Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal at end of the season


“After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.

“I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years. I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.

“I want to thank the staff, the players, the Directors and the fans who make this club so special. I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high.

“To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club.”

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  1. I think I predicted this Tony.
    I do hope this means we’ve already secured the succession.

  2. I just expressed my best wishes and thankyou on the last post.
    I wonder when the players knew this and if it has something to do with our dip in form similar to that of man u when scumbag left.
    I reckon we may be heading for someone who likes Miki and PEA interesting times.

  3. A sad day, but the man is greatness personified.
    This selfless act will hopefully unite the fanbase behind the team and propel them to wengers final trophy at this club

  4. A sad, sad day.

    Many thank Mr Wenger. Countless hours of joy. Sudden heart-stopping moments where it was possible to dream and know that football is as beautiful a game as I ever dared to dream it when I was a kid kicking a ball.

  5. Does that mean that Le Grove(etc) will be stepping down too?

    AW- the greatest manager in my 40 years, a man of integrity and intelligence. Time for everyone at the club to rise up an win the EL.

    Cheers to everyone at UA for being in his corner- a lot of guys who dont post anymore like Jambug know who you are.


  6. Well her eis the header on the guardian story :

    Arsène Wenger to leave Arsenal at end of the season
    • ‘I feel it is the right time for me to step down’ Wenger says
    • Frenchman arrived in 1996 and led club to three league titles
    • Liveblog: latest news and reaction to Wenger’s departure

    He led the club to 3 league titles.

    I mean, words fail me.

    If on such an un-important subject (compared to all that this world is going through right now) they are willing to manipulate, then how in the world can we trust them on for example : poisonning people, economic information, political reporting, … Even if other reporteers are doing their job alright, to me it taints all their work.

    I mean, in 1973, the same writer wuld probably have written the headline : Richard Nixon to step down tonight to go back home to California.

    Shame on them and pity on us.

  7. It would be weird to see Arsenal without Arsene Wenger.

    I’ve only known Arsene Wenger as Arsenal’s manager. I’m not sure if I am an Arsenal fan or an Arsene Wenger fan. If the board appoints Mourinho, for example, as the next manager, would I still be a passionate Arsenal fan? I’m not really sure!

    Hopefully, this would not be the end of Arsene Wenger in football. I would definitely miss his measured, considerate approach to the game.

    I truly think that the bastards at the PIGMOB are responsible for this. Arsenal would’ve definitely won the Premier League in 2007-08 (when Eduardo was hacked down in Feb 2008 with Arsenal being 5 points clear at the top of the table) and in 2015-16 when Leicester were awarded 13 penalties as opposed to 2 for Arsenal!

    I always thought that Wenger would’ve won the league within 3 years of VaR being properly implemented.

    Alas, we’ll never get a chance to find out!

    Au Revoir Monsieur Wenger. Thank you for the wonderful times!

  8. Given the competitive situation he has faced throughout his tenure he has to be the greatest manager ever. The fact that he remained a true gentleman throughout is a testament.
    He has been a very important person in all our lives for over twenty years and has remained true to his principles throughout. I’m proud beyond words that he managed my club.

  9. Arsene Wenger.

    He took on English Footballs backward culture and changed the game here forever.

    When he arrived we didn’t even have our own training ground, we had to share it with the University much to Wengers angst.

    In fact, the new state of teh art training ground was paid for from the profit Wenger made on Nicolas Anelka, a player bought for £500k but sold for over £20 million.

    Wenger was never given the money big clubs have enjoyed and between 2006 to 2013 his net spend was in the bottom three of the all managers in the league. Despite this he delivered top 4 finishes every season but was never praised for it. Instead, he was mocked by the media and the shit fans that embarrass our club.

    After 2013 he went on to win 3 FA Cups in 4 years, another achievement that everyone seems reluctant to praise.

    The only Modern day manager to win the League Title unbeaten.

    Broke all goals conceded records in the Champions League with a rebuilt back 4 and lost the final only because we had to play for 72 minutes with ten men.
    Delivered the most attractive brand of football most of us have ever seen.

    Developed young players and gave them a chance.

    Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager we have ever had and are ever likely to have. He has not deserved the medias agenda nor much of teh criticism he has received.

    Merci Arsene. Thanks for everything you have done and the entertainment and joy.


  10. lol, Your Messiah is gone. whose arse are you going to lick now? Guess you will be shutting the site down, AKB Wenger Worshipers.

  11. rainman

    the next arse manager you dumb p***k whoever that may be.

    maybe you should too instead of the journalists who bear their front to you.


  12. I must say I feel a tear behind my eye.
    I cannot thank Wenger enough for what he has done for Arsenal and for me during all those years.
    I will be in the Emirates next Sunday and it will be my last match under Wenger.
    It will be for various reasons a very emotional day for me and my wife.

    Thank you Arsène Wenger and may the force be with you!

  13. ARSENAL will never be the same again. quote .

    No it will move on just as it has before. An era is dying and a new horizon opens up. Hopefully the acrimony on both sides will subside and should the next man not have immediate success the ghost of Wenger should not be used to beat him.
    Like an ocean liner changing direction it will take time the first man in will suffer the comparison but we need to give the next man or two the opportunity to build their own dynasty.

  14. I’m deeply sad to read that AW will step down at end of this season. Thank you Arsene Wenger for serving AFC with great distinction and integrity. You will always be remembered as the greatest Arsenal manager in my mind. I wish you all the best on your new journey.

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger!!!

  15. Despite the fact that I thought this would happen, I’m still stunned.

    I join with so many others in expressing my heartfelt thanks to him for the wonderful job he has done for us over these years, to turn us from a mediocre club to one of the top clubs in the world.

    We may never reach the same heights again, who knows, but for those of us who’ve supported the club for 50 years and more this has been a wonderful time for us which we could never have forecasted could happen during the 60s 70s and 80s.

    I trust that he will be given an honorary knighthood for the wonderful job he has done for Arsenal, as well as the whole of football in this country.

    As for the nasty comment before, I trust that that person feels the contempt that we all have for him.

  16. Though I don’t know what has taken place at Arsenal that must have led to this shocking announcement by the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger who is reported to have said, he will be leaving the club as it’s manager at the end of this season’s campaign. This his reported shocking announcement comes against his usual stance to honour his contract agreement with the club to the letter no matter what, has left me baffled.

    I think the timing of this unexpected and unprecedented shocking announcement is bad as Arsenal are still in the Europa League Cup campaign this season aspiring to win the it with a 1st leg match semi-final big game against Atletico Madrid coming up at the Ems next Thursday night.

    And not only that. Arsenal who will play the 2nd leg semi-final match at Atletico Madrid before playing in the final match of the competition if they get past Atletico still have 5 PL games to play this season. But I hope the Gunners will not be demoralized by this announcement to start fluttering in their remaining 5 PL matches this season.

    To me this announcement should not be made now if it has to be made but kept secret until at the end of the season before making it.

    I think all anti-Wenger Arsenal fans, the AOBs SHOULD at this time join forces with all the pro-Wenger Arsenal fans, the AKBs in unity to give honour and homage to the best Arsenal manager in history to date. For, he deserves not only to be honoured and be paid homage to, but be immortalised at Arsenal. Adios, Mr Arsene Wenger, we will miss you when you leave.

  17. A great Man, brilliantly dedicated to the club, will be huge loss. I do think it was inevitable nonetheless. As he always has, Arsene Wenger does what he feels is best for the club. Wish him all the very best. A truly magnificent era has come to an end.

  18. Tony, Walter, Blacksheep and the Gang

    Thank you for rationalising Arsenal FC’s success under our Miracle worker “Arsenal Wenger”.

    I only Hope the WOB, now get behind the Team & club and help win the Europa Cup

  19. Nothing really surprises me in football and that includes the fact that AW is leaving at seasons end.
    That said I find the timing of this announcement very very strange. History tells us that when a manager makes this sort of announcement in the playing season the players become unsettled and the reality is your season is far from over
    Yours became a club of two clear camps. For AW and against AW it is however abundantly clear something has happened within the club for the signing of the two year contract clearly created a time line which he himself said would inform his long term future he prides himself in always seeing out his contract. Yet he resigned.
    On a few occasions I have voiced the opinion that those wanting AW out should be careful what they wish for . Their wishes have now be granted for there are no guarantees in football when Man Utd lost SAF they had the chosen one despite that and indeed the spending of tens, no hundreds of millions, its arguable that they are as far as ever away from winning the league.
    Time will tell and all football supporters should thank AW for what he did not so much for Arsenal but English football all should wish him well but for the sake of his successor he really would be well advised not to be involved in the background.

  20. I thank Arsene Wenger for the good times and memories, and the sexy football of course. Looking forward I hope Arsenal fc management will seriously consider Diego Simeon as a replacement for Wenger.
    The German possible replacements feel experimental. Diego is tried and tested,very tactical,knows how to beat pep and mourinho.

  21. No im not joining forces with no wenger out bastard. In fact i hope to Arsenal the club and the fans the absolute worse so that they learn their lesson.

    He took an Albania and turned it into a Switzerland.

    And the fans moaned…… fuck them

  22. Some amazing two faced quotes from the media and ex players today.

    On another note Charlie Nicholas has just said he has only met Arsene Wenger once at Rocky’s funeral a great player like Charlie never visits Arsenal for whatever reason seems unreal considering his role on Sky.

  23. Here’s to one of the greatest managers to have ever graced the PL! It genuinely makes me sad that he will never achieve his dream of winning the Champions League with Arsenal. I just hope that the fans and players can really step it up a gear and help lead the team to European success. What a beautiful send-off that would be, to a truly wonderful man and a wonderful manager.

    I pray that in his last few weeks/months he is given all of the love and admiration that he deserves and there isn’t one single dickhead openly celebrating to his face. I hope that Wenger knows how the true fans felt about him. This man has given the latter stages of his life to this club and took us from a mid-table team to the international powerhouse that we are today, he deserved so much more.

    Au revoir monsieur Wenger.

  24. News Alert!!!

    “Arsene Wenger’s announcement just sent twitter, social media and the blogetta’s into a frenzy.”

    Rephrase: Twitter react to Wenger’s announcement.

    Arsene in HIS infinite wisdom just opened a chest of transfer worm.

    Now, days until Arsenal make the official announcement for HIS successor, Gonners the world over would have to swallow lies and demented posts about Arsenal making contact with Luis, Rodgers, Ancelotti, Low, High, Mellow, and the rest.

    From Arsene and Arsenal’s statement, it seems to me that the club already have his successor, an official statement is all that is left.

    Thank You Lord Arsene, for the memories (Reading 5 – 7 Arsenal), (AC Milan 1 – 2 Arsenal), the Season of the 49′, Your arms spread out, wide, in the stands at Old Trafford, Liverpool 4 – 4 Arsenal), the title at White Hart Lane (the closest most of Spurs fans have been to the EPL trophy only title).

    Thank you, for in a way, you gave life to Untold-Arsenal, and with this announcement, you bring death to ArsenalFan TV, Le Grove, and the WOB.

  25. This is one of those days we all knew would come yet now it’s here it’s still shocking and painful beyond words. Watch out for the flood of crocodile tears washing across the media today.
    We’ve lost the greatest football manager in history (sorry Herbert), time now for the legend to be born. Those of us who have had the privilege of loving the Arsenal over the last 22 years (and many many more before that for some of us) will always be grateful to Arsene Who.
    Credit to all behind UA for showing the utmost loyalty to Arsene and the club. Time now for the players to step up and win the Europa league.
    What a moment that would be.
    I wish Arsene every good fortune wherever life takes him next.
    Merci Monsieur.

    In Arsene we trust and will always be grateful .

  26. “Simply The Best”

    And, by the way, please leave that comment by Rainman up on the site. On this day of all days, a giant in the history of The Arsenal retiring at our club, nothing will better portray the utter charmless nature, contemptible behaviour and the self-entitlement that has infected a small part of our family of late. What better way to contrast the achievements, dignity and class of Arsene Wenger to the hate of this constituency?

  27. A sad day for all Arsenal fans. Arsene Wenger was the definition of class. Arsenal were lucky to have an amazing leader for so long.

  28. upmost respect to a man who stayed true to his principles,gave 22 years of his life to arsenal,i have every faith we will replace him with the right man,thats why ive supported arsenal for 51 years its in my blood

  29. He could have left earlier than now with some respect. But it is obvious now that the gap between us and the top is far and he knows he cannot compete using his method again. Wish him well. Arsenal was there before you and will last after you.

    The lesson for all to learn is leave when the ovation is loudest. Don’t allow praise singers force you to stay before the necessary. This is the best thing that has happened to Arsenal for the past ten years. Now we can look for a coach that will force the players to step up.

  30. No statement from Usmanov yet, 30% shareholder of the club, he should have had something prepared .

  31. Arsene Wenger not only a great manager but a truly great person off the pitch. I just read Henry Winters tweets and it was so moving.

  32. Mike T

    No, it wasn’t those for AW and against AW. It was those who supported the club and those who needed to moan because they weren’t getting the glory they needed to massage their weak egos. It was those who didn’t want to destabilise the club and the players and those who needed someone to blame for the fact that they weren’t getting something to satisfy their individual cravings. I would have though you would have realised that by now but given some Arsenal “fans” didn’t I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much.

    What happens next is that those “fans” who are sided with the media to force him out will be celebrating what they’ve “achieved”. The rest of us will continue to support the club and the next manager. Wait and see what happens if we don’t get instant glory next season. The same people will be moaning and some of them will probably pretend they didn’t want AW to leave.

    Just see what ‘Rainman’ has to say next season as soon as we lose a game………………

  33. @ Polo

    Is that the same Henry Winter who for years tried to convince everyone that he knew how to manage the club better than AW and repeatedly told us what AW had to do to put things right?. I can’t abide hypocrites like him. He can crawl back into the same slime pit that Piers Morgan lives in.

  34. obiora echezona

    Before I can even bother with the rest of what you said could you first please explain this:

    “….he knows he cannot compete using his method again.”

    I cant wait to here exactly what that’s even supposed to mean.

  35. @ obiora echezona

    Thanks for your amazing pearls of wisdom. What you’re forgetting is that AW wasn’t doing this for him. He was doing it for the club. The so-called “fans” who wanted him out had a bigger ego than him. But hey, given you clearly know what’s best for the club, get your job application in, how could the club could resist someone with such talent?

  36. “Does that mean that Le Grove(etc) will be stepping down too?”

    As with you all, they too are supporters of the club. They may not have been supporters of Wenger but make no mistake, they love the club as much as you all. Please try to keep perspective. Wenger will always be a legend at the club, but the club will always be the most important thing.

  37. So Hunter 13 , you actually supported Arsene f.c .
    Those of us who support the club will now find the truth of whether the manager held us back or the board / majority shareholder.
    The next man in has an unenviable task .

  38. Knobby

    “Some amazing two faced quotes from the media and ex players today”


    Expect more to crawl out from under their stones including Chelsea fan Merson and the desperate Ian Wright. These two have been so ungrateful, bitter & disrespectful it’s been untrue.

    Now watch the journalists who have been on a mission to get Wenger out suddenly pretend they are massive Arsene Wenger fans.

    For those of us who know the history of our club and respect Wenger for staying loyal when he had to make money for us, we will always be grateful.

    Merci Arsene.

  39. As for the very sad news, well it was always going to happen sooner rather than later, and this announcement does not surprise me at all.

    I’m actually a bit lost for words, which anyone who has read my ramblings will find hard to believe, but I’ve already read some of our regulars that have said what I was thinking in a far better way than I ever could.

    Well said guys.

    But what I would like do (and I hope AFC Nemesis doesn’t mind) is highlight this example, coincidently in 2 consecutive posts, of the polar opposite takes on todays events:

    One is an intelligent, heartfelt appreciation of a man who dedicated more than 20 years of his life to the football club he loves.

    One is an embarrassing piece of shit.

    I’ll leave you to make up your mind which is which.

    This from AFC Nemesis:

    20/04/2018 at 10:45 am

    Arsene Wenger.

    He took on English Footballs backward culture and changed the game here forever.

    When he arrived we didn’t even have our own training ground, we had to share it with the University much to Wengers angst.

    In fact, the new state of teh art training ground was paid for from the profit Wenger made on Nicolas Anelka, a player bought for £500k but sold for over £20 million.

    Wenger was never given the money big clubs have enjoyed and between 2006 to 2013 his net spend was in the bottom three of the all managers in the league. Despite this he delivered top 4 finishes every season but was never praised for it. Instead, he was mocked by the media and the shit fans that embarrass our club.

    After 2013 he went on to win 3 FA Cups in 4 years, another achievement that everyone seems reluctant to praise.

    The only Modern day manager to win the League Title unbeaten.

    Broke all goals conceded records in the Champions League with a rebuilt back 4 and lost the final only because we had to play for 72 minutes with ten men.
    Delivered the most attractive brand of football most of us have ever seen.

    Developed young players and gave them a chance.

    Arsene Wenger is the greatest manager we have ever had and are ever likely to have. He has not deserved the medias agenda nor much of teh criticism he has received.

    Merci Arsene. Thanks for everything you have done and the entertainment and joy.


    Then we got this from Rainman:

    20/04/2018 at 10:51 am

    lol, Your Messiah is gone. whose arse are you going to lick now? Guess you will be shutting the site down, AKB Wenger Worshipers.


  40. I wrote of dualities rising, that is the perspective, any other perspective wouldn’t be bovvered, why would it? Whether the outcome of this is good or bad, none can tell until the very final moment, if that is a possibility? Finite ends, are but relative.
    As for the psychology of support and what it means, UA covered all that ground years ago.

  41. I predicted this last year some how he managered another season, hes fed up face was saddening to see last year. He will always be a Arsenal legend to me! A huge farewell and hope we win the Europa for him! 😀 Sad times…

  42. Nitram – to be blunt, some supposed supporters of the club do not deserve any success.

    We only missed out on Top 4 last season by a point or two, with 75 points – more than the previous season when we were 2nd. Yes, the team, manager and coaches made mistakes. The referees made very many “mistakes”. However, I do strongly believe that the negativity arising from too many fans likely cost us that point or two.

    It really sticks in the gut.

    Watch them recommence the negativity as soon as the new guy has a couple of adverse results.

  43. “One day I’ll go up to heaven & he will ask ‘What have you done with your life?’

    The only answer I have is ‘I tried to win football games’.”

    – Arsene Wenger

  44. Ernest Reed

    “They may not have been supporters of Wenger but make no mistake, they love the club as much as you all.”

    I’m sorry ?

    Booing players.

    Booing Wenger.

    Holding up banners.

    Not turning up to watch.

    Trying to organise protests outside the ground.

    Trying to organise match boycotts.

    Attacking Wenger and the club at every opportunity.

    You really do have a funny idea about what ‘love for the club’ is. It’s certainly nothing like my idea of what it is.

  45. Unless you read the papers, e.g. The Telegraph and the comments in full, you haven’t got half the story.
    His had been a wonderful, ground-breaking, New milestones’ setting, classy and elevating career.

    Alas, it is God-ordained that all live-things, good or bad, must experience Death.

    Even in this, many of us, his lovers, had feared that out of tenacity and fighting spirit, he would get his timing wrong. However, today, he had allowed his class to prevail and ended up doing us proud.

    I never lived in England nor got too attached to those UK football magazines of the 1970s. So, for me, English football was a distant curiosity, made attractive only by the exploits of George Best, watched in 2 or more season’s old football clips on WNTV (the first TV Station established in Nigeria in 1959 and beaming its services in Western Nigeria as at the the 60s when I was growing up).

    Thus, I never became an English football or English football club’s fan until my older years. I became one and consciously chose Arsenal Football Club 100℅ because of Wenger.

    If I had wanted the prevailing form as at when I gained access and started watching live-EPL matches regularly, I could have chosen Manchester United. If I had wanted colourful history and tradition, I could have chosen Liverpool. Had I wanted sympathy for hard work and yet missing the mark, I could have gone for Everton or Tottenham. And had I wanted the new and successful kid in town, I could have ported to Chelsea or now, Manchester City.

    However, I chose Arsenal, for Wenger: His footballing style; his panache and class in the face of sundry adversities; and his overall dream, loyalty and selflessness in wanting the best growth and future for the club that employed and gave him the chance to maximally express himself, in pursuit of his dream, loyalty and principles.

    He may be adjudged not to be the most successful coach in terms of trophies won or the brainest in terms of nous and tactics or the most travelled in terms of top class clubs coached or the richest in terms of earnings over the years but, in class, loyalty and timeless achievement, I see noone anywhere now or historically to compare him with.

    Heavens don’t make them like him anymore, or send people like him to us too often.

    On the other hand, may be it’s us that doesn’t allow people like him to inspire us to our best – in class, loyalty and in timeless and sacrificial achievements anymore.

    For choosing to keep faith with these values, rather than being sad, Wenger has made today one of my happiest!

    Thank you Arsene!

  46. Thank you Arsene you will always be remembered fondly by true gunners fans.More class in your little finger than the WOB idiots have in their whole twisted bodies..

  47. Thank you Arsene for doing the right thing. I hope the boys win the Europa league and give the great man a send off he deserves.
    I’m really looking forward to the new arsenal future, I hope kroenke makes a decision as forward thinking as the appointment he made with that club he owns in the US.
    I also hope this is the beginning of the end of this AKB/WOB schism (the great gooner schism)

  48. Sad to see M. Wenger leaving…He stands alone atop his achievements at our club.

    I’m curious to see if he will accept a position on the board or something along those lines.

    Verily, we live in interesting times.

  49. I have a feeling the great man has made this decision knowing it means proving himself one last time in the game to doubters, I wish him the very best

  50. A fond farewell to the manager who has given so much enjoyment to us for many years, I and many others will be forever gratefull.
    The perenial Wenger detractors and haters within the media have already begun their sickening mealy mouthed hypocritical testimonials as if to make out they have all actually been Wenger worshipers these past years.

  51. Finally I want to appeal to fans (especially AKBs) to give the next man a bit of time. 2-3 seasons won’t be too bad. Though I suspect this will only be possible if that man is of acceptable pedigree. I doubt someone like Rodgers will be given the benefit of doubt, however give me Simeone, Tuchel, Ancelotti, Enrique &I’ll probably be willing to wait 5years to come good

  52. He ‘did the right thing’ did he, bet you cant wait to get at the next bloke after he loses a couple of games eh, one season without the treble and they will all want another change.

  53. @knobby, I hope you’re wrong. The best way to say goodbye to a great man is to give your best for him, like man utd winning the title in SAF’s final season. Anyways, they still have the Europa league to make it up to the man

  54. You are entitled to your opinion Nitram, as irrational as it is coming off. Bottom line, celebrate the managerial career of Arsene Wenger, it is deserved. Celebrate the success of AFC under his tenure, it too is deserved. To resort to petty comments and hatred towards others you perceive to be non-supporters, that reflects solely on you and your character, truly unfortunate but again, more telling of your true character as a whole.

  55. Very sad, at the end of an era. So glad he has taken the decision himself. A huge thank you for all that he has done and it would be wonderful if Arsenal could win the Europa league in his last match. Perhaps too much to ask for as it would have also been so fitting if he had won the Champions League final in 2006 when he went to Paris, and is the one match if I could change the result of I would. Arsene Wenger came so close to winning it that day.

    To all those so called supporters who have been looking forward to this day I hope you will get behind the team and show him the respect he deserves. THen get behind the new manager and give them time as they have a hard act to follow.

    As someone who has supported Arsenal for over sixty years and has always followed the history of our great club I truly appreciate what he has done. Thank you Mr Wenger.

  56. Soccer am have got that @arsenalfantv attention seeker on the show tomorrow along with one of the morons wmbarrassing our club.

    Meanwhile, @skysportspl have interviexed another from Arsenal Fan TV and during his interview he rfefused to acknowledge a single one of Wengers successes.

    Unbelievable the self entitlement of these fans. They are not supporters, I don’t care what anyone says. Despicable.

  57. For the last decade, the articles written about Arsenal were always It’s been a long time since you last won a trophy and its time Arsene Wenger left. I’m curious to see the brand of the new stick they find to beat us with.

  58. PS: Thanks Nitram.

    Let us hope the next few games Wenger gets the appreciation he deserves. I beleive he will.

    I predict a backlash against the @arsenalfantv boys. They deserve it because they will behave like this to any manager who doesn’t do or win what they think he should.

  59. GoinggoingGooner

    Agree mate.

    When we was getting in the top 4 they mocked us with the ‘top 4 trophy’. They said it was about winning trophies.

    When we won trophies they siad it was about finishing top 4.

    Where do they go next?

  60. It’s a sad day. And Wenger was a giant among men.

    In terms of timing, perhaps Wenger was trying to bring a few weeks of respite in the constant criticism, to allow the players to work their magic without the negative stress.

    I would hope that whoever replaces Wenger, is a person of class and knowledge, as he was. I think the objective would be to find such in a manager of a younger age, with respect to the manager currently haunting the stadia of the EPL.

    I would hope that such a person has already been found, and that the players approve of this person and stay on. We don’t need an exodus of players or staff.

    And I think it would be useful to start a new part of the season ticket business. No season tickets to complainers. And hope fully the first to go is Prs Mrgan. And no support of ex-players who spend their time stabbing the organization in the medja.

  61. I am neither saddened nor elated but appreciate that the club is in evolution and that Arsene made this decision for himself and the club. He has brought in potentially great players, brought up wonderful youth players, developed the infrastructure to achieve great things, fought against the dinosaurs entrenched in the 19th century who are ¨running¨the game, displayed dignity and nobility in the face of unremitting criticism from a small band of Arsenal ¨supporters¨and the media, endured xenophobic pundits, questionable officiating, lean years after the stadium build, ever expanding competition for players from richer clubs and yet stayed true to his principles and still managed to bring in trophies and success over his 21 year reign.

    I will support our next manager and the team unfailingly, but not blindly. How much time should the new man be given…..that is hard to say but Arsene has set a very high bar and perhaps comparing our new manager to Arsene will be a mistake. We need to be open to changes, different expectations and outcomes and certainly a different style from what we are used to. Arsene had his preferred type of player, will the next manager bring a different style? All I hope is that we don’t do a tottenham and go through 6 managers before finding one who will stay!

  62. Ernest Reed

    “To resort to petty comments and hatred towards others”

    Petty comments? Hatred?

    I asked a simple question, which I repeat bellow, which you failed to answer. How s that a ‘petty comment’ ?

    And please, tell me were you got the impression I hated you, or anyone else for that matter ?

    As you said, it’s just my opinion. I know that. It doesn’t mean, or infer in any way that I hate you, or anyone else for that matter.

    But I repeat, if you think that ‘They’, insulting the manager, the club, the players, as well as flying planes over the stadium, holding up banners, organising boycotts, staying away from matches, etc. etc. is showing how much ‘They’ love the club, then that’s up to you and a very different take on showing ‘love for the club’ to mine.

    That is all I said.

    Were on earth did you get this ‘hate’ from.

    So rather than making those type of comments perhaps you would do better to explain how all the above is a display of the ‘love for the club’ of which you speak.

  63. As to what Wenger might do in the future?

    I could see him at a national side. I could see him at some side that is not top level mens. I could see him opening an academy for coaching and officiating.

    Whatever he decides to do, I think he will be successful, and I wish him the best.

    I would like to send out a song, in 3 versions to Wenger.

    1. Bing Crosby
    2. Ella Fitzgerald
    3. Frank Sinatra

  64. @markyb, I support arsenal bro. I felt the man was holding us back and that he’d had enough time to prove he could take us further. I’ll give the next bloke even more time because he has enormous shoes to fill, but nonetheless I’ll reserve the right to judge his stewardship as I deem fit, when I do

  65. Rainman – it’s pissing on your head. You will always stink of urine.

    Wenger has lifted the Arsenal to a height that most clubs dream of. His is a legacy that others will envy. His holistic approach to the beautiful game made it a tapestry on grass. I was there to enjoy it.

    A season undefeated like no other, a succession of income earning victories to positions ensuring participation in the Champions League. The most economic balance of footballers in & out of the club despite the billionaires of Chelsea & Manchester City robbing his intellectual property. What a man! dedicated to football like no other.

    Thank you Arsene Wenger, Lord of the Beautiful Game.

  66. Those of you still disrespecting or trying to defend the abuse Arsene Wenger has endured, you are the losers. You are a sad indictment of society today, where social media has allowed you the opportunity to behave like cowardly bullies. You have no respect for anyone, least yourselves.

    Arsene Wenger was a loyal man with a good heart and love for this football club. More love than any of those who believe their selfish bevaviour makes them super fans. He has more football knowledge in the end of his fingertips than you will ever have. He doesn’t need to listen to ex players, failed managers, journalists or play computer games to create his opinions on football.

    Arsene Wenger is many times the man you would like to be. A true legend.

    This tribute today from former goalkeeping legend Bob Wilson, who claims, correctly, that Arsene Wenger is our greatest ever manager.

    Bob Wilson broke down in tears during an interview with BBC Radio 5 live when he spoke about how Arsene had helped him and his family during the loss of their daughter, Anna, to Cancer aged just 31.

    “I was there on the day he arrived and he is without doubt one of the three greatest men I have ever met in my life.It is not just his football knowledge and the way he changed the game in this country but as a human being through difficult times for me and my wife. Arsene is not only the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history, he has personally changed the face of the game in this country.We had a team who enjoyed a drink and he changed everything about psychology, rehydration, training and everyone followed suit.”


  67. Yes Porter 100% . Yes i supported Wenger. He made Arsenal big and relevant.

    I refuse to be associated with muppets who consider George Graham or that team great or big….

    Fuck you and enjoy being another everton

  68. I’m looking for _good_ news on this, not the crap that comes from the English (and most of the USA) medja.

    Nice note. He says it has been half a decade of abuse he got in England, rather it is 2 decades of abuse.

    Not a great note, but at least they acknowledged him.

    It was nice to see the article in the NY Times. I don’t think the article is as good as it could be.

    Of late, I’ve been somewhat impressed by some of the Welsh news sources, but nothing caught my eye as _good_. Must keep stabbing with the knives.

    Would Stoke produce a _good_ article? No.

    I was hoping that The Economist might have an article on Wenger, but nothing showed at GoogleNews, and visiting their website (The Economist) nothing seems apparent.


    Lots of medja idjuts trying to churn this into yet another transfer story. Thanks, but no thanks.

    Apparently that low life, now at Manure, had to have a dig at Wenger.

  69. Ernest Reed
    20/04/2018 at 2:21 pm

    Fuck you too and all your alike minded troglodytes

    Arsenal did not deserve a manager like Arsene Wenger

  70. porter
    20/04/2018 at 1:01 pm
    So Hunter 13 , you actually supported Arsene f.c .
    Those of us who support the club will now find the truth of whether the manager held us back or the board / majority shareholder.
    The next man in has an unenviable task .

    Hahahaha you dont even know what kind of xclab Arsenal were before and after Wenger

    Some of you clowns talk as if Arsenal was the Bayern Munchen/ Real Madrid/ Juve ac Milan of England.

    I kid you not, Panathinaikos, Keiserslautern and Roma had far higher european coeeficient than your Graham clobbers or at any point of your istory prior to Wenger’s arrival.

    You need to have a problem in the head to support Grahama and all those drunks

  71. Very mature, Hunter. I doubt that time and a good sleep will help matters for you. You slam what you view as non-supporters, yet does Arsenal need supporters like you, vulgar and foul?

    You literally are what you claim to despise.

  72. just fuck off you troglodyte piece of shit , go fawn over your graham sad revisionism and glorify those punks and drunks all you like


  73. Arsenal does not have supporters mate…arsenal proved that they have a bunch of muppets as a fanbase. weak minded arseholes who swallowed the anti-wenger diatribes from media and rivals

    He took an Albania and turned it into a Switzerland.

    When you manage to understand that you will realise the influence of this Manager.

  74. Is this about the lack of VAR in next seasons EPL and he probably wants to have a season or two with it elsewhere?
    Will the PGMOB do things differently in fear of what he might come out and say at any one time? They should be in the dark not knowing what his next move will be.

  75. *******************************
    Attention all WOB knuckle draggers:

    From now on the name of the organisation will be changed from WOB to NGOB (New Guy Out Brigade).
    It has been decided that as this New Guy has not won a trophy for Arsenal ever, he/she must be sacked immediately and replaced with some other New Guy.
    Protests will be organised, banners created and blogs written. The media, Piers and our friends the PGMOB are ready to go.
    It might take another 22 years but we shall not rest until our club stands proudly at the top of the North London Amateur Conference Div 3.’

    There will always be idiots my friends, UA must be ever ready to protect Arsene’s legacy.

    Arsene always knew best!!

  76. To: Chris at 10:37.
    You are so correct. Despite The Guardian considering themselves the best paper in the UK:
    -They are always open to contributors who are anti-Corbyn, exposing their flawed “leftist” credentials.
    -The Guardian = Manchester, always saying good things about United/City, always condescending towards us.
    But, as they say, the caravan moves on while the dogs bark.

  77. By saying that last season the uncertainty of his contract position had affected the players, there was little doubt that this would happen from a man that loves AFC.
    He certainly wouldn’t have managed next season in the same position of being uncertain over his own contract situation beyond that season.

  78. Thank you to the greatest manager in Arsenal history. A man of honour, dignity,integrity, humanity and decency, as well as a brilliant coach.

  79. OMG, I really hope we don’t do a Tottenham and appoint a manager who trains his players to cheat

  80. AFC nemesis your first post is absolutely spot on. We have been blessed to have Arsene as a manager

  81. Dear dear Hunter , how’s the dummy ,have you found it yet ? Come back and tell me what you thought of Haverty ,Baker , even Tommy Doc when he played for us. My personal favourite David Herd broke me up whrn he left us but I kept my pacifierunder control and my language,.

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