Live match report League cup Arsenal – Brentford : 3-1

By Walter Broeckx

Dean the ref today let us see how he does in the post Wenger era. Former gunner Yennaris captains Brentford.

Arsenal team: Leno, Lichtsteiner, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal, Elneny, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Welbeck, Smith-Rowe.

On the beach: Martinez, Bellerin, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Torreira, Nketiah, Lacazette

My stream starting really bad but I think Leno almost made an early cockup on a backpass from Mustafi but the next image was a corner that was cleared so no real danger. Then again a bit of start stop streaming finished with celebrating Arsenal players. A short taken corner was given to Guendouzi who crossed it to the middle and Welbeck headed it home. GOAL! 1-0 to The Arsenal after 5 minutes.

Almost immediately another goal when Smith-Rowe was send away but a last second tackle prevented a second Arsenal goal. Then a bit more midfield play from both teams ended with a shot that was deflected for a corner for Brentford right after 15 minutes. Arsenal still 1-0 up after 15 minutes.

Dean then being Dean and judging a throw in from Arsenal as a foul throw…as long as I am in the centre of attention… A good bit of high pressure from Arsenal win the ball high up the field but Mkhitaryan loses his touch in a promising position and the keeper can pick up the ball. A clear foul on Iwobi in the penalty area and Dean gives nothing. Iwobi was clearly impeded but we all know what to expect.  Iwobi tried to stay on his feet when he was fouled but this should not be counted against him but Dean used it of course. Welcome to the Dean league Unai. Every contact from an Arsneal player is calledlate challenge on Guendouzi not. Oh no it is Guendouzi who gets a talking too…. And Lichtsteiner goes in the book…..he stook out his arm but  the Brentford players was holding his arm in a good grip. Dean on a mission. Still 1-0 for Arsenal against Dean, …er Brentford after 30 minutes.

A foul off the ball on Monreal is somehow missed by Dean. A Brentford player first tripping Monreal and then stopping he ball is no foul. Oh well…. Oh a surprise Konza goes in the book for a trip on Lichtsteiner.  Arsenal set up an attack. Mkhitaryan witha good movement in the middle past his man and then to Iwobi in the left who gave it to Monreal on the overlap and he crossed it low in front of goal and Welbeck with a simple tap in. GOAL!! 2-0 to The Arsenal after 37 minutes.  A nice move and a good team goal. And the second for Welbeck. Nice to see all our strikers scoring goals!

Arsenal controlling the match without really stepping up the speed too much. A few good potential moves but the passing letting us down when the final ball has to be made. 4 minutes of extra time according to Dean. He also had a few streaming problems I think and missed a few things. Arsenal go in at half time with a well deserved 2-0 lead.

Second half is underway. No changes for Arsenal. Arsenal good attack on the left flank but a defender just in time back to cut out the danger. From the resulting corner Smith-Rowe finds Mkhitaryan but he misses one on one with the keeper who made a great block.  Dean continues to be Dean. Iwobi with a left footed shot but the ball rises too much and sails over. A shot from Brentford goes wide half a meter. A good attack from Arsenal over Iwobi to Smith-Rowe but the youngster too much in doubt about what to do and in the end the ball goes out after his left footed cross attempt. But a few Arsenal players losing their concentration too much making us lose a few balls unnecessary. Guendouzi making a needless foul 5 meters outside the penalty area results in a free kick that is expertly converged by Judge from Brentford. 2-1 after 58 minutes. We need to pick up the tempo and our concentration level.

We don’t and Brentford almost scores a second goal but the ball goes over. 2-1 after 60 minutes.  Welbeck goes in the book when he got a kick first and then tried to make up for it but lunged at the Brentford player. Lacazette comes on for Smith Rowe after 62 minutes.

Brentford putting us under some pressure and having a few shots but Leno up to the task. Dean giving a foul in favour of Arsenal after two successive fouls. But then he gives a goal kick to Brentford in stead of a corner. We should score another goal to make sure Dean doesn’t pull something out of his hat. Holding almost does after a corner but an amazing stop from the keeper from the effort from close range prevents an Arsenal goal. 2-1 after 75 minutes.

Torreira comes on for Mkhitaryan. Leno with a good stop on a shot under pressure. Some Arsenal players overdoing it a bit instead of letting the ball do the work. Lichtsteiner with a shot that hits Lacazette and ends up with Welbeck and after some touches the ball goes out for a corner. Could have gone anywhere that ball. Arsenal having trouble with finding the right speed in the pass so they ruin their own potential attacks. After 84 minutes Ramsey comes on for Elneny.

A double  one two between Ramsey and Lacazette gives the latter a shooting chance but under pressure he fires off target. A Brentford player goes down claiming a penalty when he tried to run between Torreira and Lichtsteiner but that is even too much for Dean. 4 minutes of extra time given.

Arsenal has to work hard till the final whistle. That happens when you put your foot of the pedal against a decent team. Lacazette battles to win a bouncing ball in the Brentfot half and under pressure between two defenders he scores! GOAL !!! 3-1 to The Arsenal after 93 minutes. Okay, no more room for a Deanesque moment now.  And Iwobi even with a goal but he was ruled offside when he got the ball from a blocked shot from Ramsey.

That was it. We won 3-1 and had to work very hard for it in the second half as we thought the match was in the pocket.

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  1. When I came in from more digging, I seen that the commentary on the Arsenal website (not Arsenal player) seemed to be working okay.


  2. State Aid is doing a number on Macclesfield, and the spuds are losing. Go Watford!

    Lacazette, get a goal or two!


  3. Spurs get their usual penalty as Alli gets blown over by a breath of wind.

    Not only the softest of penalties but the Watford player gets sent of.

  4. Carabao cup -PGMOL at their best. VAR shown to be a load of bollocks in their control. The game at MK Dons going to penalties after a penalty for Ali a dive specialist & a red for the poor Watford innocent.

    The Spuds v Watford goes to pens.

    Chelsea get a result after Liverpool gift them a chance.

  5. Do us Gooners have the reason to thank God for His given us victory over the threatening 8rentford team who gave Arsenal a game to defend for their lives in the 2nd half of the match? But finally cave in to the superiority of Arsenal in the game to fall 3-1 in the match to Arsenal at the end. Yes, we should thank God. For, where other big PL club sides have fallen, Arsenal are standing strongly on rock solid ground.

  6. The medja are in love with the spuds so Alli can do no wrong. He was side to side with the Watford player & went down with Mason looking at the incident side on. How he red cards the Watford player is beyond logic.

    I’m glad the Tube (Picadilly Line) had issues & I didn’t get tickets for tonights game. I would have been totally abusive with Dean being the Referee. Looking forward to Watford on Saturday. They play a good game & will give us a tough time, but we should overcome their quality that might be tarnished with the loss on pens to the spuds. I’ll have to get to the Ems via Finsbury Park & with a bit of luck it will be dry.

  7. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done guys . Nice to see all our forwards firing well .
    Am hoping for another win and clean sheet this weekend.
    Up the Gunners !

  8. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin “Do us Gooners have the reason to thank God for His given us victory over the threatening 8rentford team” – Yes, thankfully god almighty in his infinite wisdom has decided to help Arsenal win a game of sport instead of curing the millions upon million of innocent children that he has given cancer and other terminal illnesses. Praise the lord for having his priorities in check! Literally any good that Arsenal do has absolutely nothing to do with countless hours of hard work and effort that the players and managers put in, but rather because god is an Arsenal supporter.

  9. Just out of interest, does anyone know how many penalties the Scum have had this season so far?

    AS far as I remember, I do not think we have had any.

  10. Penalties in EPL in 2018/2019
    ManU (vs Leicester)
    Bournemouth (vs Cardiff, missed)
    Chelsea (vs Huddersfield)
    Newcastle (vs Cardiff, missed)
    State Aid (vs Bournemouth)
    Brighton (vs ManU)
    ManU (vs Brighton)
    Liverpool (vs CPalace)
    Bournemouth (vs Everton)
    Chelsea (vs Newcastle)
    Brighton (vs Fulham, missed)
    Brighton (vs Fulham)
    Southampton (vs CPalace, missed)
    ManU (vs Burnley, missed)
    Bournemouth (vs Leicester)
    Leicester (vs Bournemouth)
    Chelsea (vs Cardiff)
    Southampton (vs Brighton)
    Brighton (vs Southampton)
    Spuds (vs Brighton)

    Those are nominally in the order they were given, sort of.

  11. Ok so at least I’m not seeing different games to everyone at least; I don’t know what I would do. Brentford were excellent.

    It was good to see the personnel deployed and Lacazette getting his numbers up.

    Watford should find earth in their next game after a very fine run indeed. With Deeney opting to have injections to be available for selection, a similar result to Brentford is quite likely in my opinion.

    With Ozil, Xhaka, Aubameyang, Bellerin, Sokratis, all rested and others waiting to get their season’s started. I wouldn’t be adverse to starting our Bosnian and H’nan LB dubbed thr Beast privided he was match fit.

    Koscielny returning will be a massive boost to the quiet Captain and defensive line leader with the departure of Per who has been requishioned by our recruitment team.

    Loving the City and finding it ideal for his family, his understanding of the game by it’s defensive assets is certainly World Class and he will aeguavlt be able to assist even Koscielny in it’s fundamentals.

    With Torreira and Ramsey not deployed for any lengthy period, the potential for a sharp and fit pairing could have seen o5s odds improved somewhat.

    Dean did that mu5ch in front of VAR diditn give a penalty and agreed, deferrwd the call for Brentford know that would have been doing it. 16/1

    Sam predicted lone up for the next game? Can we have some blessings for the team, does anyone know a Rhabi or a Priest, may be some Mormons or Quakers, a few of those Imams, double Mobks, why not a Rain man of pure Native Indian heritage
    Of at least 93. I’m in to o6 all, you k ow seriously Sataninsts, they accept Jesus I guess and back the losing side just to keep the balance may be a few of them support Arsenal, put some voodoo on everything; special voodoo they got from a devilworshipper and poof empty seats.
    On our current trajectory we will be ready for Leicester.

  12. In New Zealand, two parents have been given multi-year bans because their children were subject of “rough tackles” and “protested”.

    [sac It should be a normal part of a football game, that players face career ending tackles. /sac]

    No mention of idiots such as PGMO Mike Riley was seen in the article.

    But it is “wonderful” to see the NZ FA decide that parents of players subject to severe tackles should decide to ban the parents from watching their children, instead of actually investigating if the tackles were too severe.

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