It is sad that journalists don’t have a clue what support is about; but it’s their loss, not ours.

By Tony Attwood

My little dig against the Evening Standard for its headline “Arsenal did not build the Emirates to play Vorskla on a Thursday night”  may not have been the cause, but that headline has been changed between then and now, for now it reads… “Arsenal v Vorskla shows it takes more than bricks, mortar and executive kitchens to dine at the top table.”

This second onslaught is such a weird article I can’t even start to summarise it, because to do a summary one needs to hold on to a certain consistency of argument, or some sort of logical basis which one can then debate, and here I can find none.

But it all raises one question: why is the Standard taking such a strong anti-Arsenal position at this time?  They were grossly anti-Wenger, but one might have thought they could give the new regime a chance to get going.  But no, apparently not.

Of course, they have a problem because their chosen London club at the other end of Seven Sisters are not exactly setting the world alight what with stadium delays and losing the occasional game, and I suppose what the paper is up to can be seen as something to set up smoke screens when they cannot be in favour of the wonderful Tottenham.  But even so.

Not that the rest of the media has anything particular to say about the game – presumably because the media is written by journalists who find going  to the ground to be paid to watch a match so boring, while those of us who actually go, find it good fun.  I’ll be setting off from the midlands around 2.30pm, not because it takes five hours to get to the ground, but because the match is part of the whole occasion – meeting with friends, a drink and a spot to eat in the pub, and so on.

So what we mostly have in the run up to the game is negativity, and a few transfer ideas.   There is chatter about Éver Banega, who played for Mr Emery at Valencia and Sevilla plus Cristian Pavón from Boca Juniors.  Not to mention Nicolas Pépé.  But last summer only one in every 24 transfer stories turned out to be true in regards to Arsenal, so three ideas is nowhere near enough to spot a winner.

At the moment Mr Emery has been in charge of five games and won three – a win ratio of 60%.  At PSG his win ratio overall was 76.32% of the matches PSG played under him – he won the league once, the Cup twice and the League cup twice.

And on that basis Mr Emery lost his job.  Which since his ultimate employer was one of the more repulsive of human rights deniers maybe didn’t upset him too much.  Under new management they will go on and win  the league again.  And so what?

Well the current view is that PSG’s dominance of the French league stops them winning in Europe.  And in one piece among the chitter chatter today there is the notion that PSG is a somewhat mistaken marketing outlet for Nike.  I doubt that, although “a laundromat for Qatar’s international reputation” might be closer to the truth.

Although the lack of investment at Arsenal in the club and the team by the owner will make it hard if not impossible for Arsenal to compete with teams where the owner does put in the millions as a matter of course, where we do have success it will be entirely down to the work of the management and the team, not of foreign investors looking to reduce the negative feeling their human rights stance delivers.  Those of us who buy tickets for the games will have done a tiny amount to keep the show on the road.

The Arsenal Stadium that we’ll be in tonight was built to increase the amount of money that the club could generate of its own volition, to allow Arsenal to compete with Manchester United, who have for 50 years been the top earners in England due to their foresight at a time when Arsenal were financially going backwards.  But what was not fully understood when the plans to develop the new ground were introduced was just how much money the Chelsea owner would give the club.  Nor that Uefa and the Premier League would allow it to happen.  Nor that Manchester City would take what Chelsea was doing and treat it not as the antithesis of what football should be, but the blueprint which could be multiplied again and again.

But, no matter what, I know those of us going to the game will all have a jolly time.  We pay hard earned money to do this, and we enjoy it.  It’s just a shame that most journalists never have a clue what support is about.




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  1. For “Arsenal did not build the Emirates to play Vorskla on a Thursday night” you could easily substitute “Tottenham did not build Wembley, period”.

    For “Arsenal v Vorskla shows it takes more than bricks, mortar and executive kitchens to dine at the top table.” you could similarly substitute “It takes more than bricks, mortar, and steel to build a stadium on-time and on-budget”

    Of course that’s not the narrative, so I’m not holding my breath.

  2. The Standard is immature in the extreme.
    The vast majority of football supporters in our land would give their eye teeth if the club they support were as successful as Arsenal FC.
    To qualify for the Europa alone is a target they will never achieve. 😉

  3. Our tonight starts against Vorskla in the Europa at the Ems has no any single Arsenal U23 player starting the match. But Nkethia and Rowe from the U23 are on the bench for the match. The 7 Gunners rotation who don’t regularly start for Arsenal in the PL or haven’t play this season but started by Emery tonight are: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Holding, Torreira, Elneny, Mkhitaryan and Welbeck.

  4. seems to have lost the twit they had being “Arsenal reporter”. But the new guy (Andy Brassell) isn’t any better. He felt obliged to re-invent the Arsenal has poor attendance CRAP again.


  5. Game over for Vorskla at the Ems as Arsenal lead them 3-0 in the match on 64 minutes. Arsenal to use the remaining 26 minutes of the match to practice for Everton on Sunday in the PL at the Ems? Anyway, further goals from the Gunners against Vorskla will be welcomed.

  6. Nice quote from the Ukranian manager:

    Describing the calibre of their opponents, Vorskla coach Sachko had joked yesterday: “We wanted to play in the Europa League but found ourselves in the Champions League”. This match does show the gulf in class between the two sides.



  7. But can’t Arsenal play without conceding a goal or goals? 9 goals they’ve conceded so far this season in 6 matches in all competitions as against the 14 goals they’ve scored. That’s not bad anyway. But after working hard to give assist to Ozil who scored the 4th goal for Arsenal in the game, the much talk about Lichtsteiner lost control of the ball to be dispossessed of it which resulted to a goal for Vorskla. Hmmm.

  8. Vorskla went on to score a late 2nd goal in the game to end the match 4-2 in favour of Arsenal is a good result for us. But Arsenal conceding 2 late goals in the game is bad. Arsenal defense-line i still look a suspect after this Europa match against Vorskla. Who and which Gunners were not tracking back to defend in the match leading to the Gunners defense conceding twice from the right and the left sides of their defense-libel? Hmmm. Against Everton on Sunday at the Ems in the PL, the Gunners should guide against a repeat of this defensive shambles from happening in the game. For, Arsenal MUST win the match against Everton to continue to push up in the table.

  9. Oh he popped Mikhi into the midfield but 0layed it as a 4-2-3-1 Although he listed it as a 4-3-3.

    Lacazette looked a figure on the bench. He starts Leno back to front in my opinion and he concedes two he couldn’t stop on his debut, as he opted to take off Torreira maybe sensibly. But rather than change shape he played with an attacking format and we conceded when I expected nothing but a win and a clean sheet was what I was after.

    No Ramsey at all; again. He’s pissed and quite rightly, some of us are quite loyal and not so stupid I guess. He rested Xhaka who played successfully in more games than anyone but started May be and took him off late on. Giving Mesut a run out to grab a goal, solid and he smiled, he’s not happy, not good.

    Stephan looked good and his positioning was excellent throughout. Elneny just looked happy to feature and Mikhi looks glum. He left United to play and isn’t.

    This was Lacazettes game as he works less 0layong centrally. Glad for Danny. Matteo was excellent as we have come to expect.

    Oh I can’t wait for stronger opposition.

    He wasted Smith-Rowe’s debut when the up coming EFL cup fixgutr looked right for a start. And I’m pissed that Reiss is away although the Bundesliga is a good place for him to cut his teeth, if we didn’t need him.

    Iwobi looked full of endeavour, he must be getting my Instagram comments about not posting selfies and practicing his shooting instead.

    We were too slow in the build up and as soon as they upped their tempo we came unstuck.

    I don’t like this guy and I always trust my instincts. Still disjointed and a lot of people looked unhappy.

    I’d have rested Sokratis rather than Mustarfi I want to see if he can manage weaker opposition without falling down like a pre school girl. Yes screw PV conduct on gender and obviously it’s my sole input that caused Alex to score.

    He’s playing who will play for him; that’s not a good sign. That’s what the owner wants. And presumably the carrot is he can have additions, errr…. yeah, provided he can facilitate the sales of some key figures.

    Leno was furious, he couldn’t even prove his credentials in that game.

    3 points in a weak home performance against significantly lesser opposition.

    I happened to be in the pub as a chaperone.

  10. Oh and interesting responses guys, Gord, Jammy, Tony.

    The notion that rocket science is either complex or simple was not the central argument. To reference a tier of arguments put forward previously. To latch onto this is pedantic; Jammy, Gords response was neither for or against my own but very quick.

    It was a turn of phrase and in itself is a contradiction I intended.

    I rarely make mistakes on the bigger issues, I often leave in the typos as I have more Important concerns. But if someone sends an army to crush an uprising of 10, we know something of the ten and the head of that army.

    I have been for a while realising that I have concluded on things that many renowned philosphers and scientists have concluded on without prompt, I like to think? All since an early age, and have actually had to embrace an awareness of my capacities rather than being overly humble.

    Why does Jack shimmy one way and then go the other?

    Feed the animal. I gave a response in regards to what was being done about owning running and managing a club. I shan’t repeat it if it does not appear it is for good reason.

    I place trust in Tony for that.

    Drug testing on humans occurs where most frequently?

    Those who concern themselves with the affairs of others, really are usually best suited to attending to their own affairs.

    Jammy tell me, we have so many imposters, and ignorant or educated fools, yet you wish to have me considered a fool, to the point of indoctrinating others. Rather you wish to consider h9l mental capacities. University college hospitals, CERN and so on. “You want to flu go to the moon but can’t find food for the starving tummies” – Damien Marley album didrant relatives. I aanted to help, now i dont wsnt to, but will. I eas wrog about everything, let me apoligise. Should I check myself in to a clinic so as to give blood for non donor use, by consent this time?

    Don’t walk and whistle, buy a pair of luminous trainers and cough before starting a sentence; people won’t look at you funny.

    Dam wrote a shirt piece, well if I must call someone out, I’ll be direct and remain inclined to ensure that it is a response or statement that will impact them positively rather than a method of venting my own frustrations. O have said many times his accuracy with team sheets and some evaluations are near pinpoint so feel qualified after to defend him (Sam) to offer constructive criticism. O like yo read what he says, but not gift for the edit and lament some of his less thought out critiques or suppositions. However o am still none the wiser as to how he manages to get people’s portions or playing time in certain positions so critically wrong.

    I rarely offer conjecture on any article or ridicule others comments, I try to be considerate where ever possible and pose my queries as questions rather than simply berate others. It is a reflection of self how we treat others.

    Somewhere in the world I am sure there is a young man or woman saying they are better than Messi and they probably are. Self belief is something quite important to those who so. To be elite.

    It’s much like giving a game a way in the second set, 40 – 15 in a final, rather than taking a demeanour that assists the player to ensure the victor can appreciate their victory. That young lady can never celebrate that victory, that is not in the spirit of the game. However Serena if I know her as I think, oh beware the next grand slam and the one after. She shares something with myself, say we can’t and we will do he you wrong.

    I think the officer who came to assist in abuse of public office said “God bless” and stoped me being manhandled. The Cressida face an interview criticising the police citing some of the issues I saw at ground level as intimated in that encounter.

    If indeed you went to my online media you could see documentary evidence and an ever increasing volume of support.

    As I said feed the animal, 7 days ciao, ciao I think they wanted me back for the agreement date for EU deal which is in tatters.

    But then again we live in a world where 50% of working age afro carribean in their prime are employed, Trump is in office and the oceans have almost as much plastic as water. Grab a water bottle at the kiosk.

    Sleep well….. everything happens for a reason.

  11. WOO HOO , HOO ! And we are off ! Was hoping a clean sheet , but it was not to be. Hope we can start keeping clean sheets from this weekend’s game.
    Up the Gunners !

  12. @Uknowwho,
    In your 1235am you said “we were too slow in the build-up and as soon as they upped their tempo we came unstuck”.
    Please elaborate because I don’t think we could have watched the same match. 😉

  13. A U-9 team from Chartham Sports wanted (for some bizarre reason) to go to Wembley and watch the Spuds play football. The money raised to do so, was diverted to other purposes (and the perpetrator will not see jail time). Tottenham was made aware of what happened, and they donated tickets for them to still come to Wembley. Southeastern chipped in free rail tickets when they learned of the story.

    Hopefully the Tottenspud play football, and don’t do any diving in that game (versus Cardiff).

  14. @Nicky

    They were in control for around 80mins of the 90 plus stoppage. They are shopping goals late on every game.

    2 factors, firstly shifting your opposition with quick movement of the ball tires the opponent, meaning he lacks the energy to mount a serious attack even as cons9lation. The latter being that moving the ball quickly and incisively at times in itself creates openings. Forcing the issue. Against Chelsea we probably had our best game of the season, our finishing was woeful. We were incisive, in the opening European contest we created opening because man for man we were better, with most of our players able to beat a man to create an opportunity.

    Against superior and more 9rganised opposition that will not be possible. That is when the spped at which the ball is manipulated and having to passes available to the player in possession is 9ncredibly important. A stalwart of Pro’s philosophy.

    City v Lyon, City dominated for 70 minutes but were slow in the build up against a team that was inferior but had teeth Fekir was exceptional. They were punished by incisive passing when it mattered.

    At that tempo Wolves will punish Is, Everton, all of the other top 5 and Leicester. When they play weaker opposition I expect them to play in a manner which begins their standing. I’d rather 45 of extreme intensity and game over change personnel and frustrate then.

    That was the invincible way and the right way. It still creates openings for 5, 6, and 7 goals because they come out just because they can’t stand you passing about amongst yourselves.

    Clearly we watched separate games or you just needed something to pick at.

    Sleep well.

  15. @Uknowwho,
    First of all, I think you simply must learn to distinguish between “they” and “we”. “We” are the Arsenal and “they” are the opposition and “they” were unable to “raise their tempo” at any time in the match.
    However, you were correct in saying that our build-up was slow.
    Their two goals were well-taken and well hit chances but nothing to worry about. 😉

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