance to come, maybe also because given the recent Russophobic hysteria in this country they did not expect to be welcomed.

    They caused no trouble that I could see. They chanted and sang a bit. At the end some of them took off their shirts and waved them at the players. They clapped their team off the pitch. They received the customary abuse from certain British Arsenal fans. Churlish to say the least since we were winning.

  2. @ Lee
    06/04/2018 at 7:18 pm

    Just thought I would tell you I am a diehard Arsene Wenger fan.

  3. Seing as Tony is back, I wonder if a food report will be forthcoming? Do Korean airports have good food?


  4. OT: Women’s Football

    In the current “news” cycle, is a story that tonight the Dutch were playing Ireland in Eindhoven. They were expecting 30,000 fans to be in attendance.

    They will have plenty of viewers: 30,000 spectators are expected in the Eindhoven stands, which would make it the most popular women’s game in history, according to NOS.

    Something must be out of context here. On June 6, 2015 for the opening game of WWC-2014 in Canada, Canada played China in Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton with 53,058 in attendance. Way beyond 30,000.

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