Boreham Wood v Arsenal all the players we’ll see plus videos of recent encounters.

By Bulldog Drummond

Trying to get background and history on this fixture is tough.  For example, visit google and you find “Boreham Wd 0 – 2 Arsenal – Match Report & Highlights – Sky Sports” which takes to a page headlined Results Friday 13th July 2001 which contains nothing of the kind.   Are they trying to mess with me?

Actually that was the result in 2014.  

There is a video of the 2017 game

And 2014


Getty have some images of Boreham Wood v Arsenal, which of course I can’t print here because of copyright reasons, but you might want to have a look at their site.

So who are we going to see play for Arsenal?  22 players I suspect with a total turn around at half time, and maybe even more if some are subbed as well, although that assumes that the new boss will follow the approach of Mr Wenger as we got used to seeing at Boreham Wood, and before that at Barnet (oh that does seem such a long time ago that we would toddle along there for the first game of the new season).

I would be surprised if Ospina is in the squad but otherwise we should see some of the players listed in the last piece. And maybe we will see some loanees back.  Here are the men who were out and about – their loans ending on 31 May this year.

Player Where he was
Bielik, Krystian Walsall
Reine-Adelaide, Jeff Angers SCO
Akpom, Chuba Sint Truiden
Martinez, Emiliano Getafe
Campbell, Joel Real Betis
Jenkinson, Carl Birmingham City
Bola, Marc Bristol Rovers
Sheaf, Ben Stevenage

And indeed this can be a moment to look back at the players we lost during the past year…

Date Player Went to How much What we know
31 Jan 2018 Debuchy, Mathieu Saint-Étienne Free
31 Jan 2018 Giroud, Olivier Chelsea £18m Reported fee
30 Jan 2018 McGuane, Marcus Barcelona Undisclosed
22 Jan 2018 Alexis Sánchez Man Utd Player exchange with Henrikh Mkhitaryan
17 Jan 2018 Walcott, Theo Everton £20m Reported fee
11 Jan 2018 Coquelin, Francis Valencia £12m Reported fee
31 Aug 2017 Oxlade-C, Alex Liverpool £35m Reported fee
30 Aug 2017 Gibbs, Kieran West Brom £7m Reported fee
24 Aug 2017 Toral, Jon Hull City £3m To £4million maximum
22 Aug 2017 Mourgos, Savvas Norwich City Undisclosed
22 Aug 2017 Bennacer, Ismaël Empoli Undisclosed
18 Aug 2017 Gabriel Paulista Valencia Undisclosed
19 Jul 2017 Szczęsny, Wojciech Juventus £10m Reported fee
17 Jul 2017 Crowley, Dan Willem II Undisclosed
13 Jul 2017 Kamara, Glen Dundee Free
08 Jul 2017 Hinds, Kaylen VfL Wolfsburg £2m  Reported fee
07 Jul 2017 Sanogo, Yaya Toulouse Free
06 Jul 2017 O’Connor, Stefan Newcastle U Free
01 Jul 2017 Willock, Chris Benfica Undisclosed

As for the squad tomorrow, the Boreham Wood site says

The Gunners have now confirmed that the likes of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Henrikh Mikhtaryan and Aaron Ramsey, amongst others, are all expected to play, in what will be Emery’s first game in charge.

Which is all to the good.  More info and a look back to earlier summers will follow anon.


3 Replies to “Boreham Wood v Arsenal all the players we’ll see plus videos of recent encounters.”

  1. Let’s just hope there are no over zealous Spurs supporting lumps out to make a name for themselves playing for Boreham Wood

  2. I’ve been vindicated as Unai Emery, the new Arsenal manager has confirmed that Arsenal are open to do one or two more signing this summer. But affter my looking at the currenr Gunners on ground at the club including the 5 that are recently signed this summer, it has downed on me that Arsenal actually need to do a top grade attacking midfielder signing this summer window.. For, the signings of Torreira and Guendouzi are principally for deep lying or DM purpose that includes ENeny who also can play as holding midfielder or as CB. And AMN who is believed can also play as a holding midfielder but was mostly played as left fullback last season. But in the attacking midfield area in the team, it’s only Ramsey and Ozil that are the 2 recognised attacking midfielders in our midfield if Iwobi who is still learning his trade in this department as attacking midfield is included that brings the number to 3. But except if Iwobi will have a defining season campaign for Arsenal next season, reling on him coulb be like relying on a passenger for Arsenal on the field of play. I think this guy who looked fat for Nigeria at the World Cupp should trim down to the body size acceptable to Unai Emery and buckles up to rediscover his football for Arsenal to wakeup from his slumbers. Therefore, I think we are short in this department of our midfield. I’ll not be surprised then to see Unai Emery brings in a top grade attacking midfielder to increase the number to 4 before this summer window closes. And not only that, do we still need a top class striker with 20 League goals per season signing this summer window? My answer to the question is positively YES. The season campaign next season could be long for Arsenal as they compete to win the quadruple. But as we all know very well that Arsenal have used up their £70m transfer kitty approved for them to do their signings this summer.. Consequently, they may have to sell to enable them do more signings this summer. Or alternatively, ask Stan Kroenke, the Arsenal owner to approve a substantial loan for them into their summer transfer kitty to do some more signings who they want to sign to extend their signings this summer to 6 or 7 as Arsenal look to embark on post Monsieur Arsene Wenger the former Arsenal manger rebuilding of the Gunners who finishe 6rh in the table last season.

    Aluta to Arsenal and Victorian to them.

  3. Mmmm Sam, Holding played at right of back three mostly. Mikhi is the fourth AM, but he plays at 10, as does Ozil, one is a direct attacking midfielder or classic 10, in that he looks to run and use individual ability to fashion opportunities for himself or wider attacking forwards or the CF he is supporting.

    Bergkampy played where Mikhi would be mosty of use, do you know where? If not learn. ARSENE

    Optionally, Ozil plays as a Triquesta, or roaming playmaker, prefering the latter, and being of great affect one Mikhi arrived to flank his movements on the right.

    Mikhitaryan can play inverted on the left, his weakest position in the front 3/4. ir on the right, where he is able to create chances, afforded space by an overlapping full back.

    An overlapping full back, playing higher, in a wing back role, will need t be more postionally aware, as he makes up a midfield 4 or 5, where he supliments this with additionally responsiily to get to the byline and be aware of the space in behind. Moses under Conte.

    On which it is reported Conte erred, when he did no such thing, very Italian.

    Why I earmarked Golovin and Meyer, is that their natural best positions lend themselves to a 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-2-2-1. they fit perfectly. Which gives you 2 players occupying a upport striker role, OZil, Mikhi and possibly Lacazette, who can also be deployed as a second CF or playing slightly deeper to link attack and midfield.

    Lacazette’s problem is the league is harder, and he is not playing as a poacher. He has many responsibiities to which he is not tactically or physically acustomed. He also has a slightly lax attitude, Aubameyang addresses this naturally. That pass, was both a positive ibe and support. BSP.

    Stan hasn’t got liquid, meaing he cannot easily allocate funds to different rpojects, because he overextends himself to axqure and then can’t fund diversifaction and evolution. He’s about as good at business as Lod Sugar, unfortunately for us, however the means by which he gained control are questionable at best, this is his crux.

    Additional funds will be provided through the club, by means of the same adequate, sustained and fundementally improved businesss model. ASENE

    We need a left back, we need AM’s we could do with an improvedment in defence, if we do this, we do this.

    Lets see………..

    As far as I am concerned, she wore a blue ribbon, as if Quentin did it over, but he was me.


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