Arsenal v West Ham. The past matches, the injuries, the teams and scoring 3+ at home

by Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal have beaten West Ham, many more times than they have beaten us, as you might imagine.  We’ve won 64, they’ve won 34 and there have been 39 draws.

In the Leslie Knighton era – the time which he reported in his autobiography that he was giving drugs to his Arsenal team to make them run more and play faster – West Ham had their best run against Arsenal; they won four, drew two and lost just one against Arsenal…

Date Game Res Score Competition
27 Aug 1923 West Ham United v Arsenal L 1-0 Division One
10 Sep 1923 Arsenal v West Ham United W 4-1 Division One
27 Sep 1924 West Ham United v Arsenal L 1-0 Division One
14 Jan 1925 West Ham United v Arsenal D 0-0 FA Cup
21 Jan 1925 Arsenal v West Ham United D 2-2 FA Cup
26 Jan 1925 Arsenal v West Ham United L 0-1 FA Cup
23 Mar 1925 Arsenal v West Ham United L 1-2 Division One

But since we got a proper manager they’ve had a much harder time of things.  They did have a run of 12 games in the 1960s when they only lost three to Arsenal, but most of the others were draws.

In recent times it has been much better with just one defeat to them in the last 21.

Date Game Res Score Competition
29 Sep 2007 West Ham United v Arsenal W 0-1 Premier League
01 Jan 2008 Arsenal v West Ham United W 2-0 Premier League
26 Oct 2008 West Ham United v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
31 Jan 2009 Arsenal v West Ham United D 0-0 Premier League
25 Oct 2009 West Ham United v Arsenal D 2-2 Premier League
03 Jan 2010 West Ham United v Arsenal W 1-2 FA Cup
20 Mar 2010 Arsenal v West Ham United W 2-0 Premier League
30 Oct 2010 Arsenal v West Ham United W 1-0 Premier League
15 Jan 2011 West Ham United v Arsenal W 0-3 Premier League
06 Oct 2012 West Ham United v Arsenal W 1-3 Premier League
23 Jan 2013 Arsenal v West Ham United W 5-1 Premier League
26 Dec 2013 West Ham United v Arsenal W 1-3 Premier League
15 Apr 2014 Arsenal v West Ham United W 3-1 Premier League
28 Dec 2014 West Ham United v Arsenal W 1-2 Premier League
14 Mar 2015 Arsenal v West Ham United W 3-0 Premier League
09 Aug 2015 Arsenal v West Ham United L 0-2 Premier League
09 Apr 2016 West Ham United v Arsenal D 3-3 Premier League
03 Dec 2016 West Ham United v Arsenal W 1-5 Premier League
05 Apr 2017 Arsenal v West Ham United W 3-0 Premier League
13 Dec 2017 West Ham United v Arsenal D 0-0 Premier League
19 Dec 2017 Arsenal v West Ham United W 1-0 League Cup

Indeed as you can see there was a run of 10 straight Arsenal wins between 2010 and 2015.

In terms of injuries Physioroom show us mid-table which must be giving Stewart Robson palpitations.  Still at least he has got his wish and seen Mr Wenger leave the club.  Here’s the physio table…

# TEAM Men down Last man out What’s up?
1 Watford 8 S Prodl Illness
2 Burnley 7 J Tarkowski Knock
3 West Ham United 6 A Ogbonna Knee Injury
4 Liverpool 6 D Lovren Muscle Fatigue
5 West Bromwich Albion 5 H Robson-Kanu Conussion
6 Crystal Palace 5 C Wickham Groin Strain
7 Everton 5 D Calvert-Lewin Hip Injury
8 Swansea City 5 L Narsingh Ankle Injury
9 Leicester City 5 S Okazaki Ankle Injury
10 Arsenal 4 J Wilshere Ankle Injury

Our four men out are Ramsey, who could be fit for today but I suspect won’t be risked, Jack Wilshere who is noted as having a late fitness test but again might not be risked, Mkhitaryan who certainly won’t play although his return date has now come forward to the middle of next week, and of course Santi of whom Mr Wenger said he would have a look at in the summer to see if he could have a new contract.

Such thoughts are of course now gone, but let’s hope the new manager realises what a talent Santi is, if only he could be brought back to fitness.

The issue is, how many players will be left out to make sure they are ok for the mid-week game.

The BBC on its website says the atmosphere will be quite different, as “Amid the discontent and the falling attendances, even the most disgruntled Arsenal fan has no longer any need for the ‘Wenger Out’ banners. It has become a time to celebrate the overall achievements of Arsene Wenger rather than moan about his recent decline.”

I don’t think they quite realise the level of vindictiveness and sheer bloody mindedness that exists among those who run Arsenal Fans TV and the little bloggettas.  Not to mention some in the national press, as we saw yesterday.

West Ham are holding onto the idea that their last two league wins over Arsenal have both come away from home: 2-0 in 2015 and 1-0 in 2007.  But we have scored at least three goals in each of their last five home games in all competitions – the last time we went six in a row scoring three or more was at the start of the 1958/9 season.   Just in case you are a real ol’ timer here are the results to remind you…

Date Game Res Score Competition
26 Aug 1958 Arsenal v Burnley W 3-0 Division One
30 Aug 1958 Arsenal v Leicester City W 5-1 Division One
09 Sep 1958 Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers W 6-1 Division One
13 Sep 1958 Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur W 3-1 Division One
20 Sep 1958 Arsenal v Manchester City W 4-1 Division One
04 Oct 1958 Arsenal v West Bromwich W 4-3 Division One

So to the teams…

It really is hard to know who will be rested before Thursday’s game.  Some are obvious like Koscielny but others are less so.  Let’s try this option


Chambers Mustafi Holding Monreal

Xhaka Elneny


Iwobi Lacazette Aubameyang

That gives us two defensive midfielders in Xhaka and Elneny and a lot of fire power up front.  It gives Ozil the day off, along with Ramsey and Wilshere – even if they are fit.  But instead of Willock we could use Nelson, or indeed bring in the fit-again Maitland-Niles at full back.

But taking that team as it stands that would leave on the beach

Ospina or Macey (I suspect Macey even if Ospina is fit, to allow Ospina to be ok for Thursday),  Mertesacker, Özil, Welbeck, Maitland-Niles, Kolasinac, Bellerín.

But of course we are trying to guess two games here so it could be quite different (and not for the first time!)

Much of the Untold team including Tony, Blacksheep, Andrew and Walter, are all meeting up at the stadium, and we will probably be having a get together after the game, so there probably won’t be any more from Untold today – but we’ll be back on Monday of course.



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  1. Will the Untolders at the game be appearing on Arsenal fan tv post match? Go on, you know you want to, could be very amusing!!!
    Have a good one! COYG! FOYI!

  2. Last meeting of our Untold team under the manager you have supported so loyally – and so deservedly! Will there be tears? There certainly have been this end. Hope you have a good time and bring us a nice win. At least we know there will be some bits of the ground singing One Arsene Wenger!

  3. Well, I don’t know about getting teary eyed over a man on 8-10 million a year (and who’ll most likely be well compensated for the final year of his contract), but I’m sure he’ll get the appropriate crowd reaction to the extent of maybe even a few “Wenger Stay’ banners.

  4. PTO. You are so clever. How clever of you to believe what the media ingnorainouses tell you.

  5. PTO – you would deserve as much if you brought in over 2 billion profit into the club over the years. However, you couldn’t earn 2 bob even if turned over!

  6. PTO – I’m curious, what’s the pay level where you are no longer allowed to get teary-eyed over someone? Is it 5 million? If so, would it be okay to cry over someone that earns 4.9 million? I just need to know exactly what number it is before I get teary-eyed over someone in the future.

  7. Colario. In the absence of a definitive statement from Wenger or the club I would prefer to believe informed journalists rather than a load of know nothings on a football blog.
    Menace. So making a profit makes him ‘added value’ does it? Too bad he didn’t win enough matches to keep his job. He certainly knew how to empty a stadium didn’t he! If the man had been good value he would not have been in this position.
    Jammy, I get teary eyed over no-one,but Wenger is a multi millionare from his Arsenal earnings.
    It makes no difference to my quality of life one way or another, but if that’s the way you all feel….drown in your own tears.

  8. PŦO – ”informed journalists.”!!!

    People you use to spread your whispers into solid facts. Haven’t you read about how they lied about Hillsborough?

    ”Informed journalists” -the transfer market?

    Phone hacking?

  9. Has Cech been axed as he’s no where to be seen in the Le Boss’ 18 for West Ham? And surprisingly, all the Arsenal current 1st team starting XI who are expected to start in the Atletico ELC match at the Ems in 4 days time are all being started this afternoon in our home PL match against West Ham. I don’t understand Le Boss logic behind his going full strength starting XI against West Ham instead of to have rotated the Gunners for the match to conserve the fullness of the energy of his full strength starting XI for our all important 1st leg ELC match against Atletico Madrid on Thursday night. For in as much as a win over West Ham today is important to avoid finishing 7th in the table possibly behind Burnley, I would think prioritising the win of the Europa League Cup now is very very important for Arsenal to accomplish.

  10. From Live Score:

    Bellering Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Elneny Xhaka
    Iwobi Ramsey Welbeck

    Beach: Mertesacker, PEA, Holding, Chambers, Maitland-Niles, Macey, Nelson


  11. No no…the Chinese company BYD…. Which makes electric commercial vehicles…busses

  12. Amazing…West Ham keeper is wasting time already. Takes the ball over to the corner of the box.

  13. Are we kicking ourselves? We’ve had more treatments, than West Ham have fouled?


  14. Stats
    %Arsenal Cumulative Possession
    _5 67
    10 68
    15 71
    20 65
    25 66
    30 64
    35 65
    40 65
    45 65
    45+6 67
    Shots on target 1:2
    _off target _ _ 5:3
    Corners _ _ _ _ 4:3
    Offsides _ _ _ _1:0
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 3:3
    Yellows _ _ _ _ 1:0
    Goal kicks _ _ _2:8
    Treatments _ _ _5:0


  15. Well, not a great half. Hopefully, AW sees what has to be changed, we adjust and come out stronger.

  16. Zedsaunt
    Yes ‘informed journalists’: on the BBC, in The Independent, Guardian & Telegraph.
    If you prefer to read the Sun & Mirror, well what can I say.

  17. Arsenal13

    WRT BYD, I ran across a financial analysis out of Hong Kong on BYD dated Sept 2017, which has an Arsenal logo on it for some reason. I read the report, but didn’t recognize anything Arsenal related.


  18. If AMN is booked for that, why wasn’t Noble for the similar challenge that led to Elneny injury. Consistency as always

  19. And surely there should have been an offside against Arnautovic on the first cross

  20. Lacazette from PEA? Have we heard that before? Good work guys!

    Any bet, with a 2 goal lead, that WHam gets 2 or 3 yellows to make the stats look “normal”?


  21. Final stats

    %Arsenal Cumulative Possession
    _5 67
    10 68
    15 71
    20 65
    25 66
    30 64
    35 65
    40 65
    45 65
    45+6 67
    50 67
    55 67
    60 67
    65 67
    70 67
    75 68
    80 68
    85 67
    90 65
    90+5 68
    Shots on target 1:2 _8:4
    _off target _ _ 5:3 _9:5
    Corners _ _ _ _ 4:3 _8:6
    Offsides _ _ _ _1:0 _1:1
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 3:3 10:9
    Yellows _ _ _ _ 1:0 _3:2
    Goal kicks _ _ _2:8 _3:11
    Treatments _ _ _5:0 _5:0

  22. No wonder the FA cup is devalued the semi final is already 25 mins in.
    Why overlap it?

  23. Re Elneny’s injury.
    This from Sky:’After he was inspected by the club’s medical staff, however, Sky reporter Geoff Shreeves was able to confirm the former Basel midfielder had only ‘rolled his ankle’ and ‘no serious damage had been done.’
    I thought he was out for the rest of the season & possibly World Cup.

  24. Arsene seemed concerned about Elneny in his PM interview, and Jack.
    Ozil is sick, I hope we get at least Mesut back for Thursday.

  25. I’m late back from the game guys so sorry if this has been said before. How the hell was that not a red card. Last man, no cover ffs!!

  26. The BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, … may have journalists in their News, Business, weather and whatever departments. They do not have journalists in their sports departments. The have hacks, drunks and has-beens in their sports departments.

  27. Yesterday, the women could only manage a scoreless draw with Yeovil. Today the U18 beat Swansea 2-1.

  28. This was a typical Arsenal match. Lots of fouls not seen by the blind Pgmol mice. Lots of pseudo fouls given against Arsenal & cards issued against Arsenal players while Arnautovic was allowed the freedom of the park to foul as many times as he liked until the final few seconds of the match.

    Forward movement not matched by the ball passing which was side to side and backwards. There will be changes everywhere to accommodate the sad departure of Wenger. Three goals that could have been a lot more had our players been hungry.

    Our ex players responsible for the teams in the FA Cup Final – Alexis & Giroud scoring despite some poor play. Good luck to Giroud hope he takes the winners medal.

  29. Gooner Mikey – spot on I thought so too. I sit upper behind the goal in the North Bank.

  30. Haven’t you turned over yet? PTO. Gord knows more than you’ll ever get a chance to learn.

  31. Menace
    Yeah, of course he does. The bloke who’s never seen a match in his life and only follows games via live minute by minutes. A complete wagon jumper.
    I at least have some coaching tickets.

  32. I haven’t been to an Arsenal match. I have been to matches. I was an official for 3 or 4 years. I preferred running line to being in the middle. I did one game at the highest amateur level in Canada. I taught weightlifting at two different YMCA for about 10 years. I did athletic first aid for football teams for about 20 years. At one time, I was Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy. I have 2 engineering degrees.

    So, you are correct. I know nothing.

  33. Interesting that Arsene Wenger said it was a good match where we were patient in the first half in the face of West Ham’s ten man defending (my words not his!).

    Then we let rip in the second. I think It is a problem that we are so often faced with a ten man defence. It takes a while to break them down in which time the fans – and the pundits – get impatient. We need a more patient and more knowledgeable attitude from the fans and the pundits.

    It would also help if more English teams had the guts to come out and play instead of defending, kicking and wasting time. It would also create a more enjoyable football spectacle.

  34. It is clear the antipathy toward Arsene Wenger runs deep in some circles. The Guardian continues to run article after article trying to demean and disparage M. Wenger. It is a sad sign of the times that they put the few bob they will get for the clicks they receive the next few days over treating a departing manager and true gentleman with a modicum of respect.

  35. It would also help if we passed more decisively and just you know played better football generally. I mean teams park the bus more against City but that hasn’t stopped them from scoring 98 goals on the season. Teams have better luck against us because our game starts off slow every single match and our attack is inconsistent. Also the notion that they should have more guts to come out and play instead of defending against the likes of us is ridiculous when you consider that we’ve conceded 66 goals all season long. 66 goals!!! That doesn’t suggest that teams just park the bus against us

  36. Sorry about that Gord, but you always come across as a bit of a pedant with no actual experiences.
    Shows how much a judge I am
    So we’re both qualified in some way.

  37. Marko

    Manchester City are playing with the confidence Arsenal played with in the unbeaten season – although actually, unlike us, they are not unbeaten.

    They also have not had to endure the confidence sapping experience of more than a decade of downright referee bias.

    Anyway, if you’re that keen on Manchester City and their ethics and policies, why not support them? Unlike City, Arsenal has not been under investigation for suspected breaches of various finance and transfer rules.

  38. I love how when Gary Neville talks about the next Arsenal manager and how he will not have the same sort of money at his disposal as the likes of Man U, Man City and Chelsea, he talks about it as if it is simply because the Arsenal board is too tight with their money and unwilling to spend hundreds of millions every season, not as if it has anything to do with those 3 clubs having a borderline literal bottomless pit of money.

    Funny isn’t it, how this never gets mentioned. Not one single person in the media has credited Wenger for keeping us competitive against teams that can just chuck £50 million at any old player, and if that £50 million player doesn’t turn out good, well, just keep spending another £50-100 million until they find one that does!

    And wouldn’t you know, looks like Pep is going to spend another £160 million+, because I guess £700 million+ just isn’t enough to build a good squad with for the best manager in the world.

  39. PTO – “I get teary eyed over no-one” That’s a shame, I’ve always wondered what it felt like not having the mental capacity to feel empathy, can’t be very nice at all.

  40. What Arsene said about the match:

    I felt that West Ham blocked us well in the first half. We had problems finding fluency in our game. I liked the game because we needed to be patient. I told the players at half-time that if we kept the discipline, we would find space. That’s what we did in the second half. We made chances straight after half-time, in the first 10 or 15 minutes, but we couldn’t take them. Then when they came back to 1-1, it was a little bit of a test because they had one or two chances as well. Once we scored the second goal, I think they collapsed a little bit and we could score many goals.

  41. It’s a real shame that even now, after Wenger has called it a day, we still have dickheads coming on here trying to belittle our team and divide the fan-base. Ya know, I actually thought for a second that his resignation might stop the bickering, but clearly that’s not the case.

    These WOB/aaa will always need to have something to moan about, so if it’s not the manager, they will still be coming on here every single time we lose to tell us about how awful our players are or to downplay our opponents to make our victories seem like nothing.

    It is utterly ludicrous, what other team on the planet has to deal with dickheads like these? Do these people genuinely consider themselves Arsenal supporters or are we just getting seriously trolled by some Spurs fans? I just find it so hard to believe that any true football fan would talk about their own team in such a overwhelmingly negative way on a daily basis.

  42. ‘I’ve always wondered what it felt like not having the mental capacity to feel empathy’
    Keep wondering TROLL.
    I can assure you that it takes no capacity at all, mental or otherwise not to burst into tears.
    I’ll leave that up to you & some of the other UA bleeding hearts.

  43. Lol, coming from someone who moans about everything from the sun rising to it having the audacity to set

  44. Wow a nice day out in a very sunny London today for me and Carine.
    Carine when in London we have these scores:
    Arsenal – Aston Villa 5-0
    Arsenal – Watford 4-1
    Arsenal – can’t remember 3-1
    Arsenal – Chelsea 2-1
    So when West Ham equalised I thought: OKAY this is it. This is the last time she comes along as the next time we probably will taste defeat….. But that was not taken in account those final 10 minutes when we ripped them apart.
    Carine should keep on coming each match. 🙂

  45. @Walter

    Maybe you and Mrs Carine should have a joint spell on the Arsenal bench as managers. Fans would have to make banners W38D0L0, “W stands for Walter” and stuff while another Golden Trophy would be in our trophy room but hey, we can’t risk with anyone else. 🙂

  46. Gooner Mikey, Sky were very quick to say he was too far away, considering Danny is quick and no cover and two v one on keeper……..I seem to remember Keown getting a red for pulling back ickle Mikey gambler on the halfway line some time back.

  47. WOO HOO, HOO ! A great fightback after being pegged back. Well done , lads.

    And thank you to Walter and Carine , for those three points ! Please try to get tickets for the home matches against , Man Utd , Man City , Chelsea and Spurs.

    Those 12 points will be most helpful to the new manager !

    Up the Gunners !

  48. Did’nt Xhaka get sent off in his early days by John Moss for a very similar tackle that was not only on the touchline but also near the halfway line ?

  49. Jammy

    I kept hearing the word ‘decline’, whichviven we used to habituLly finish 1st or 2nd in the pl is fair enough izuppose, but to say it without any context at all is simply ridiculous.

    How can you not even mention the BILLIONS of pounds spent by both Chelsea and City, that was the major, if not arguably, the only factor behind our ‘decline’.

  50. Nitram
    You are correct but I think it was before Xhaka, I think it was one of our centre backs, Gabriel maybe, but you are right it was just over the halfway line.
    I am going to have my usual rant about Alan Smith who highlighted how unlucky West Ham were as there was an element of luck with all the Arsenal goals. He failed to mention the luck that played a part in West Hams goal though, with Arnautović slightly offside in the buildup play. He wasn’t interfering with play, it’s a diffficult one for the linesman said Smith, trying his hardest to justify the goal which shouldn’t really have stood.
    He really is a twat.

  51. Mick Hazel.

    I concur. Funny how whenever Arsenal win its either due to luck or the other team playing poor/making mistakes.

    It was a good 4-1 win against a good side but yet another team that has come to the Emirates and parked the bus. Any person who knows anything about football knows how difficult it is to play against teams that defend deep and in numbers. The skill is in moving the ball around to move players out of position and find space. Arsenal did this very well and ran away comfortable winners. Had that been Spurs, Man Utd or Man City, the narrative will have been different.

    I have no idea what is behind this but it happens every game.

  52. I remember the exact Xhaka red card you’re talking about, because that came to my mind the moment I saw the tackle on Welbeck. What was slightly different about the Xhaka challenge was that he tripped him up from behind, so it did actually look very slightly worse, but they were both from extremely similar positions.

  53. Only Arsenal can win a game 4-1 and have it made out that we were lucky. Just as we won our EL tie 6-3 on aggregate, yet apparently that was also just “scraping” through into the next round.

  54. Had a quick word with Claudio & he told me he’d come to see PTO but when it turned over Claudio changed his mind as both PTO’s profiles were rank!!

    Zabeleta should have had a red card for a reckless tackle & stopping a goal scoring opportunity. But the moron with the whistle was busy looking at PTO & missed the foul.

  55. Jammy. Arsenal never deserve to win according to the media and a section of our own publicity seeking, ignorant fans.

    Before the AC Milan game we were reminded about their unbeaten run in 2018, the great job Gatusso was doing and how we could be going out against such tough opposition. We went to Italy, won two nil and all of a sudden AC Milan were rubbish and Italian football was crap (despite Juventus and Roma’s CL performances). When we won 3-1 in the home game, it was painted as a lucky win that owed everything to Danny Wellbeck taking a tumble.

    When we beat CSKA 6-3 we ‘stumbled’. The Daily Telegraph headline:- “Danny Welbeck stops the rot as Arsenal survive early scare to stumble into Europa League semi-finals” Win 4-1 at home, draw two all in Russia and talk of ‘rot’ and ‘stumbling’. Narrative to feed the idiots and it works.

    Its a bit likely everyone trying to pretend the 3 FA Cup wins in 4 years mean nothing, while gloating about Mourinho winning it again proving he knows how to win trophies. Or how important the FA Cup is to Spurs.

  56. A few respected journalists also picked on Wenger not able to zip his coat first time. The card was yellow so they are right just like the non entity that is the anti Wenger supporter.

  57. The FA Cup could have been important for Spurs despite all the time they spend playing in Wembley. The sad thing is their record of consecutive lost semis is worse than most home buyers.

  58. If I remember rightly Xhaka got a red for stopping a “promising attack” yet there were other Arsenal players behind the ball. (I actually think he should have been sent off for that but sadly no other player ever gets sent off for the same which is what makes me livid.)

    In this case though, the only argument possible was that it was not a clear goal-scoring opportunity. However, given Danny would have been clear on his own; the only other defender was behind play and on the other side of the pitch; and the only other player in the West Ham half was another Arsenal player, how could that not be seen as a clear goal-scoring opportunity ffs

  59. @ Menace. I guess that makes them the only team to have ever lost an FA Cup semi-final at home lol

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