Journalists give Arsene Wenger a standing ovation at final press conference

By Tony Attwood

I don’t normally give links to the Arsenal press conference, not least because you can find them elsewhere and the whole point of this site is that it is “Untold” – covering stories and analyses that are not be found elsewhere.

Of course we don’t always do that, but that is the overall aim.

However the press final press conference at the Emirates was one that is worth preserving, not least for the extraordinary event that happens at the end of the conference.

But if you have time, stay with it all the way through, because it is in itself a monument to Mr Wenger, his dignity and his patience.




And today’s anniversaries

When Arsenal won the league and last season’s champions were relegated.


23 Replies to “Journalists give Arsene Wenger a standing ovation at final press conference”

  1. Bless Arsene Wenger. I know I’ve wanted him to leave for the greater good of the team and ensure we don’t fall too far behind, but when he announced his departure I actually cried. He’s been our manager for half of my life and I didn’t think anyone could match George Graham but Wenger did and he did it very quickly. I really hope Wenger will eventually have a place on the board and work as an ambassador like Sir Alex does Utd. It’s a very sad time but one also filled with excitement that our team can finally realise its potential without Wenger holding it back.

    Aurevoir Arsene, you will be missed.

  2. Mr Wenger has predicted…Arsenal will challenge for title next season. ….

  3. Like Bennydevito I also cried and will miss the man and the class that he oozes. I thought it was time for a change but although we will maybe have a better coach it’s unlikely we will have a better man.

  4. Gonna miss him and ultimately let down by board and fans.People keep saying change is needed but who’s gonna come in and give us the titles with no sugar daddy and only a self sustainable model to help him whilst taking flak.Everyone is so scared to say it they just want another wenger who does the same magic he did in the beginning…..well dream on then.

  5. True class as always. Have can anyone say that they truly hate this man?

  6. Class and intelligence is not easy to maintain, some people find it very difficult to achieve. Arsene Wenger does it so easily, and leaves Arsenal in a much better standing in the world of football.
    He will be the benchmark of all that follow after him in the club and coaches and managers across the football world. As sad as it is, but the pleasure of him gracing our club for the last twenty two years has been enlightening and enriched.

  7. Comment from the video “Yet almost no one admits that they’re happy and “emotional” is because he’s finally gone….Not an Arsenal fan, but im glad the nauseating dinossaur has left for the good of football.”

    What the fuck is wrong with some people? Can you imagine what kind of awful personality you would have to have in order to make a comment like that? It really does annoy me, because say what you want about Wenger, but he has never been anything but respectful, honest, and always looking to do things the right way. What a truly disgusting thing to say.

  8. The best part was when John Cross read out about the FWA fund raising for the Grenfell Tower tragedy, that when Arsene Wenger announce he will be a presenter, all tickets to the event quickly got sold. Speaks volume about Arsene Wenger as a great person.

    I will definitely miss AW next season when watching Arsenal matches.

  9. @ Jammy, they’re are uneducated people who loves insulting people to be happy. Ignore them.

  10. Polo – It’s hard when there’s so many of them, it really does feel like fighting an unwinnable battle. I ask myself whether I can change their view with reason, but practically all of them seem to lack the mental capacity to realise that they are wrong.

    I wish I could put into words the respect that I have for Arsene Wenger. Public figures with such morals as him are one in a million.

  11. Those cretins deserve to be prayed for to be able to realize the folly in the way they spew hatred for a man of such great character and virtues. Since they lack any sense of shame in their disgraceful conduct we should be sorry for them.

  12. Having supported this wonderful club for nearly 60 years, I have seen and experienced so many ups and downs.

    The last 2 years have been a pleasure and a delight, even with the downward roller-coaster runs, because you always knew that what goes down on a roller-coaster, quickly goes up.

    I am grateful to Arsene Wenger for all that he has done for us.

    His desire to play with style, because that is what a club of our stature should do, has made me very proud to be a supporter and to be in this family of Arsenal fans.

    His integrity and honestly is an example to everyone, as was his constant protection of his players and his desire to take the criticism on his own back.

    I hope that those people who have spent so much time and effort in insulting him and his achievements, are thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    I am also grateful for this blog and other similar blogs like Positively Arsenal and Arsenal.Arsenal and others, who have continuously strived to give credit that that is due to Arsene Wenger and our players.

    I look forward to following you for may many years in the future.

  13. From all the sadness came another truth from the Burnley fans –
    to all the WOBs we used to know

    You got him the sack,
    you got him the sack,
    you two faced bastards!
    you got him the sack.

    There will never be another man so beautiful in the game.

  14. @ Jammy, I used to be like you trying to reason with them but it’s useless. Now I ignore most of it. Don’t waste your limitless resource (time) on these people. Use those time to enjoy the football and all the emotions that comes with it.

    A new era will be upon the club, let’s embrace it and give our 100% support to the players and new manager next season while remembering and upholding AW legacy. Personally it has been a privilege to have witness and supported the Wenger era.

  15. Honest???? Hmmnn, a lot of people will debate that. Hopefully the new will always see fouls committed on and by our players

  16. You might not win them over with reason but at least you could try. So far you seem to have been employing only insults, which not only won’t win them over, but also calls your intellect into question

  17. I’m guessing as Wenger is presenting the grenfall tower cheque the articles will stop on here as to the whereabouts of said money? Apologies Tony? Guess not

  18. Watching this press conference and the game yesterday, brought tears to my eyes. Not because I’m a big girl’s blouse, but out of sheer admiration for a totally selfless and humble man, dedicated to a club whose fan base spreads all over the world. Despite the negativity from a small section, his ideals and genuine love for the club never wavered, and he carried himself with the same dignity as when he first joined the club. Rarely does one see such gestures from the Press, who all deeply respected him, even if they often criticized him. I wonder if some of the pundits who castigated him will get the send-off he did, had they taken the job. Arsene Wenger will be remembered as a gentleman and I shall miss him dearly. And yes, he made football at Arsenal an art

  19. Whatever I really don’t understand what you are talking about. I have complained that the FA gathered money from ticket sales for the Community Shield final but then did not tell people how much nor did they tell us what arrangements they were making to hand it over. Since it is supporters who went to the game who gave the money my view was that they had the right to know how much was raised and what was being done with the money – and that they should have been told within weeks if not days.
    This was not only because telling people how their money is used is good practice, it is also because the FA has a history of abuse of funds – which is why the Charity Commission criticised them so heavily and forced them to stop running “The Charity Shield” because they were utterly failing to work by the standard fules of the Commission.
    I personally wrote twice to the FA to ask when the details of the money would be revealed and they didn’t reply. OK they are very busy, but even large organisations ought to be able to respond to requests for information.
    All of those complaints stand. In my view they had a duty to those who gave money to tell them how much was gathered and what was done with it, and to do that quickly – within a couple of month at the most.
    My complaint therefore stands. I can’t see what I have to complain about – even if they handed the money out one day after the Community Shield game they should still, in my view, have told us all about it within a week or two.

  20. I think whatever has problems making the difference between FWA and FA.

  21. Journalists are all of a sudden ok according to the website? Quelle surprise .

    I hope you give all your support to the new manager even when times are tough. I doubt some on here will however. I do hope I’m wrong.

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