Arsenal v PSG: Arsenal lineup confirmed; the game – it’s 5-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the line up for the match, I hope.   Different “outlets” are outletting all sorts of strange stories but I think this is the right one

Starting XI:


Bellerin, Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac;

Guendouzi, Elneny;


Mkhitaryan, Iwobi; Aubameyang


That looks rather good fun.  If it is right, great to seen Guendouzi again, and interesting to have him playing next to Elneny with Ozil in front.

Emery’s English is continuing to improve at one hell of a pace.  He’s confirmed the inclusion of Elneny, Ozil and Iwobi and indeed Guendouzi is playing again.

And oh my goodness there is a man drinking a beer in sight of the pitch. Whatever whatever whatever next??????

Lots of pictures of fans sitting there cooling themselves with fans… and the commentator telling us that there is a “great atmosphere here”.  Nothing from Ron Manager yet however.

And Mesut Ozil has just given the referee his autograph in the tunnel.  Commentator suggesting that this is Arsenal v PSG Academy, as PSG have so many players missing during to the fact they are in the WC.

So Ozil as captain and playing as number 10.

1-0 to Arsenal: Ozil scores from a terrific pass across from Aubameyang.  Terrific stuff after being pressured by PSG in the opening 10 minutes.  Goal on 12 minutes (approx).  Tragically Ron Manager has been given the sack, and the two commentators have been told to spend as much of the commentary as possible talking up how brilliant the competition is.

Brilliant move from Arsenal on 22 minutes breaking PSG apart and ending with a shot from Iwobi; in the end it was pushed wide, but Arsenal showing amazing power and ability on the break.  A minute later there was another break which ended up with the ball in the net but an offside was given.  After that again another Arsenal break…  exciting stuff.

On 36 minutes the co-commentator said about Arsenal “It’s all too easy for them.”   Certainly we have a new system of mixing counter attack with pressure when the opportunity arises.  This is a different style of play.

43 minutes another great Arsenal break which ended up with Mkhitaryan in front of the keeper but he shot on the turn straight at the keeper.  But these break aways are really encouraging.

In the one minute added on another close chance for Arsenal.  Real quality and high tempo.  Very encouraging at half time.

Arsenal have dominated possession (57%) and all the other statistics – including passes, shots on target etc.  Shame the commentator has to keep on reading out the script about how brilliant the organisers and their organisation is.  We have now had it for the third time, and its only half time.  At least they could get another script writer.

Ramsey coming on for the second half we are told and it looks like taking over as captain.  Lacazette and Martinez come on as well.  Elneny and Iwobi off plus of course the keeper change.

59 minutes.  Penalty for PSG and they score.  Kolasinaco foul in the area; he objected but it looked clear enough.  1-1

64 minutes.  Holding, Chambers, Sokratis as the centre back pairing, and others on. Also Smith Rowe, Neketiah, Nelson.

Smith Rowe makes a sensational cross and Lacazette scores from close range.  Brilliant by Smith Rowe and superb by Laca.  2-1 to Arsenal

66 minutes driving run from Ramsey but doesn’t quite get the shot in, but an encouraging movement.

70 mins 3-1 to Arsenal.  It pinged around on the goal line, and Lacazette claims the goal.  Everyone congratulates each other.

75 mins PSG throwing everything at Arsenal to try and get into the game again.  Weah through, Bellerin misjudges it but recovers and clears.

Willock on for Guendouzi and Maitland-Niles for Kolsasinac.   Just been told has Maitland Niles going off but I am sure he hasn’t.   He’s come on.

Irish co-commentator has said that the squad that Arsenal have assembled in recent years is not a particularly talented squad.

85 mins great run and cross from Maitland Niles but it comes to nothing.  PSG look beaten.   Then another break through with Smith Rowe, Arsenal outnumbering goes to Ramsey, Laca and then Nelson but keeper saves.

But then from a long way out Holding heads the ball in from beyond the penalty spot and it is in

Arsenal 4 PSG 1.

It is apparently known as a loopy header.  Great stuff.

And its 5-1.  Eddie scores after a breakaway with a pass to him from Nelson

6 Replies to “Arsenal v PSG: Arsenal lineup confirmed; the game – it’s 5-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. This is such a strange tournament. But, nice to see that Lacazette brought his scoring boots.

  2. According to LiveScore, Bellerin is the only Arsenal player not to be subbed from the starting lineup. PSG have 4 players not subbed, with the game almost over.

  3. Whoever is updating the Wikipedia page, has our second goal being an own goal by Diarra and a goal by Lacazette. New edit removed the own goal.

    And LiveScore ends their covered, saying that Eddie scores deep in stoppage time.

    Here’s hoping that later today, that Munich and Man$ity go to penalties, and that Barcelona win by a big score.

    5-1 is a much better score. How to go Gunners!

  4. Really enjoyed the vertical style and the WIDTH. Also pressing to get the ball back and pressure on the ball all the time. These are encouraging signs. Several players deserve praise for their work rate and skill on the ball but I’d single out the calm, sureness of Sokratis. Moustafi’s flapping his arms and Sokratis just plays the position. Very excited for the season.

  5. Even with a somewhat depleted PSG team, I really enjoyed how much our team is gelling together. Guendozi looks like a very shrew bit of business, quite impressed. Sokratis a stable presence, and goes about it in a calm fashion. Really happy with how well our youngsters are performing, and glad the Unai Emery has carried on Arsene Wenger’s tradition. Very hopeful for this season

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