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  1. GoingGoingGooner

    As a Canadian, I am disappointed that we have linked ourselves to the FIFA cartel of criminals. I just can’t wait to invest millions of tax payers money so that a criminal enterprise can set up shop and skim all the profits while the country’s football programs are underfunded (not to mention our social programs) . Thank goodness we shall probably only host a half dozen matches.

    • Tony Attwood

      Absolutely with you Going – you can imagine how I felt when we blew millions upon millions of pounds that could have been spent on grass roots football bidding for the world cup and got two votes – our own and Australia.

  2. Leeroysgooners

    Leno’s contract runs until 2020

  3. Andrew Crawshaw

    Confirmed 2020 according to CIES. They give him a74% rating, higher than either Cech or Odpina but not record breaking.

  4. colario

    The possible new post for Arsene Wenger.

    Manager of a league club.

    An international team.

    A behind the scenes post.

    My opinion is a national team seems the most likely. However a French league could I think be very tempting for him.

    If a French club then I hope for personal reasons it would be Stade Rennes or F C Laval. It is unlikely it would be either West France club because Arsene’s home is Eastern France.

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