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  1. Gord

    27 GF/3 GA/+24 GD

    Congratulations women Gunners!

  2. Andrew Crawshaw


    Great result for the Women. Full report to come, probably tomorrow. Chelsea dropped two more points, they will need to win the Champions League in order to play in it next year.

  3. CorporateMan

    COYG! Let’s beat Leicester tomorrow and Palace on Sunday and go top of the table; that’s where we belong!

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I had thought I am the only Gooner that’s thinking and wishing Arsenal to gradually go to the top of the table sooner that much latter this season. But now I can see I have a fellow Untolder who also has the same thinking and wish as I.

    But first thing first. The Gunners should tomorrow at the Ems seize the opportunity that is now dangling to their faces to go 3rd in the table singular on their own and go there by beating Leicester City 5 nil to top Chelsea on GD in 3rd position in the table. Will Arsenal then beat Leicester 5 nil tomorrow night? I think they will.

    Many of Arsenal Hale End players are doing very well in their football because of the superior knowledge, training and coaching they are getting or have received at the Arsenal academy schools. And also couple with the hard work they’ve put into their training at the schools which is making them good footballers to seek after by some other club sides. Obviously these top quality products the Arsenal academy schools is turning out for the club on periodic basis is helping immensely allowing the club to save a lot of money in transfer fees if these players were to be signed from the transfer market. Emilie Smith-Rowe a product of the aged schools has recently this season broken into the senior team I’ll think, to follow the likes of Hector Bellerin, Alex Iwobi and Ainsley Matland-Niles who have broken into the senior team squad already. And Reiss Nelson is looking to join the quartet next season after he has completed his loan deal at Hoffenheim.

  5. Mike

    Am I the only one who’s thinking that the reason we have so many great young players coming through at the moment is because of that completely crap manager that we used to have who was absolutely useless because he couldn’t compete with clubs spending much more than us!

  6. Jammy

    Mike – Nah, everyone knows that Wenger had literally all of the money in the universe available to him, he just decided not to use it because he is a tight penny-pincher that would rather save a few quid of someone else’s money than achieve success.

    (As unbearably stupid as all of that sounds, that was honestly the logic of so many Arsenal “fans”)

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