Season Level Games Goals
2017 England U16 2 0
2017–2018 England U17 9 0
2018– England U18 5 1
2018– England U19 3 1

Then there is the defender Zech Medley, who might just play as a full back in the same team as  Laurent Koscielny and thus make his debut.   He started last season as captain of the under 18s but was then moved up to the PL2 playing for the under 23s.   So far he has played there 13 times.

And here’s a little thought to help us on our merry way: Arsenal have picked 26 players in the Europa League this season in the five games this far – more than any other team.  Some of course will criticise that because they are always looking for anything to criticise in terms of Arsenal.  But I think that is great – a wonderful way of encouraging the current crop of young players (who I think are quite exceptional) and of saying to youngsters who are thinking about which youth team to go for, at Arsenal if you are good enough you will get a chance to play.