Leicester v Arsenal: the teams and the last time Arsenal’s away form was this bad

by Bulldog Drummond

The big stat doing the rounds for this game is that Arsenal are the only side without an away point in English league football in 2018, having lost all six of their matches.

Well, I think we knew that.   But what you might not have seen (although it has turned up in one or two places) is that the last time we lost seven in a row was in January 1966.  And that season, like this, saw the end of a manager.  Mr Billy Wright left Arsenal at the end of the season, having taken us to 14th in the league.  He was replaced by Bertie Mee whose season endings gave us 7th, 9th, 4th, 12th, 1st.

Bertie Mee is of course quite rightly remembered for winning the Inter Cities Fairs Cup, and then the cup and league double.  But since those days (when even the two League Cup finals were considered a step forward) things have changed and all that matters to some is winning the League.   Bertie Mee did indeed deliver that in his fifth season.

But after that his finishes were 5th, 2nd, 10th, 16th, 17th – the last two flirting with relegation.  So in fact in ten seasons, he managed to exceed Arsenal’s position of sixth this season just four times.

Of course Billy Wright was even worse, so here the run of away defeats under the ex-England captain…

Date Game Res Score Competition
16 Oct 1965 Blackpool v Arsenal L 5-3 Division One
30 Oct 1965 Leicester City v Arsenal L 3-1 Division One
13 Nov 1965 Leeds United v Arsenal L 2-0 Division One
11 Dec 1965 Liverpool v Arsenal L 4-2 Division One
27 Dec 1965 Sheffield Wednesday v Arsenal L 4-0 Division One
01 Jan 1966 Fulham v Arsenal L 1-0 Division One
15 Jan 1966 Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal L 2-1 Division One
22 Jan 1966 Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal L 3-0 FA Cup

As for today’s match, last I heard, Leicester are still waiting to hear if Marc Albrighton will face any sort of punishment for his reaction to being sent off at Crystal Palace.  He missed Saturday’s defeat to West Ham and could have his punishment extended.

The latest from the apparently “under pressure” Leicester manager Claude Puel is that, “We need perspective because we will finish in the middle of the table. A lot of teams would like to finish in our position.”  (Well yes, Bertie Mee’s and Billy Wright’s teams on quite a few occasions.)

“We need stability for the future for next season and the seasons beyond. If we finish mid-table it is not bad because it has been a tough season.   We had difficulties in the beginning and now at the end we have difficulties to manage.”

Ah yes, perspective.  Now there is something you don’t find very often in the Premier League.

Elsewhere Cohen Bramall has thanked Birmingham City after he returned to Arsenal following his loan.   He only made eight appearances during his season-long loan from Arsenal and didn’t get a single outing under Garry Monk.

Along with Carl Jenkinson, Chelsea’s Jeremie Boga and Southampton’s Sam Gallagher, Cohen Bramall paid the price as Monk decided to use the club’s own players in their fight against relegation rather than any of the loan players.

But despite this Cohen Bramall was very measured in his comments and said that his time at St Andrew’s has strengthened a career in the professional game which only began 18 months ago.   He tweeted: “Thank you @BCFC for giving me the chance to experience Championship football.  Although I didn’t get on the pitch as much as I wanted to, I’ve learnt so much from the club, my teammates and the staff.  Thank you to all the fans for supporting me. I wish BCFC all the best.”

Now that, in my book, is style.  Some journalists could take note.

Meanwhile we had the Under 23 International Cup Final at Stadium Wenger, and unfortunately lost.  But it was noticeable that Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock and Eddie Nketiah were not in the team, suggesting that they could be at the least on the beach tonight.

But I expect a mainstream attack, given that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has scored eight goals and got four assists in 11 Premier League appearances so far.  Two more goals for the magic “double figures”.   Alexandre Lacazette has already passed that milestone and indeed has scored eight goals in his last nine games in all competitions.

So the prime question over the team is will Nelson, Willock or Eddie start?  Those guys will be wondering what the future holds in store for them with Mr Wenger going.  Let’s hope the board bring in a manager who understands that nurturing young talent is something particularly appreciated by many members of the Arsenal support.

Here’s a possible starting XI


Bellerin, Mustafi, Mavropanos or Chambers, Monreal or Kolasinac;

Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Ramsey or Wilshere;

Mkhitaryan or Iwobi, Lacazette, Aubameyang

Now I would whittle this down personally to


Bellerin, Mustafi, Mavropanos, Monreal

Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Ramsey

Mkhitaryan, Lacazette, Aubameyang

which gives us a beach of Kolasinac, Wilshere, Iwobi, plus the three youngsters Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock and Eddie Nketiah, plus Ooooooospina as the reserve keeper.

We shall see.   It will soon be time to get up and go.

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60 Replies to “Leicester v Arsenal: the teams and the last time Arsenal’s away form was this bad”

  1. Let’s finish this season on a high note. Arsene deserves that, especially against two remaining teams:

    -Leicester, a team that won the league thanks to blatant referees’ help in 2015-16 at the expense of Arsenal; let’s not forget that throughout whole season only one penalty was given at the Emirates in 2015-16 – for Leicester,

    -Huddersfield, a club of Herbert Chapman, at stadium on which Arsene’s glorious Arsenal career will get its final chapter after which Arsene will join Chapman in the Arsenal Hall of legendary managers.

  2. It’s not too shabby a season for Leicester and barring their wonder season – perspective is key. I would be cheesed off if it was us, but we have very different standards.

    Really hoping to get another look at some of our young bucks, but you can understand if the team selection is similar to that of Burnley.

    I do hope the new coach/ manager gives these bucks a chance because if MN is anything to measure against then we are in good shape for the future.

    I like most of the mentions for coach/ manager, but the Monaco chap is the one that works well with younger players.

  3. Confirmed Line-Up


    Cech, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Mavropanos, Kolasinac, Iwobi, Xhaka, Ramsey, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang, Welbeck

    Subs: Mertesacker, Ospina, Mustafi, Nelson, Nketiah, Osei-Tutu, Willock

  4. Dosen-Tutu was one of the few bright sparks in our disappointing U23 match against Porto last night. Difficult to see him getting more than a few minutes unless injury strikes. He’s a strong full back normally playing on the right side of the pitch and has made great strides this last season so a call up to the match day squad is a nice reward

    Ainsle who starts and , Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah and Joe Willock were sorely missed last night so I hope they get some game time tonight if the scoreline permits

  5. I’ve seen Le Boos start and bench which I missed by his not having Mustafi, Monreal and Lacazette to start whom I’ve started all. But nonetheless, his starts look very strong to beat Leicester soundly tonight. And I think the Gunners will tame the Foxes and caged them for the spoils taking this night at the King Power Stadium.

  6. We recently had nearly an entire game playing an opposition one short. Now we get to show if we learned anything in that. Was the red justified?


  7. That was a red? Walter, is it really a Red cause it was not even Mavropanos intention??

  8. Gord he was the last man, but he had n intention of fouling, he was passing the ball, the leciester player closed him down, the ball rebounded off towards the goal. Due to how close the striker was, he hit Mavropanos while Mavropanos was fallling and tripped.
    I think it was really harsh

  9. Not sure about being harsh, it looked like the last replay showed Mav holding onto the others players shorts…

  10. To be a red card, it would have to be denying a goal scoring opportunity. When Mavropanos start to pull his short (which was a stupid thing to do), Iheanacho was already on his way to ground. Furthermore he had pushed the ball way too far ahead, and Holding would have certainly been first on the ball. So no never a red card

    You could even argue that it was initially a foul from Iheanacho, who after his interception ran into Mavropanos and caused his fall (and its own)

  11. If they get a chance and we give them a chance the refs will always take it

  12. As i know the attacker shoud be facing the goal, and in control with the ball for it to be a red. Now i dont know if this is right, but he wasnt in control.
    I dont know i will leave it to Walter.
    I just hope we get such calls when its to our advantage next season.

  13. Ref wants promotion, foul not given to us, Vardy goes down slightest touch, free kick. How do our players cope with some of this shit

  14. Would only be a red card for an Arsenal player! No way was that a clear goal scoring opportunity so no red card.

  15. Maguire throw himself with both feet, his tackle is nowhere near the ball, he hit the ball with his hand, and that is not even a foul.


  16. Stats to half time

    Cumulative %Arsenal possession
    _5 54
    10 61
    15 53 – Sent off at 15+
    20 49
    25 43
    30 38
    35 42
    40 43
    45 44
    45+4 46
    Shots on target 6:3
    _off target 5:0
    Corners 5:4
    Offsides 1:1
    Fouls 2:6
    Red 0:1
    Goal kicks 2:8
    Treatments 2:0


  17. Oh he’s had a good start, he plays for Arsenal, red!

    Not last man, of you check the line and there is cover.

    But he wanted not impress given he had no precedent!

    That’s what it’s like, trust me I know!

    Yes we had to rotate, but seriously against Leicester? We are all out of sync on rotation.

    Yeah win at Burnley when missing Europa makes more sense! Send off my ass!

    You play the first team and cover Mavrapanos, you keep the partnership. You keep Bellerin and Sead Andy swap out full backs, we don’t have any subs.

    Ozil, he’s been sick all season!

    Nelson right, Mikhi at 10 and Iwobi left.

    Aubameyang to start.

    whatever, Come on Burnley, let’s see Arsene has either lost it, or something’s I should afoot!

    Niles in behind Xhaka and Ramsey of in behind Jack and Ramsey. But I’d protect him Andy Danny, what I feel Danny gets injured before World Cup?

    Still like it Kostas, unlucky, next time speed up, welcome to Prems!

    With ten, they have to do what they haven’t done all season Andy don’t!

    It’s not about coaching, too many agendas! Too much negative press! Not nearly enough investment!


    Let’s see if nothing’s comes of it, well I am proved rights and wrong on so much!

    Barcelona, putting!

    That second goal!

  18. Not saying whether it definitely was or wasn’t a red card, but we’ve all come to expect that every 50/50 decision will go the others teams way, that’s just how it has always been with Arsenal. We may get the odd one in our favour, but absolutely the vast majority of them go against us.

  19. And Steve is spot on, it’s avout perfecting our own game to combat the agenda!

    It’s bathe players

    You think Arsene says lake mistakes of pre school level?

    We have succumbed to a record number of individual errors, probably inaccurate calls as well!

    I’m getting used to this, not sure I like that fact, but it’s true.

    I just lowered my expectations as if I was entering into a British standard marriage!

  20. I do not usually criticize the refs too much but this bloke seems determined to not give us any fouls whatsoever but penelize us to the maximum as soon as a Leicester player is touched. How Maguires terrible tackle on Ramsey wasn’t given as a foul is disgraceful. reminicsent of Riley at Old Trafford all those years ago. There was another not given a couple of minutes later. I wonder will the new manager have to put up with this shit reffing or is it just reserved for Wenger.

  21. I guess we will find out next year. Strange how Leicester seem hyped when they know they will get away with stuff. No comparison with their last two games. Maybe some good Spanish coffee

  22. I would say this behavior from the officials and the “league” is against Arsenal, and is northism. That Wenger was French, just worked into the xenophobia part of northism. What they want, is to do it enough that Arsenal get serially relegated to non-league.

  23. If it were the other way round we all know it wouldn’t have been a red and all of the commentators would be saying that the other defender could/would have got back to provide cover.

    Arseblog calling the refereeing a joke on their live stream. Not sure how much the ref could see as he was so far ahead of the incident. I think he guessed.

    Man will learn from this and won’t make that mistake again.

  24. At some point, Scott has to send off a Leicester player, probably late in the game. Just to make it appear that the game was close. I will guess that he’ll start this at about 85 minutes.


  25. So surprising Simpson makes 2 nasty fouls in 2 minutes. Only one called, and no yellow at all…

  26. And Kolasinac get a yellow for Mahrez throwing himself into him. Standard again

  27. It’s true the ref is a cheating cunt!!! How he can give a pen for a dive by grey is shocking!

  28. Do I really need to comment. One again a penalty on such an obvious dive

  29. That was never a pen… very harsh!!! Leicester can’t resist the dive.

  30. Hmm, how is Scott going to even things up, now that Simpson has been subbed?


  31. Final stats

    Cumulative %Arsenal possession
    _5 54
    10 61
    15 53 – Sent off at 15+
    20 49
    25 43
    30 38
    35 42
    40 43
    45 44
    45+4 46
    50 48
    55 48
    60 48
    65 48
    70 46
    75 45
    80 46
    85 47
    90 47
    90+6 48
    Shots on target 6:3 10:7
    _off target _ _ 5:0 _7:5
    Corners _ _ _ _ 5:4 _6:6
    Offsides _ _ _ _1:1 _5:1
    Fouls _ _ _ _ _ 2:6 _7:11
    Yellow _ _ _ _ _0:0 _2:2
    Red _ _ _ _ _ _ 0:1 _0:1
    Goal kicks _ _ _2:8 _5:11
    Treatments _ _ _2:0 _3:2

  32. This match perfectly explains our away record this season. So much easier for the Mike Riley mafia to get away with the biased referring when Arsenal is playing away. And when a referee has already chose before the game which team should won, you can’t expect miracles…

  33. Sorry Dwain for some reason your comments got stuck in moderation

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