Live match report Fulham – Arsenal : 1-5

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal starting with: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal, Torreira, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Welbeck, Lacazette
On the beach near the Thames: Martinez, Lichtsteiner, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Aubameyang

No Özil who seems to have a back problem according to Mkhitaryan comes back in the team. Also Iwobi back in the starting line up and Welbeck making his first start of the season in the PL.

A misunderstanding leads to a first shot from Fulham but Leno with an excellent stop on the diverted shot. An excellent combination on the left flank from Arsenal but the low cross from Iwobi was just cleared in front of Mkhitaryan. Lacazette gets a nasty kcik from Mitrovix who plants his studs on the achilles of Lacazette. Ref was advantage but I don’t see any advantage on such a foul in the Arsenal half and at least a yellow card should have been given.  Monreal with an excellent steal deep in the Fulham half but he then has a heavy touch and the chance goes away. 0-0 after 15 minutes.

Lots of midfield play with Arsenal gradually getting most of the ball but not really creating much. A good attack on the left with Welbeck in space but his low cross is cut out just in front of Lacazette. Lacazette then sends Mkhitaryan away but the keeper clears outside his penalty area. Arsenal then with a build up from the back. Holding to Lacazette who interchanges passes with Mkhitaryan. Lacazette to Iwobi on the left who waits for Monreal to do the overlap. Monreal gets the ball and gives it to Lacazette who turns brilliantly around his marker and puts it over the line. GOAL! 0-1 to The Arsenal after 29 minutes.

Another good attack on the left flank and this time Welbeck with the cross but the Fulham keeper with two excellent stops from close range. Then Mkhitaryan with a shot bit it ended up over the crossbar. Xhaka using his head well when Arsenal being under a little bit of pressure and passing it with his head to Leno.  Arsenal losing the ball in their own half and Shurrle in som room but the German player shoots over.  But again Arsenal giving the ball away when not really clearing the line when Monreal couldn’t get the height on the ball as was needed and this time Fulham take full advantage and Schurrle this time lobs Leno. 1-1 after 45 minutes.

Arsenal with the first attack. Iwobi tries to find Mkhitaryan completely unmarked in the middle but a defender can just hook it away. Iwobi again with a cross a bit later than ends up in front of Bellerin who sees his curling shot amazingly saved by the keeper. But it was coming. Welbeck heads a high ball in the path of Lacazette who pulls the trigger from 20 meters out and the low bouncing ball beats the keeper. GOAL !! 1-2 to The Arsenal after 49 minutes.

Veitto gets a yellow card for pulling the shirt of Lacazette who wanted to start a counter. The Mustafi climbs high at the halfway line and cleanly wins a header but he seems to have twisted his ankle while landing and needs treatment. But he seems to be able to carry on. Meanwhile Aubameyang is preparing himself.  Still 1-2 after 60 minutes.

A good cross from Fulham but lucky the striker only shoulders the ball. After 62 minutes Welbeck goes off and Aubameyang enters the field. Fulham now in search of the equaliser and Arsenal leaning back a bit more. After 65 minutes Iwobi comes off and Ramsey comes on. And then Bellerin wins the ball deep in our penalty area. A build up over Ramsey-Lacazette-Bellerin-Ramsey-Mkhitaryan to Aubameyan and his cross is flicked in with backheel from Ramsey! GOAL!!! 1-3 after 67 minutes. WHAT A GOAL!!!!!

Mkhitaryan then tries to feed Aubameyang but a defender cuts out the cross. Schurrle then gets a yellow card after a late tackle on Torreira .  Mitrovic with a header but too soft to trouble Leno.  The Arsenal backline also working rather well with putting players offside so far.  Still 1-3 after 75 minutes.

Leno quick off his line to prevent a possible danger attack from Fulham. Arsenal keep on using the ball in a great way. An attack goes from left to right and finds Bellerin. He crosses to Aubameyang who turns his man like Lacazette did in the first half and he also scores. GOAL!!!! 1-4 to the Arsenal after 79 minutes. Lacazette as happy as Auba with the goal! Lacazette also turned to Aubameyang after scoring his first goal.

Lacazette is taken off and replaced by Guendouzi after that goal. Ramsey to Aubameyang but just too hard to finish it, Arsenal keep the ball but in the end Ramsey shoots off target. When Arsenal lose the ball the way the players fight is really great to see. The Fulham keeper has to make a great interception on a dangerous cross from Bellerin in front of a few Arsenal strikers. Arsenal now really playing great football and monopolising the ball.

Right at the 90th minute Ramsey sends Aubameyng away and he makes no mistake and his low shot finds the bottom corner. GOAL!!!!! 1-5 to The Arsenal! What a match from Arsenal! This goal puts us above the Nomads on goal difference. We want six shout the Arsenal supporters in extra time. But the ref makes an end to the match. Arsenal won with a high score and make it 8-9-10 whatever wins in a row!



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  1. I don’t know if it’s my eyes, but it seems there’s a plot to take out Lacazzette.

  2. 1-1 at half. Not a great pass from Monreal but I like our transitions and the couunters that we have had. That was their first chance. We have had close to half a dozen. I like our chances in the second half.

  3. Typical biased media 🙄. “We don’t know if it’s Arsenal being brilliant or Fulham being woeful”. C’mon! After 4 delightful goals?

  4. We will never get credit Gideone. I enjoyed this match as we were excellent apart from one moment where we conceded their goal

  5. Yeah Walter. Even that one moment is understandable… Fulham had to put in some show, considering they are on their own grounds.

  6. With his quality performance for Arsenal against Fulham this afternoon at the Cottage in the PL, I believe Ramsey has kept all his anti-Ramsey Gooners quiet.

    By the way, with Arsenal beating Fulham at home heavily today by 1-5, what position in the table now is Arsenal FC placed? 3rd or 4th? I’ll check.

  7. I’ve checked the table. And Arsenal are 3rd and Tottenham Hs are 4th. But Chelsea playing at away to Southampton can upstage everybody to go 1st if they beat the Saints But would they? We’ll see.

  8. WOO HOO , HOO ! Great win , lads . Well done . And 12 touches from box to box for Ramsay’s goal ! Awesome !
    Up the Gunners !

  9. What an excellent match from the Gunners !! Brilliant team performance, fantastic goals. The Force is with the Arsenal now.

  10. Best performance in a long while. They’re playing Emery’s style now, especially the last goal played out from the keeper. I can’t count the number of times they won back the ball with, effort and sheer determination. Holding & Torreira were very impressive and Xhaka acquitted himself quite well. The attackers hardly missed a chance. Today it was: lose the ball? GO TAKE IT BACK. Solid at both ends. Leno wasn’t tested but he looks very comfortable. This will play very well against the better sides. Up the Arsenal!

  11. Now, I have the pleasure of listening to the “pundit” who made the comment above, trying – unsuccessfully and remorselessly – to eat his vomit. This is great 😂.

  12. LOL Tony said in his match preview: “So now maybe this could be the start of four games in which we knock in five…”
    I repeat “knock in five…..” LOL Let’s hope you are right Tony….

  13. Thanks for the excellent report Walter.
    Referees need to clamp down hard on these dirty tackles scraping down a player’s achilles. Remember what happened to Santi!!!

  14. A great result which takes us above the Spuds, despite being written off by most of the media.
    We are combining the quality of the players bequeathed by AW, the new signings plus a new style from Emery, that is steadily building a new team ethic.
    Lots of challenges ahead as we’ve only played two of the top sides, but the style and progress we’ve made gives us great positivity for the future

  15. Martin Keown cannot stop himself having a dig at Mesut Ozil even though he wasn’t playing saying he wasn’t missed today (well that’s pretty obvious given the result!) and also saying Ramsey hasn’t signed a new contract because of the wage benchmark set by Ozil.
    The bloke is becoming a bigger twit than Stuart Robson.

  16. We love you Unai we do. What a revolution this guy is creating with Torreira at the heart of it. Bellerin looking great and maybe Ramsay might stay on a humbler wage packet. He works harder than Ozil who is maybe the one who should go. He probably will.

  17. According to commentary, we _only_ required 3 treatments and somehow Xhaka while starting, was never carded. Congratulations Gunners!

    Southampton was leading the caution league by 20 man-minutes or so. Midway through the second half, they have 5 yellows already (on 10 fouls), while Chel$ea have no cards on 6 fouls.

  18. Final tally in Southampton, 6 yellows on 13 fouls to Southampton, and 0 yellows on 11 fouls to Chel$ea.

    Pawson is disappointed, he only had to oversee a single treatment.

    Keown is dumb.

    The medja seem to be at least somewhat positive about things, not every article has to bash us in some way. I liked this quote:

    It took Aaron Ramsey just 39 seconds to get on the scoresheet against Fulham after being substituted on for Alex Iwobi.

    Apparently Ramsey’s goal is even better when the commentary is French.

    It seems a new records was made:

    2 – Both Aaron Ramsey and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored and assisted for Arsenal against Fulham – this is the first time in Premier League history two substitutes have scored and assisted for a team in a single game. Impressive.

    The Mirror hates Ozil.

  19. Funny, I went back in the last few minutes to rewatch the highlights and most of the first 30 minutes they showed Fulham ‘chances’. Yet, my recollection of the first 30 minutes was that whereas we were finding our way into the match, our chances were much more dangerous than theirs. IN the first half, they had a couple of half chances and took their one good chance, whereas we had about six half chances and two or three good chances, one of which went in.

  20. What is pleasant to see is that we now have at least two players who realise that shooting is a vital part of achieving goals. And I noticed we avoided pitty-patty close passing in the Fulham area.;)

  21. Another thing that I like, is the quick transition from defence to offence that we showed today. Ironically, it was Monreal trying to do this that resulted in the Fulham goal but in general it opened up the field for so many chances for us that the one goal we conceded didn’t matter. I’ve got to think that defenders across the league are starting to notice the speed of our counters.

  22. Man$sity have forced treatments on two Liverpool! players, and with a couple of minutes left in a 0-0 game, Atkinson feels he needs to give Man$ity the win. And Mahrez screws up

    Does Atkinson give Man$ity another penalty?

  23. Watch out Gooners….the signal has been given, ¨Arsenal don’t like it up them¨ as Manu often said, so we,ll be seeing serious foul play and dangerous tackles meant to shorten a Gunner’s leg ,more often as the PIGMOB permit rotational fouling, encourage ferocious leg-breaking tackles, turn a blind eye to excessive physical aggression, pretend that yellow and red cards only exist for punishing Arsenal, etc. My predictions are that:

    1) The PIGMOB will advise their officials that Arsenal have to be ¨controlled¨ and taught a lesson for their effrontery at winning 9 in a row,

    2) The managers will follow Fergie’s dictum that good old English brutality will always even out the playing field against the Arsenal,

    3) Our opponents will start to fear Arsenal’s goal scoring prowess and resort to hyper-aggressive, desperate last-minute and dangerous tackling, charging, and fouling, knowing that they can get away with it, make their supporters happy and please their neanderthal managers.

    What remedies do we have? Emery’s tactical nous, the Gunners’ skills, our fitness and equally potent physicality, our speed and resourcefulness are all sufficient to overcome the upcoming deluge of cheating,fouling and brutality.

  24. When Jesus had his face scratched in the penalty box Atkinson was blind. However, when his sight was restored and the foul on Sane was called a penalty, Mahrez did a great trial for American football kicker.

    When one considers the cost of those players that are praised daily but couldn’t score!!!

    Just look at this team that that’s not grounded – The Arsenal. They pass the ball with flicks & tricks with one touch arrogance & end up with a blind reverse flick into the goal. I suppose it’s just lucky. The money caught the eye but the class shone brighter than the worth.

    What a fantastic display of Football the Arsenal Way.

  25. The movement and spacing of Arsenal in the last 20 minutes was quite a treat to see. I felt a little sorry for Fulham as they were chasing shadows.

  26. Arsenal score a ‘Wenger Ball’ goal.

    Arsenal win 5- 1 away from home.

    Arsenal are back in the top 4.

    Arsenal are back above Spurs.

    All we need now is Ian Wright to slag us off on Talksport tomorrow and I really will start to believe the World is back on it’s correct axis.

  27. I am OK with people being cautious about us winning the league. After all, we are still not quite airtight on defence and our pressing is a bit hit and miss. But, I am not OK with people using pro forma attacks from three years ago. Our team is considerably different both in terms of personnel and in terms of how we play. And, we have only just started learning a new system. Our players are not yet moving instinctively and this will take time.

    Those who are abjectly pessimistic about us in the media are clearly missing the biggest change about our team and its followers (which makes sense since most seem to be from the North West)…we are, right now, quite optimistic about our future.

  28. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a news article about Arsenal from the Borneo Bulletin. Hopefully there are lots of fans in Borneo. Thanks for the news people.

  29. OT: News in general

    I stumbled across a world map of newspapers.

    You need javascript enabled in order to use the page. The northern most English language newspaper is Nunatsiaq News in Iqaluit. Scandanvia has many newspapers further north than Iqaluit, but the most northerly is Svalbardposten in Svalbard. The most southerly English language newspaper appears to be Antarctic Sun. It is not a general newspaper. The south island of New Zealand and Tasmania seem to have many English language newspapers. South Africa has some English Language newspapers, but another out of the way newspaper is Tristan Times in Edinburgh of the Seven Seas – Tristan da Cunha. They don’t appear to have a sports section.

    Football in American Samoa appears to be of the gridiron variety. No mention of Arsenal in the most recent page. The Fiji Times has the right kind of football, no mention of Arsenal in the Sports section. The Solomon Star (Solomon Islands) also has the right football, no news about Arsenal.

    This map isn’t perfect. It looks like there are newspapers in Dawson Creek and Ft.St.John, but if you click on the Dawson Creek one, it is some Edmonton newspaper.

    They are showing a Welsh newspaper in Wales.

    Just picking newspapers at random, most seem to have local news.

  30. @ Gord – 07/10/2018 at 10:06 pm – The island of Borneo consists of the kingdom of Brunei ; the Indonesian province of Kalimantan ; and East Malaysia regions consisting of Sabah and Sarawak .

    We in peninsular Malaysia probably don’t get those papers , other than the online version. Others like me have totally given up reading newspapers.

  31. Thanks Brickfields – didn’t realise that Brunei was part of Borneo. There was a fantastic set of BBC programmes on the rare & wild creatures in the Amazon & Borneo. Truly fascinating particularly the birds of paradise & the moths & butterflies.

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