The size of Brazil, Bellerin’s diet, and provoking the general public.

By Tony Attwood

It is said that Article 54 of the Fifa disciplinary code outlaws the “provoking the general public”, an offence that carries a two-match ban.

Clearly Fifa have not been following their own disciplinary code since I can think of a whole range of events and incidents of Fifa, not to mention the institutions themselves which have been engaged in provoking the general public.

While Fifa is considering the issue of what are known as controversial flags appearing on boots, and hand gestures following goals for Switzerland, we might also consider the provocation of the general public that the wide range of corruption that is a central part of Fifa, has provided.  Clearly on the basis of the multiple corruption scandals Fifa should suspend itself for two games for each event.

As far as I can work it out, that should have them closed for the next 26 years.

Meanwhile the FA in England caused outrage by spending millions of pounds of taxpayers money in bidding in the selection of this current, and the next world cup.   If ever there was a case of provoking the general public that was it.  A two game suspension for the FA is in order I think.

The provocation incident for Switzerland relates in part to Granit Xhaka, whose family left their homeland after Granit’s father was jailed for campaigning for Kosovan independence.  To persecute a person for campaigning against tyranny is certainly a case of provoking the general public.  Another two game suspension for Fifa I think.

Actually the Telegraph is doing rather well with funny headlines at the moment as with “Russia says team tested ‘two times more’ than England amid doping questions”  A bit like Donald Trump saying that he had brought forward more bills before Congress than any other president in history in his first 100 days, when in fact he had brought forward the least.

Meanwhile following our earlier piece about the dangers of seeing transfers as just individual issues rather than getting the overall picture of the team, Pain in the Arsenal have a headline which announces, “3 Potential replacements for Jack Wilshere.”    Their submissions are Aleksandr Golovin from CSKA Moscow, Ever Banega from Sevilla, and Jean Michael Seri, of whom a lot has been said.

The reality is we have lots of midfielders and just buying more and more isn’t going to help at all.

And meanwhile meanwhile (to differentiate from the meanwhile above) the Mirror has reported that “Former Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has warned Unai Emery that losing Jack Wilshere will be a huge blow, and that he will be held responsible when the decision proves to be an error.”

Doesn’t it depend on the total squad Oli?   Actually I think he knows that and his words were manipulated by a prat.

But the prat can do this for here, as in all cases, the larger picture is not considered.   As things stand and with the transfers that are said to be going through we not only don’t need a replacement for Wilshere, we will quickly start getting into problems with the number of players we have and the number of players who are not home grown.

Meanwhile we have another name popping up in the frame: Mateo Kovacic who according to our old chum RE Ports, “says he wants to leave Real Madrid this summer for regular football, and Arsenal are one of a number of teams interested.”  This is from the Daily Canon.

Oh yes and other fall out over Wilshere’s move is that after five years of waiting Ozil has finally got his wish to have the number 10 shirt.  Or so we are told by the bloggettas who have picked up their story from the Mirror.

Finally I can’t finish today with a mention of Talk Sprout’s Alan Brazil, a man who is clearly very unfamiliar with Sprouts, or come to that any vegetable matter.  Brazil, a man of certain proportions, has criticised the diet of Hector Bellerin.

Hector’s comments were clearly lost on Brazil who looks like a man who eats six burgers during his after dinner snooze.  Hector said,

“I’ve been vegan since the beginning of the season more or less,” he told the Players’ Tribune. “At the beginning I wanted to try it for a couple of weeks to detox my body and stuff, but I just felt so great after it that I’ve been doing it for six months now.

“For me the most important thing is that inflammation in my body after games and the speed that my body recovers compared to before. I’ve always had little problems in my ankles when I played very hard games, they’d get very inflamed and stiff. Now I don’t even have to strap them to play anymore. It doesn’t just make a difference in your body but I strongly believe that with what we’re doing to the earth paying back the earth too.

“Getting rid of all the food I was eating and going to this plant based diet it did take those few days to actually feel better, but when it got to the beginning of the third week I felt so good.

“I was waking up in the mornings and had so much energy whereas before I used to be that person who would snooze the alarm five times before they got out of bed.”

Good one Hector.


9 Replies to “The size of Brazil, Bellerin’s diet, and provoking the general public.”

  1. Lots of bodybuilders, power lifters and Olympic lifters have had an ongoing thing about meat protein being necessary. Many of these people do not consider the flesh of fish to be meat.

    There are some very powerful vegetarians in the world. The plains buffalo would be an example from North America.

    If Bellerin wants to be a vegetarian, there is nothing wrong with that.

    As far as stiff ankles goes, some problem with the balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils? Is there a nutritionist on Untold?

  2. Ooh Go Gord!

    Kroos, pure quality, Reus, happy bout that improvised finish. Phew, looks like my favourites will progress, whilst, Henry and Martinez Belgium, seem to be improving, what’s that Toby, starting…… hmmm….. lets ask some more questions. we have to try and price match it.

  3. Good lad Hector, I was vegetarian for 7 years, and vegan for 3 of those, I am in no doubt that it has had a significant positive impact on my health now.

  4. I suspect Hector now gets out of bed on the alarm because of the Flatulence and hunger…. 😀

  5. I must say that since he became vegan his performances have gone down. In Dutch we have a saying about excellent defenders that they “eat an opponent before the match” and as players are made out of flesh it means that you have to eat meat to be a good defender. So I would suggest that Hector eats a bit of meat on matchday…

  6. Giroud on Jack


    Olivier Giroud feels sad over Jack Wilshere leaving Arsenal.

    “It’s big news and I’m very sad to hear it, because he’s a good friend,” said Giroud.

    “It’s a big loss and I hope he will bounce back as soon as possible at a good club. I wish him the very best because I appreciate him. I hope for him and his family he will bounce back. The new manager makes the decision and he has the responsibility for the team and the player.”

  7. Plains buffalo never eat meat. You never want to tangle with one. Or for that matter moose or elk.

    Maybe the coach just has to slap him once or twice before the game? 🙂 Get him mad.

  8. The only connection to not eating meat and poor performances, would be the need for a dietician, or nutritionist. You have to suppliment, beans Pulses, etc. but Again, no connection with not eating meat and anything realisticly negative.

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