Ramsey, Wilshere and Lacazette to leave in huge Arsenal shake up?

An Untold History in the Making


Historians on occasion report all-art war on the battlefield or through the missiles being dropped as being preceded by a phoney war in which each side launches its vast array of propaganda and bluster, but no one gets killed.  The name became a particularly common expression for the period at the start of the second World War during which there was just one military land operation on the Western Front, when French troops invaded Germany’s Saar district.  And that operation was very limited.

Now we seem to have an even more phoney war going on, in which all sorts of actions are talked about in relation to next season, but nothing much has happened.

True, Tottenham have signed up their manager for another five years, which will either be a triumph as he leads them to their third league title in around 120 years, or a disaster as they have to get rid of him and find there are still two years left on his contract and he won’t go without a pay-off which their notoriously tight fisted manager won’t give him.  (Adebayor anyone?)

But otherwise it is all bluster and counter-bluster, along with a few bits of posturing that takes one by surprise.  Take for example the story from the world renowned Witney Gazette which tells us that third tier Oxford United’s headway in the transfer market has been held up by the appointment of Unai Emery at Arsenal.

Not something you might think about immediately this morning as an Arsenal supporter or hard core member of the AAA but it is said that Karl Robinson, the manager of the aforementioned Ox Utd had contacted Arsenal about taking a young player on loan next season.   But they say Mr Emery has stopped any deals going ahead until he has had the chance to look closely at his squad.

Meanwhile I find the criticism of Arsenal for “copping out” by taking Emery as manager as opposed to someone untried like Vieira (untried beyond one club), Henry or Arteta, and by not going for the so called top men like Ancelotti, Allegri or Luis Enrique, quite ludicrous.   Arsenal always do things their own way; sometimes it comes off, sometimes not, but it is always the Arsenal way.

Besides how would any of the big names have worked in a club that was keen not to lose its carefully constructed setup of negotiators and experts who do the deals, write the contracts, find players even more obscure and unknown than the ones Mr Wenger could find, get players fitter than they have ever been etc.   Men like Raúl Sanllehí, Sven Mislintat, Huss Fahmy and Ivan Gazidis are there for a purpose: the creation of a bespoke support system around the manager.

Mind you, according to the self-styled French Football Expert Julien Laurens, 57 men applied for the post of Arsenal’s manager.  If that is so things have changed from the time when Herbert Chapman died, as George Allison (Arsenal’s next manager but one after that desperately sad event) revealed in his autobiography.  He says that he could hardly move in his office at Highbury because of the letters of application.   The club quickly appointed Joe Shaw, who then won the title but stepped down to return to being the reserve team manager, and Allison himself got the job.  But the club did reply to everyone who wrote in.  A sign of standards being maintained.

Back to today and the Cannon are also going a bit left field with a headline to the effect that Arsenal sign “Bayern Munich 27-year-old with another 2 expected from Germany.”   The subheading although valid enough probably disappointed some readers: “Arsenal Women have announced their first signing of the summer with the arrival of Viktoria Schnaderbeck from Bayern Munich the first of a number of recruits expected from Germany.”  We’ll continue our review of the women’s season in our next article.

Of course not everyone is serving up news all the time.  It seems that one cannot now get on the Pain in the Arsenal site without actually agreeing to the statement that “By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can  transfer your personal data to the United States or other countries, and process your personal data to serve you with personalized ads, subject to your choices as described above and in our privacy policy.”  At least one doesn’t have to agree to starting a nuclear war with North Korea.

In Sports Review we are told that Martin Keown has giving his backing to Emery, but he doesn’t say if he will stop his constant vile attacks on Ozil.  We have to wait on that one.   But Read Arsenal know exactly how the first transfer will be: Paris Saint Germain midfielder Adrian Rabiot.  We shall see.

But of course the problem with all the snippets and bits and pieces is that they don’t really relate to a whole team although one or two writers are now starting to give us just that: they give us a team, which goes like this:

Cech is past it and Ospina will leave so Newman is needed (that is a new man, not a player called Newman).

The full backs are fine, they say, and at centre back we have Calum Chambers, Rob Holding and Konstantinos Mavrapanos, but Skhodran Mustafi will go and a new experienced player will replace him.

There needs to be a new defensive midfielder, they add, and in common with virtually everyone else, they take no notice of the constantly improving Elneny who has just been given the number 4 shirt.  But as they admit their approach doesn’t really find a place for Ramsey and Wilshere.  Selling both of them doesn’t really seem a clever option to me, nor does letting Ramsey’s contract run down.

They suggest that Lacazette will go, and that “Lucas Perez is a possible wildcard” but I can’t see that either.  Just because the manager has in the past played one particular formation, the chance of having Aubameyang on the wing and Lacazette in the centre, with Auba as the perfect backup if Laca ever gets injured is surely too good to throw away.

Their commentary that “Arsenal didn’t shell out a club record fee on the Gabon international in January to play him on the wing” doesn’t work for me.   Nominally on the wing he still scores.  10 goals in 12 league games is one hell of a record.   Why tinker with the system that brought that?

Ozil, Laca, Auba and Mkhitaryan together not only make a formidable attacking approach, but as I have just suggested, they can be shipped around so that they can cover for each other when unavailable.   If players have to be released I would suggest it makes more sense to let Iwobi and Welbeck go, but Iwobi is still very young and still improving and… let us not forget the new manager’s great achievements in the Europa League.   When those games beyond the league round, start to happen next year, we are back to the two games a week scenario.  Being able to shift the team around at that stage is key.

Having those three young defenders available, having all the front players noted above, and keeping Wilshere and Ramsey, means we have total cover for injury, and cover for those long trips back from unheard of places in the early hours of Friday morning, and a PL game on the Sunday.

But then, I always disagree with everyone else.

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  1. It would indeed be silly to let any of these players go.

    Ramsey has been stated to be, with Aubameyang, the foundation upon which the team will be built and is a likely candidate for new captain of the team.

    There is no possible reason why you would sell such key (and close to World Class) asset as Lacazette who had a good first season and showed he can play with Aubameyang as well.

    We wouldn’t get a quid for Wilshere as his contract runs out so he could be more exposed to be let go and replaced but given the low transfer budget and the much more pressing needs to reinforce our back 5 so even here, there is little chance to see Jack go.
    Especially since he apparently has now agreed the new terms of the contract offered by the club (that “Head Coach” Emery has no power to veto under the new regime’s structure anyway)

  2. Lets make up a potential team, personally i hope we switch to a 4-1-3-2 formation and play Auba and Laca next to each other. Ozil, Ramsey, Leon Bailey/Malcolm as the 3 behind them. Seri holding and protecting the defence. A Greek duo solidifying CB positions with Mav and Dortmunds Sokratis. Bellerin and Monreal are ok, but both need quality back ups if Kolasinac isn’t up to snuff. New keeper – definitly – Leno or I’d get Szczesney back in a heartbeat.

    Wilshere and youngsters stepping up to add some depth for rotation. If we can swap Rabiot in with Draxler we could be contenders for trophies on all fronts.

    Sell Welbeck, Iwobi, Elneny, Xhaka, Mustafi, Cech.

  3. Pretty good round up particularly as none of us know what is actually going on.
    Personally I would ship Ramsey out if they get a decent offer. He is approaching 30 and those injuries are going to catch up

  4. So Untold are no longer supporting the manager now everyone likes him.

  5. ‘Arsenal always do things their own way; sometimes it comes off, sometimes not, but it is always the Arsenal way.’

    This is a very passive attitude. Fans and pundits have every right to voice their disapproval if they disagree with an appointment.

    Also, regarding Keown’s ‘constant vile attacks on Ozil’, they were justified and certainly not ‘vile’.
    Ozil is on over £300 grand a week. Shouldn’t we expect more from him?

  6. I think a fair part of Poch being offered/signing a new contract is so that if a big club comes in for him, they’ll have to pay a lot to Levy to make it happen.
    A wise business decision and probably a wise sports decision.

  7. Mike,
    Ramsey is 27, so worth holding onto for a few more years if possible.

  8. We’ve now got a very mobile front line where there’s a lot of in-game flexibility.
    IIRC A few years back we played (I think) Hamburg in a qualifier for the CL and one of the best things about that game (apart from winning it) was to watch the front three swapping places throughout the game. The opposition defenders looked completely lost on occasions where they didn’t know who to follow and who to leave.
    We’ve had that option at other times and produced some amazing football because of it, but with Giroud (for all his skills/height etc) couldn’t play like that.
    I cannot imagine the new boss would reduce that option by selling Laca.

  9. I agree with most of what Dom says. And the article in general.

    I think keeping Jack is sensible, especially as we get a valuable player who is committed to the club and knows it well. Obviously he needs to give himself the decent basis to win a bigger extension over next few years as his contract situation favours a move away, something that suits neither he nor the club.

    Ramsey was just voted player of the season and j think he similarly will want to impress and ensure he he gets starts.

    I think a 4-1-3-2 is probably our best option going forward. But for stability I think 4-2-3-1 could remain our staple.

    In the former formation I have little doubt of the success of either Auba nor Laca. It gives yo Mikhi flanking Ozil and something off likely Ramsey to cover the DM, whether Mo or another.

    It’s very forward thinking.

    But as I see it you probably go narrow so you rotate the CF and switch formation to the two up top to win games.

    The tactical option is probably more efficient for a season course and to effect games, and also catch people off guard.

    But a three man midfield incorporates what I relish in midfield control and stability.

    If you look at the Invincible midfield it’s quite flexible and has a bias.

    Pires narrow, Cole overlaps Freddie gives width and pace with both Dennis and Henry linking the midfield. Personally still my preferred 4-4-1-1

    Which is what I’d do with the 11. Ozil in his 06 world cup position and responsible for cover and feeding CF. Lacazette in a support striker role and Aubameyang given license to look for weaknesses.

    Mikhi right with Ramsey and Mo.

    For me we need a CB and LB. Niles can add cover for RB/LB and DM.

    If we opt for the 4-2-3-1 I think it has to incorporate a dedicated defensive midfielder. Allowing Xhaka freedom or Mo the same. If I were to play the rest, if be tempted to use Aaron, Jack and Ozil with Piere.

    A lot of stability and Mikhi available.

    I think with what we have, the system is best adapted to suit a 4-3-3 similarly with what City have been so effective.

    Fernandiho plays linchpin and when for Funds can supports with De Bruyne given freedom to exploit space and find Sane, Sterling and Aguerro, SAS Persian style.

    When they opted for more craft in attack swapping Ikay for Silva they were quickly over ran.

    Effectively this is something of a Mikhi, Pierre, Alexandrei front three with Ramsey or Jack with Ozil and Mo, being the closest thing we have to a senior DM with Niles excluded by age if not experience.

    I think when you deploy in this way you provide the best balance and utilise the most talent. Giving you Jack and Granit off the bench and promoting Eddie.

    With Nelson, Iwobi Willock all given the responsibility of affecting games.

    If you were asking me personally. I’d tell you Ozil was the player who most affected the format.

    He demands really a 10 role and even in a 4-1-3-2 which I honestly thing the best format even if I don’t want shot of Iwobi.

    I think he keeps Lacazette out o the team and allows the best use of talent and strengthens the bench.

    Aubameyang 9
    Ozil 10
    Xhaka 7
    Ramsey 8
    Wilshere 6
    Mo 4

    Back four and GK

    Which still leaves much for debate for me the only starter is Hector although I think Callum could have made a lot of a hard season close. He needs t9 develop well over the break and be ready for pre season.

    Similarly Kostas and Holding look a little behind him and could benefit from another year in EPL2 partnering each other.

    Even with Mustarfi we are really light in terms of depth and a CB seems a must with Kos sidelined until winter registration.

    A potential remedy I see would be to move Mo to ball playing CB, which would in still me with no end of confidence, I’d be inclined to add a partner with Callum as cover and either Holding or Kostas partnering in early EL group games and ELC openers.

    I think this gives us two fast tracking CB,s gaining experience in EL at a point when the league has to be our main focus.

    I have little doubt in their ability to qualify from any group.

    This would facilitate the need for a DM, Seri linked increasingly heavily. Niles would retain his spot as cover at DM on both Thursdays and at weekends, almost certainly guaranteeing him action on one day or the other Nd likely the start in EL.

    Which starts to hash out two squads nicely with great balance.

    With EL bringing us

    Lacazette 9
    Wilshere 10
    Iwobi 7
    Nelson 11
    Willock 8
    Niles 6


    If all goes well

    RB Chambers
    CB Holding
    CB Mavrapanos
    LB Kolasinac

    GK Macey???

    The best parts of this reserve squad is what it says about the 11

    With what remains you find you have no LB sorry but if we are talking minimal expenditure, Monreal has to be sold now and Cech. Mustarfi not necessarily, but it rather depends on how cheaply you can do deals elsewhere.

    With Juventus hiding several RB’s and Damian looking set to move in, a full back I think is better than he’s shown at Utd. A free transfer could be a good fix, provided it goes better than that Debiuchy fellow.

    That would leave left back and if Cohen could come through that would solve LB nicely.

    That gives us a clue regarding Mustarfi and a GK. With both Ospina and Cech looking at the last year on contracts, Ospina’s sale should take precedents but will probably be dealt with after the finals, with the parent club and suitors both keen to see how their man fairs between the sticks. Columbia are stronger than people remember.

    I do think a lot of what happens with Cech will rely on his offers elsewhere. He will want a move that suits his family and a number of people are keen to habitually reside with the British isles at present. With many non EU players setting their sights on the EPL.

    I think profit maximization is probably key to any incoming transfers and with 3 GK no longer under 21’s but featuring on the books. One will be promote to number 2 and a third in reserve. I suspect Illev maybe preferred to Martinez.

    If Cech and Ospina can command a respectable £10m and £10m – £15m coming from Perez we could be on to something.

    Asano has signed again in the Buxesliga on loan with Hannover so he’s not on his way back and Akpom is likely to stay another year abroad after settling down.

    Leaving Danny and Jenkinson, with one potential last chance, although Everton could well fancy a cheap right back and certainly need goals, I tip them as an ideal move.
    Again getting £15m would be worthwhile but even £20-25 million wouldn’t be excessive.

    I think if you can recoup just 66% of Mustarfi’s reports £30m plus fee, you have to say you could buy someone else to repeatedly slip of switch off at key times for a fraction of the income generated.

    If you increase the £50m transfer kitty by a reported 40% to around 70 and recoup even a conservative £50m that could well provide the basis for the overhauls necessary.

    Meyer for free would be ideal, no sound on that, but Sven did a personal on that and surely tracked him for Dortmund.

    Fingers crossed.

    That deal means you could focus in the sole area of contention and weakness of you look in that GA column.

    A CB has to be a priority area only second to DM. If you are spending a reported £60m here on ‘the’ Turkish boy. And again on tje Ivorian. You’ve already spent £70m and haven’t a GK or LB. But a free right back would help.

    If you sell Monreal and get £7m which he easily commands to the right suitors, I think Diallo could well be a resolution as I have mentioned innumerable times and if not Butland for whichever reason, then surely Leno, although Allison and Cillessen would be welcome certainly the latter.

    Dembele is being linked and tbh I’ll drive any forward we have to the airport of its a swap deal, if certainly give them Lacazette, it’d give us Aubameyang with Ozil behind Mikhi left and Dembele right.

    Start laughing now of that one came in.

    For me the same names are preferred:


    And another CB and DM so Seri and ‘the’Turkish boy suit well.

    I can’t imagine why you’d loan Dembele but, with us in EL we could be ideal.

    Let’s hope we can get Meyer signed off and a DM in, I think more than anything these two signings show intent and draw.

    I think a CB can be done and 1- 3 GK sounded out and their clubs and then we can begin to release players to talk to other clubs.

    On the appointment, it’s conservative, but maybe pragmatic. Get someone with a good track recorded, a man recently endorsed for his work at Sevilla and PSG let alone earlier successes.

    A known name with a good record who has worked with a tight budget and with modest ability and more egotistical stars.

    It’s kind of so not left field it is, more by coincidence than design, however with PSG almost certain to let their man go, funny his name was one omitted.

    Wenger would have known though, he probably knows how many balls are in the top 6 training equipment lockers.

    I think Koscielny being out and abysmal defensive performances away, may see a little more revenue released to overhaul the problem areas, of which their are genuinely many.

    Arguably something clever about reinforcing the front line and not the back. He already gave firepower. A freebie would subsidise that and add competition. An extra pace attacker could be found for depth.

    But we aren’t winning anything without 2 left backs, one with pace if not strength. And at least one CB to partner Mustarfi if you suppose.

    No6 getting a GK or DM could prove fatal.

    Order of priority,

    CB NO INTERNAL partnership solution
    DM No recognised DM
    GK none at top 4 level and Karius is in that four even if Courtois would complete it really. He still finished above us.

    Solutions internal at DM Niles but allows no back up player.
    Solutions at CB Elneny and Chambers/Mavrapanos, Holding gets overawed sometimes.
    LB Cohen RB Jenkison but I think Diallo makes a load of sense with Niles and Callum able to cover RB and Bench.

    I’d buy twice at CB and at LB and sell Mustarfi to cover it mostly and sell two GK to subsidise a no:1

  10. Not supporting the manager ? Where did that idea come from ? We on this site have always backed the man in charge. Although in truth , there was only the one manager from when this site started. Till now , of course.

    Well , I for one am willing to patient enough , and supportive enough to let Unai get his ideas off and running ,and will not be critising him as , obviously , he has more management knowledge that me !

    What should we call ‘them’ who are against him ? And that too without our team playing a match .

  11. Supposedly the CL final is soon. I am hoping for a Real Madrid blow out, with a goal to Salah of Liverpool!!!! Something like 9-1 Real Madrid would be fine by me.


    In the news, is that Mark Hughes has a 3 year deal with Southampton. Which probably means he is unlikely to be sacked before Christmas.

    Managers should sign with follow on clauses. If they sign an N year contract, and are sacked for the term ends, the follow-on comes into effect. If the team sacks the replacement before the “first” manager’s contract would have ended, he gets his financial helping doubled. If a third manager is sacked before the first manager’s term would have ended, the first manager gets another helping.

    Maybe that would stop this stupid hiring and firing crap?


    Come on Real Madrid!

  12. Emery will have input on the squad , so until he has met with them ( june ) I believe , I doubt anything concrete will happen before that.

  13. Looking forward to the CL final and I’ll be backing Liverpool.

    Where do Untold’s allegiances lie?

  14. Prefiero que el Real gane Alexander. I have little love for Liverpool’s supporter base . I have had a few dodgy experiences going to and from Anfield over the years.

  15. Liverpool have brought a lot of joy to the neutrals who are not so bitter and let us hope the new man can get us back to being a team all fans enjoy. Real will probably win and if they win well then that will still be a great season for Liverpool. Hard to hate any team nowadays as most are just brands with little club identity. One cannot argue that Klopp as not got his fans rocking. Lets hope Emery does it for the Emirates.

  16. I don’t really care about the CL.
    I hope it’s a good game and I’ll probably lean towards RM, but not because I like them.
    It’s more a case of I dislike them least of the 2.
    They both have a large base of entitled fans (so do we, but a fair % less) but RM have actually won stuff on the last 10 years, so they’ve a bit more of a right to feel superior.

  17. If the reports are true, Unai already has ideas on how to improve individual players – something he’s has a very good record of from previous clubs. Unai has to be able to coach them on an individual basis to get some smaller improvements but more as a team. With Unai Emery we have a proven winner and someone who has managed to get very good results also with limited budgets.

    Player by player – there is a lot of quality in the team: Cech, although getting older is still a very good, experienced GK. Bellerin (23) – voted the best right full back in the PL 2015-16. Mustafi (26) – a World Cup winner in 2014; Kolasinac (25) – the best left back in the Bundesliga 2016-17; up front – 3 players figuring on lists among the best 100 players in the world: Mkhitaryan (29); Özil (30); and Aubameyang (29). In addition there is Lacazette (27).

    We also have several other quality players Campbell (26); Lucas (30); Ramsey (28); Wilshere (26); Mavropanos (21); Reiss Nelson; Maitland-Niles (21); Chamber (23); Holding (23); Jenkinson (26); Martinez (26); and when returning from injury- Koscielny (33). Ospina (30) is a good back up GK. Monreal (32) – my favourite as Arsenal’s player of the season. Elneny (26) is for me a very good squad player. I also like Jenkins (26) as a backup RB and Reine-Adelaide (20) is still a young talent although he’s been around for some years.

    As we can have no more than 17 non- home grown players over 21, that’s something that that needs to be taken into account. Still, Welbeck hasn’t clicked since coming back from injury. I also believes Iwobi slows down our play by choosing most passes either sideways or backwards. However, one ‘foreign’ player that should leave is Xhaka (26) who makes too many mistakes when not under pressure and should command an acceptable figure.

    I’d like us to buy a solid DM and pay what it takes – someone who doesn’t make mistakes without pressure.

    From the list above – one thing stands out: We have no high quality youngster coming through as a forward/striker. That’s something we haven’t been used to during Wenger. We’ve “always “ had a couple of really good forwards but not now.

  18. T2T, we do have some youngsters with great potential as forwards/strikers but they’re a bit too young to risk at senior level.
    Whilst Akpom hasn’t stepped up (yet?), Nelson, Nwakali, Mavididi and Nketiah all have the potential to do so, but they’re a few years away from doing so.

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