Does Arsenal Have a Shot?

Could it at least make it to the Champion’s League?

No, would likely be the most appropriate answer. After all, we’re looking at a club that doesn’t have the roster and the continuity of management to compete with teams such as Liverpool or Manchester City. Even Chelsea, though lacking the depth to compete with City and the Reds and having recently changed coach, still looks more solid and got off to a perfect start, moving past Arsenal itself in a close 3-2 match.

What can Arsenal aspire to then? Is it feasible to hope for a Champion’s League seat, despite the competition brought upon by Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and the three previously mentioned top contender?

Undeniably, the team needs a boost, and might be looking at the January transfermarket in order to get one. Premier League has probably become the most competitive football championship in the world, with a great number of solid top teams, such as the ones we have previously mentioned, and with an outsider like Watford, or Leicester if we’re looking at the recent past, performing above anyone’s expectations every year.

While you might enjoy such unpredictability if you’re keen on alternative betting strategies and enjoy the generous, though unlikely, odds when placing a bet, this can prove very frustrating for Arsenal fans, who haven’t seen a solid top contender team for many years now.

Arsene Wenger’s departure may have been seen, by many, as long overdue, yet it won’t be easy to take over, and we’ve already seen conflicting accounts in relation to Unai Emery’s short tenure as Arsenal’s coach.

The truth is, Arsenal is not expected to make it anywhere near the top spot, letting Manchester City and Liverpool battle for the title, with Chelsea hailed by some as the third top contender. Manchester United, and Mourinho more than anyone else, really has a lot of work ahead, trying to reinstate its status quo as one of the world’s best teams. Arsenal is in a somewhat similar situation, trying to recover from years of underachieving, with Tottenham Hotspur joining the party somewhere along the timeline, proving over and over to now officially being one of the best teams in Europe.

If the January transfermarket doesn’t involve a drastic turn of events and balances, it is not particularly likely we will be seeing Arsenal playing the Champion’s League next year.

5 Replies to “Does Arsenal Have a Shot?”

  1. While it is good to look ahead to what the immediate future might hold for Arsenal, it’s very important we should be calmed to see Arsenal make advancing position recovery progress in the table during this first half of this season’s campaign in the PL.

    One thing that’s obvious is, Arsenal will not allow themselves to drop from the top six position at the end of this season. When I say Arsenal will not allow themselves, I mean the club’s hierarchy, the team manager/senior coach – Emery, the Gunners and of course us the Gooners will give it all it’s required to remain in the top 6th.

    And there is the possibility that could even see Arsenal top the table to become Champions of the PL this season but if they keep the 2 matches win run they’ve recently secured running to the very end of the season with a minimal glitch like say, 2 draw games during the run but no any defeat beyond the 2 they’ve had to beat all their 5 big clubs PL Title win rivals to the Title win.

    Look like how is this going to be possible for Arsenal to achieve. Well, I say it’s quite possible because Arsenal have the squad on ground who can successfully do the job for the club despite the odds looking to be against them to achieve such a heculian task. Nonetheless, what it will take the current Arsenal squad which could be resuffled and reinforced with new additions in January is belief. If they Gunners have the beliefs in themselves they can win the PL Title this season and believe their beliefs will come to pass by working very hard in the campaign to actualised it not succumbing to anything contrary to their winning it. Then, come whatever, the PL Title trophy will be ours for lifting this season.

  2. Arsenal is aclub that achieve more thing for the fans if keep working hard with new phylospy of coach.please…. emery get the best form of ozil.

  3. I could tell this was going to be another betting advertisement just from the name of the article alone. You guys have really ramped up these advertisements recently, huh? And no-one ever responds to the questions posted beneath the article, you just brush it underneath the carpet and pretend that you’re not posting completely pointless articles that are actually just an underhanded disguise to advertise gambling. And this coming from the very same people who complained about other blogs having betting advertisements on their websites, it really is quite shameless.

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