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  1. Colario

    Once again the FA has made English football and themselves the laughing stock of Europe. Will it never end? Brook fields a joke please. I am on route to the dentist last time I went he was nervous!

  2. nicky

    As you plonk yourself down in the chair, reach out, gently grab his goolies and quietly say “We won’t hurt each other, will we.”
    It worked for me!
    (But it doesn’t work if you have a lady dentist!) 😉

  3. Mark Mywurdz

    As these football clubs are multimillion businesses with a small army of accountants, lawyers, executives etc, then I would like to think that at least one person in their organisations knows how to count to 25 while briefly stopping at 17. On the other hand, perhaps you’re right.

  4. Colario

    @ Nicky Sadly it was a man I would prefer a pretty woman I was there to teach him English, which was why he was nervous 🙂

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