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  1. GoingGoingGooner

    Canada did nothing about doping until Ben Johnson was caught but then it called in all its top sprinters and put them on the stand. Of course, Canada’s results fell as many of them were banned, but it went a long way to clean up sport in the country and to change people’s and the media’s perceptions of amateur sport. Professional sport was largely untouched, though. As for betting, etc. the Americans still have the example of the baseball superstar, Pete Rose, to point at. Accused of betting on his own team’s games, he has been prevented from entering the baseball hall of fame because of it. The position of Commissioner in Baseball is due to the Black Sox, betting scandal of 1919.

    I guess we are waiting for an egregious offense or scandal in the Premier League, that no one can ignore, before anything is done.

    • Oro Thierry

      I think this egregious scandal have already happened. The one which cost Fat Sam his job. The problem is as long as money flows in English football, everything is ok. The PL generates outrageous amount of money right now. Clubs are getting more richer, national team is begining looking watchable now – football is coming home. English football is in a sort of fairy tale right now. Change we don’t need!!!

  2. Andrew Crawshaw


    There is no scandal in English football and the PGMO is a model organisation which all other countries should emulate.

  3. Andrew Crawshaw

    Off topic – a very Happy New Year to all ‘Untolders’ everywhere

  4. Mikey


    Happy New Year to you and other loyal fans too.

    As regards your previous post…………LMAO!

  5. Brickfields Gunners

    A Happy New Year to all ye faithful, hardcore and resolute Untolders.

    Very revealing and informative article , Walter. Do hope that most of them culprits end up in gaol !

    I ‘d like the EPL to be shaken up and cleaned from top to bottom, but am not holding my breath . Not if the complicit media keeps on heaping more sand on the ostrich’s head ! And if the paying public are still gullible .

    But I do wish for peace on earth for all, no more strife or wars , no more fixed elections , cheating ,scams, etc.

    That ought to free up time for those alleged Russian hackers , who can then turn their attention on to the EPL ,and really expose all the shittyness. We’d of course pay them for their time and work !

    As for the Arsenal, let us go on another unbeaten run, starting today.

    Up the Gunners !

  6. Brickfields Gunners
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