Real Madrid v Arsenal 2-1 at half time

by Tony Attwood

I must admit that I have not seen a legends game before, and so am in the process of watching this one simply because it is free to view on

And 100% applause to for doing this; it really is fun.

Obviously it is not a total commitment, heavy tackling must win game, and there are lots of smiles on the pitch, but it just is wonderful to see Robert Pires once more playing in an Arsenal shirt.  The only player I have a picture of in my house – for all sorts of personal and sentimental reasons – and just to see him in an Arsenal shirt again is something.

But the quality is way above what I expected as I was waiting for the game to start – there are players of all sort of different ages out there (Winterburn is in his 50s now) and yet some of these guys really have kept themselves fit and are willing to do this sort of game for a whole variety of good causes.

And that brings me to the crowd: apparently the Real Madrid stadium is something like three quarters full.  I can only hope the Arsenal Stadium is as packed out to show the most fulsome respect to these guys, and to give money to the causes that are supported.

It is 2-1 at half time to Real Madrid, with our goal being a peach from Boa Morte – one of Mr Wenger’s first signings as I recall.   I can’t give you an exact line up because I didn’t jot it down at the start, not sure how I would react to this game, but on the pitch I have seen

Cygan, Eboue, Anelka, Pires, Winterburn, Upson, Boa Morte, Seaman.   Sorry can’t recall the rest.  David O’Leary is Arsenal manager.

And I know there will be some who look down their noses suggesting that Cygan and Eboue are hardly legends, but then I guess such people simply can’t join in the fun, remember the old days – good and bad – and just have the mind taken back all those years to the old stadium.

And I suppose that is part of what it is about.  Suddenly thinking back to where I sat at Highbury, and my friends with whom I sat – not all still with us so sadly – and all the times we had there.

No half time commentary on – just some of the most dire music that I have ever heard.  Anyway, the second half is about to start.  Sorry about mistakes in this little note – no chance to correct it for the moment.

The return match is on Saturday 8 September.


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  1. Ah so sorry you couldn’t get it Paul. My family on my mother’s side is from Guernsey (sadly not from there enough to bequeath me a right of residence) so I know where you are.

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