Final score and Live Match report Newcastle – Arsenal : 1-2

By Walter Broeckx

No changes in the starting line up so we have Arsenal at the start: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Sokratis, Monreal, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette.
On the beach: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Holding, Elneny, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck.

The ref for this match sends shivers down my spine… Lee Probert…. if ever there was a Dean at his worst-clone this is him….

Not much co-ordinated football from both teams in the opening minutes. Lots of misplaced balls and misinterpreted movements. Newcastle with a first ball near to the goal after a short taken corner but it was a few meters out. Arsenal then give away a corner in the typical play it out from the back style. Luckily it comes to nothing. Finally a goot attack from Arsenal but the cross from Bellerin bounces back against his body for a goal kick. 0-0 after 15 minutes.

A shot-cross from Guendouzi sails half a meter over the crossbar a bit later. Arsenal a bit more attacking now but then Mustafi slips but Sokratis can make up for it and save for a corner. Cech has to make a good clearance on a headed cross and punches the ball away that is then cleared. Özil sends Aubameyang away but a defender with a last ditch tackle can clear the danger for Newcastle. Lacazette on the end of a lose ball in the Newcastle penalty area but his shot hits the side net. The angle was difficult. Aubameayng twice can’t find a teammate with a cross. So still 0-0 after 30 minutes.

Newcastle again with a few corners but no real danger. Lacazette at the other end with a nice touch to Ramsey but he slips when he wants to cross to Aubameyang at the far post and the chance goes away. A long running Arsenal attack causes some trouble in the Newcastle penalty area but the low cross from Bellerin is somehow cleared when the ball bounced awkwardly around in the Newcastle penalty area.  Probert then stopping a quick free kick from Arsenal when there was a bit of space. Not a really good match of football from both teams so far in the first half and we go in at 0-0 after 45 minutes.

Torreira entered the field at the start of the second half in the place of Guendouzi. A foul on Aubameyang some 9 meters out of the Newcastle penalty area. The Gabo striker kicked on the ankle from behind. Xhaka and Torreira behind the ball so difficult to guess who would take it. Xhaka takes it and curls it in the top corner. GOAL! 0-1 to The Arsenal after 49 minutes. What a strike !

Arsenal very much in control in the next minutes. The keep working with the ball very well. And after a good low cross from Xhaka after a long attack he finds Lacazette whos shot is blocked initially. But the ball falls to Özil in the middle who stears it over the line. GOAL!! 0-2 to The Arsenal after 58 minutes.

A long ball finds Lacazette who gives it to Aubamyeang on the left but his left footed shot goes wide. That could have been a third but we lead 0-2 after 60 minutes.

My stream now having some difficulties to keep up with the match. So sorry if I don’t mention some things. But from what I can see I is that Newcastle is trying to go more forward and attack the Arsenal goal a bit more.  Cech has to come out a long way to clear a possible dangerous ball and right at the other end the Newcastle keeper has to race out to prevent Aubameyang from getting dangerous.

After 68 minutes Mkhitaryan comes on for Aubameyang. Özil with a clever cut back to Torreira but he misses his shot from just outside the penalty area. Arsenal then almost shoot themselves in the foot after a poor clearance in their own penalty area but they can clear for a corner. Arsenal counter and the ball comes to Mkhitaryan but his shot is blocked in the last instance for a corner after a strong run from Ramsey. The Newcastle player who tried to bring Ramsey down injured himself when his foot got stuck in the pitch. Arsenal still 0-2 in front after 75 minutes.

Sokratis got a knock when clearing the ball but he could continue.  And some misunderstanding with a Newcastle substitute and the 4th official who indicated the wrong number. After 79 minutes Welbeck came on for Ramsey.

Arsenal very much in control for most of the time during the last 10 minutes of the match so far. Bellerin with a cross to the far post that found Welbeck who laid it to the middle but the effort from Lacazette was blocked. At the other end Cech had to make a good stop to shot cross and got a little kick but no real problem.  Some good offside decisions from both assistants about players becoming active and gaining advantage from their offside position.

A good cross from Newcastle and a good header but Cech with a good save for a corner. Arsenal counter and Lacazette gives it to Welbeck but he just hit the side net. 3 minutes of added time.

A long ball finds a Newcastle striker in some space on the right flank and his cross is headed over the line. 1-2  after 91 minutes. Arsenal almost with a 3rd goal when Özil finds a teammate but Newcastle can save. And that is the final moment of the match.

After a much better second half performance Arsenal win 1-2 and we make it 3 wins in a row.


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  1. Wow…it almost looked like Mustafi threw himself down on the pitch…Socratis showed some good pace to knock the ball out

  2. Xhaka scores a brilliant free kick but the ex spud Germain Jenas says it’s undeserved. They then go on to criticise the selection.

  3. Two sources of game data are stalled. No mention of either goal on one, and only the first on the other.


  4. That’s interesting Gord. I’ve had Talk Sport 2 on (although I will have my computer fumigated after the game – and they had a breakdown as well.

    Interesting just how far behind actual real time TalkSport it is – seems to be running about 2 minutes slow now.

  5. One indicator of ball possession, flipped from 56% Newcastle to 60% Arsenal.


    Come on Cardiff!

  6. Can anyone tell me what the formation they’re playing? I’m in the States, in Florida, and haven’t been able to find a stream.

  7. I question either our defence’s communication or Mustafi’s awareness of players around him. That is twice in the last 5 minutes that someone has drifted behind him on a cross. The first one Cech saved, the second one…

  8. Another 3 points. This was won in the first 30 minutes of the second half. Our first half was very disjointed and then we completely took over to start the second. The last bit was OK but we looked a bit at sea on some crosses…strangely it wasn’t a problem in the first half…Tied with the Spuds, now.

  9. GoingGoingGooner –
    Glad I can’t see it for that’s Mustafi in a nutshell. Just no innate sense for defence. Can’t be taught.

  10. WOO HOO, HOO ! A tale of two halves and the typical goal against Arsenal, in the dying minutes.
    Ah, well 3 points as we all wanted.
    And the goals scored by the players, the ‘other’
    Arsenal (?) fans were vilifying and wanted to be subsituted at half time !
    Now for some Watford miricle !

  11. Louise Taylor’s piece ( ) was clearly written at half-time and then brushed up at full-time. The tenor of her report was also clearly decided BEFORE the match. I did not at all get the impression that we were harried off the ball by a superior Newcastle press. I saw a team that is still learning what to do with the ball given the instructions of our Gaffer and learning where and when to move to open and bypass a press. Newcastle had a lot of corners at the start but they were often of our own making and the corners were dealt with professionally.

    Also missing in the Guardian article is the clear dominance that Arseal showed in the first half hour of the second half. We were cutting through them at will in the midfield…less so in the final third, though.

  12. Nice to get the win, too bad to lose the shutout. Hopefully no injuries picked up.

    ESPN is a bunch of turds:

    This is a fixture Ozil usually contrives to miss, …

    Implying he is afraid to play in this game? Why on Earth would he be afraid to play in this game?

    PITA is claiming they learned something. I wonder who else is going to claim they learned something?


    OT: Corruption

    Two Rwanda FA officials arrested in corruption investigation. Apparently they tried to bribe a Namibian referee to influence the outcome of a game involving Ivory Coast (were they playing Rwanda? not clear to me in article).

    OT: PGMO Referees have their own rule book

    From Scotland, we learn that England referees (EPL in particular) have their own rules.

  13. So continuing with half of my pledge, I didn’t watch again, just caught the highlights, and I’m far from satisfied with what I saw, the result, simply acceptable.

    At this stage, with teams finding their footing and standing in the league table, tw packs have emerged amongst the perennial top 6, Liverpool the fvourites in some quarters, sit just behind Chelsea, once again running a thin, yet extremely settled squad, whilst the Princes f Arabia have slipped by their own lofty standards having failed to secure maxiimm points from the opening qnuintet of games.

    Meanwhile, UNited after a very solid victory against Watford, prop up the mini table trailing to Spurs with ARSENAL sandwiched between the two.

    Spurs having beaten United and lost to the Kop in the former? National stadium, as Arsenal missed the chance to win against Chelsea and suffered de javu against City.

    With 6 points seperating 8th (ManU) and 1st (Chelsea), an extension of that gap, could pose probems for whoever finds themselves languishing down the table.

    So looking ahead, th fun really starts, and as with last season, Arsenal will need to make the most of the group stages during the international club competitions. With a relatively easy group they are sure to qualify from, whether in first or second, which should be of little consequence to the man in the dugout. I’d rather scalp someone in February, than play them over two legs in the semi’s, if you want to win, you’ll need to beat someone big eventually, or wrse a lesser team, wo are playing out of their skins; nobody told Gareth, but Ramos was on the dark web looking for options.

    Arsenal will want to take 3 points in their tie with Everton, and Everton may have a few other ideas, an old hoodoo returns? A win, fortuatously, crappily, or even ugly, will surely see Arsenal either catch or leapfrog Watford in matchweek 7. A week in which the two unbeaten frontrunners face off, when all ut City and United will have played 2 of the big hitters. This may give a little more perspective to the league.Chelsea can undo Liverpool with a good display, Liverpool need one of their better isplay, and that would likely see them run riot. Hazard has his tale up, is looking at a Coutinho, i;ll give you 19 good games and leave?

    Spurs demonstrtate what stagnation and a few injurys or drink driving absences can do to a small squad, with a feveloping stadium and well United are doing a little worse than they’d like, with a below par performance equalled by that of the Unai Emery Arsenal, with 6 points from the dropped 6 an excellent performance, 3 being agrreable, 2 par, 1 not preferable and 6 the best worse case scenario.

    With 4 of the 6 about to hit a run of expected wins with 2 european ties, the league cup and 2 league fixtures all winnable, teams will be looking at momentum, which will be the key word of the season, something of the Arsene Wenger much maligned, consistency.

    Wholst Chelsea And Liverpool, may have to stretch two particularly narrow squads a little earlier than preferable.

    This is when you make u the ground.

    Well he is back with the tried and tested, now why not either start Mikhi, or switch th two CF, and for crying out loud, Torrieira. well anyway, he gives them a chance to embarass the first 11 in the EL, unless he thinks he can play the same players for ab entire season.

    Xhaka, did not answer this critics, Matteo looked great as usual, Mustarfi was average and had another tumble at a crucial moment, whilst Sokratis is acclimatising.

    goal conceded from left delivery zone wide of box, to vacant Right channel, Mustarfi caught under ball, Sokratis a second late, Bleerin caught by a counter, screen door was open. Auba is wasting energy and pace, for Lacazeete. No Ramsey, hmmm… plyer of the season, might I add.

  14. Assholes in Medja!

    Slowly but surely, the Unai Emery revolution is building some useful momentum. This was Arsenal’s third consecutive win under the Spaniard, and while it was hardly flashy, it is surely a positive sign they are picking up points during a period of such flux.

    All agenda (in this circumstance from ESPN (the world wide leader in being ESPN)).

    Absolutely no mention as to who Arsenal lost to in those first 2 matches. Could have been upper Barnstow U5 in a charity match, it would not matter to the medja idjuts spewing this crap.

    Arsenal is doing about as well as they could have expected, given the draw they were given.

  15. We had chances to draw or win those games. It wasn’t that we were couldn’t possibly win either game.

  16. I suppose some Untold Person could have posted 5 or more corrections to some presence of a comma by this point.

    We all make mistake in typing. Don’t resubmit with total content a mistake. If you need to correct, submit the minimal correction needed. I will suggest a correction similar to sed, but you are probably a Microsoft person and have no id4a what sed is.

    Post your idea that you are better than the current Arsenal manager, and then a new thread props up; don’t repost your CRAP suggesting you know more than the manager in the new thread. If you would like to adjust your CRAP suggestion based on new knowledge, try to pull in the URL to the note you posted, which you are editing. And only quote in as much of the previous thread as you need in order to make your EDITED point.

    It’s late, I am arguing with other things, and maybe I hav e made a mistake above.

  17. MOTD actually praised Torreira after the match. They seemed to like fact that he drives the team forward. It’s a shame that it took them 5 games to spot this.

    Both Sky and the BBC broadcast interviews with Wilfried Zaha where he stated that he would have to suffer a broken leg before referees would issue a red card for a serious foul. Sky just laughed it off, and the BBC pointedly refused to acknowledge the elephant in the room, claiming that suffering a kicking is a mark of an opponent’s respect.

    Respect for what?

    Here’s a link to the interview:-

  18. Bit out of character Gord, although reposting a whole article, with the one or two additions or subtractions is a bit long winded and would likelu lead to it being skipped once ammended, why trouble yourself with what Sam does.

    And personally I think I could actually manager the squad better than Unai, and run it better than Stan. If I were head coach, the first thing I would do would be to get on the phone to Arsene and ask about the characters, what his intentions for the progression of the team were for at least the next year. It seems wise to pick such a mind. Leno would already be starting, I’d reverse Cech to Europe and Cups, where he’s under pressure to perform speradically, where his superior experience and concentration is preferable. Torreira would have started at City and Chelsea, alongside Ramsey, I’d have put Elneny behind them both, and played a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 and said sco one more, better to have additional defensive cover and dedicate three attackers against each team, with every player paying their position, rather than a formation in which they are unsettled, and blame the former manager and quality of oposition, plus a change in structure.

    If the Medja are saying Unai has racked up an amazing three wins from 3, whih we really should win home and away ties in, I immediatly observe that I would almost never agree with the media.

    Especially when that comes from the US ESPN and Sky, both republican.

    Although, you could overlook things such as overhearing the representative for a US invesment consortium, talking to TFL rep, explaining that the wholesale sale of the UK rail infastructre to a US bidder is no longer viable, with Trump facing criminal investigation and ay unlikely to last until Nov, let alone January.

    Or the Global Market Manipulation I wrote about at least as early as 2015 here, now being common knowledge, or Putin learly using state TV to ridiculously suggest they didn’t attack a defector on british soi. No because the CIA plant roses and Russian and American interogation technques leave you unscathed and able to appear cofortably on TV, looking smug.

    Yes a lot of tired people, a lot of people orgot the whole do unto others as. Or don’t bite the hand, r eben, if you need something from someone best to stay on their good side. Let alone, that a parent wil often chasten, or obstruct a child in an action, simply due to knowing better, although it may seem that the decision has no basis in their less than wise opinion.

    Yes a child wants ice cream and sweets every meal time, give them wht they want, for they have considered everything so carefully.

    electrical currents, synapses, sleep deprevation, judgement, mental health, motor functions, core distabilisation, pain warning systems, and wiring, plus the connected sinuses, and body control.

    it’s worse than the blind leading the blind. Yes, yes, actually no.

    Sam seems to hav something I have found prevalent in black culture, a self loathing, he dismissed Auba, he dismissed Serena, sometimes writes crap in my humble opinion, refuses to break his paragraphs up and seems to have low self esteem in my opinion.

    No black, no Irish, No dgs, least to most preferable.

    Cultural appropriation relies on two factors, mokery and mimickery. to mock is to belittle to elavate ones own dimished sense of self worth. Mimickery can be used similarly, but when positive conotations are allowed, as in with apprpriation, it is to suggest you see positives within that subject you wish to emulate.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with slave owners acting in breach of the Magna Carta since 1215 and the monarchy and government failing to act, and male genital mutilation???

    This one should be posted, as i t reflects my opinions, solely.

    relevant, yes, we are the multicultural, foriegn legion, for those who celebrate opium wars since 1400’s with poppys I find offensive.

    Deluded is to fail to observe that which is challenging on contradicts a well established belief syste=m.

    I said, it will depend on Aaron, he obviously isn’t happy, if he isn’t and Wenger isn’t and Alexis wasn’t and he referenced Henry, and we didn’t have a DM for the whole of Stand reign, unitl Wenger left. And he always honours his contracts, didn’t take another role, and I spoke to the assistant of Cressida the other day, and the SFO replaced it’s boss.

    I’m wrong, you’re right and I’ve not gone through hell to help anyone, let alone everyone. considering that which is overlooked so often.

    A win for me isn’t a win, I expect art, fluidity, cohesion, they were terrible. Wnegers last season, I have not seen such poor officiating, now the sctutiny and he’s left, Bournemouth have a chance to add three more wins in the next three league matches, that wuld be half their necessary points total, Dean had a near excellent game, except he came back out vry late and was talking to himsel.

    I wonder how GAr Neville is coping since I tweted him as the crux of a few well placed jokes based in truth and letting him know about schadenfreude
    ˈʃɑːd(ə)nˌfrɔɪdə,German ˈʃɑːdənˌfrɔydə/
    noun: Schadenfreude; noun: schadenfreude

    pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune..

    11 days to go, ciao ciao. You cannot help he who will not help himself. Keep going, a few more fish, a few more degrees, a few more travels carrying pathogens, some more segregation, a little less hope, a bit more avoidance.

    and some censorship, by the measure you use, so are you measured. What you give, is what you recieve, I’m going for the people important in my life. 4 of them, ciao, ciao, or has anyone learned anything??

    seismic, his stats prove he should start every single game, we are totally different with him slected, Jenas is an idiot, in fact, let me get my twitter out again. I wasn’t very inclusive with my wording in this interview, and the ES, run by George Osbourne tried to tell me the rest of the piece, quoted in the commons, doesnt exist and never aired. Err yeah right, so she got the quotes from the man in the moon right, I think I was the first person to publicly label Brexit a economic catastrophe, reference the governments attempt to undermine protection for th individual via ECHR, and then they started publishing documents explaining that 2 years later, and talking about putting EU law into UK legislation for a transition period, that won’t happen if we have no deal, and Jonker wont have a deal, and it took the EPL till a month ago to write about player visas.

    I wish I was wrong a lot more, it would be a much better world if I was, because I rarely have anything good to say.

    Brexit was racist, it swallowed up some nationalists, created more socialists, wasn’t democratic, and evidenced our pornocracy.

    But ciao, ciao, my grandmother said one noteavle thing since my birth, who can’t hear, must feel.

    I feel sorry for the housewifves and good husbands who have been loyal and hace to accept what was done to them, and that it comes from disloyalty.

    Let me know if you are ever ready to take responsbility, and see the truth, quick to oust Wenger, nothing has changed, if we make it to to 4 or the title, who will remember the suicide mission soldiers who made victory possible?

    Pearl Harvbour, one example of what can be achieved y such methods used against insurgents.

    How many supporters trust, season ticket holder sold out their own club again? Educated fools. At least United was PLC, City have gone trojan, and Chelsea have been successful for the whole of his tenure, and can’t lose from the outcome. Hazard trned up, with three, he’s upto something. And Real didn’t spend…….. they are sitting pretty.

    MArtinex worked out that changing things wasn’t good, Spain found their squad late and humble Croatia and England won finally,

    Two things stood out for me at the weekend, the cut to Jonjo Shelvey as Newcaste lost, and I waslike, should be on, this is his game, the time you had to do a Pogba with Arsenal not pressing was incredible, Rafa is missing cogs, and then to Leno, as Chech upped his game in search of an extension and the jersey.

    He outsted the manager on purpose, because he had gone for Leno already, and Torreira, and Matteo. Monreal extension, use a fans favourite to undermine the team, to fascilitate sales, you can’t sell players if we are winning as we are.

    And Mustarfi, has made up his mind, he wants to leave, child. Sokratis is growing, that track back summd that up, and Hector is berating himself everytime he flops. Everytime Xhaka scores he plays worse net game, arrogance, a sign of insecurity.

    Once a team is incisive against us, we are going to collapse, lets hope they don’t realise.

    5 games GD +1 lol, what’s wrong then, not the left back, not Mustarfi, not Xhaka and not hte tactics, plus we are playing exaclt as we did with Wenger anyways, but probably worse, because we are presing without the typ of players you press wth.

    City, Liverpool, what stands out about the forward lines as a similarity?

    Chelsea and United, what stands out in the way they defend, although tey have very good forwards?

    If you had Alexis left, Auba central, Mikhi right you could press from the front. But we aren’t missing a Winger. OK, so what if Iwobi is crocked? Because I see 2 CF and 2 10’s but I don’t see anything esle.

    And of Course Reiss scored, by faith and not by sight, He intends to take the chance to impress by both hands, what will they Gnabry him, because that boy was good as well.

    Post it, please, because I have no intention of repeating myself.

    Oh and Maitland Niles, right so he missed that he got injured straight away, Which opponent? Hampering his progression, because he neede the added protection in Europe to develop, But you know.Look at Jack, and the rest of the casualties of war.

  19. “And personally I think I could actually manager the squad better than Unai,”

    OK why not try. There are thousands of managerial jobs going all the time in lower league clubs, and they will interview applicants because they are all looking for the one manager who will lift them. Start with a junior team if necessary, but do it, get them to the top, move up a tier and up, do it part time for three or four years and you will be noticed and get a job in the lower reaches of the National League. Another promotion (and being better than Emery you could certainly do that year on year) and you’d be in the League and earning serious money.
    Why are you not doing this?

  20. U Know Who – “And personally I think I could actually manager the squad better than Unai, and run it better than Stan.” You sound extremely deluded, and not to mention highly manic as well. If you can do better than a manager for one of the top 10 teams in the entire world then I suggest you go and do it instead of just sitting behind your computer and arrogantly talking about it.

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