The FA Cup Third Round – All the games and match officials including those on VAR duties

by Andrew Crawshaw

Here courtesy of are all of the games and officials including those on VAR duty.  Kickoffs are at 15:00 unless noted:-

Friday 4 January

19.45pm Tranmere Rovers FC v Tottenham Hotspur,

Referee Andre Marriner

Assistant Referees Edward Smart & Marc Perry

Fourth Official Paul Tierney.  The result was 0-7.

Saturday 5 January

12.30pm Manchester United FC v Reading FC

Referee Stuart Attwell

Assistant Referees Darren Cann & Andrew Garratt

Fourth Official David Coote

VAR Jonathan Moss

AVAR Stephen Child

12.30pm Sheffield Wednesday FC v Luton Town

Referee Robert Jones

Assistant Referees Jonathan Hunt & Adam Matthews

Fourth Official Daniel Middleton

12:30 Shrewsbury Town FC v Stoke City FC

Referee David Webb

Assistant Referees Paul Hodskinson & John Flynn

Fourth Official Simon Mather

12:30 AFC Bournemouth v Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Referee Michael Oliver

Assistant Referees Adam Nunn & Ian Hussin

Fourth Official Craig Hicks

VAR Craig Pawson

AVAR Sian Massey-Ellis

12:30 West Ham United v Birmingham City FC

Referee Roger East

Assistant Referees Scott Ledger & Derek Eaton

Fourth Official Alan Young

VAR Lee Probert

AVAR Constantine Hatzidakis

12:30 West Bromwich Albion FC v Wigan Athletic FC

Referee Keith Stroud

Assistant Referees Steven Meredith & Mark Pottage

Fourth Official Josh Smith

12:30 Burnley FC v Barnsley FC

Referee Simon Hooper

Assistant Referees Simon Beck & Richard West

Fourth Official Graham Salisbury

VAR Lee Mason

AVAR Dan Cook

Bolton Wanderers FC v Walsall FC

Referee Darren England

Assistant Referees Neil Davies & Daniel Robathan

Fourth Official James Oldham

Gillingham FC v Cardiff City FC

Referee Tim Robinson

Assistant Referees James Mainwaring & Samuel (Sam) Lewis

Fourth Official Antony Coggins

Brentford FC v Oxford United

Referee Jeremy Simpson

Assistant Referees Nigel Lugg & Darren Blunden

Fourth Official Christopher O’Donnel

Everton FC v Lincoln City FC

Referee John Brooks

Assistant Referees Akil Howson & Lee Venamore

Fourth Official Michael Salisbury

Chelsea v Nottingham Forest FC Saturday

Referee Andrew Madley

Assistant Referees Timothy Wood & Daniel Leach

Fourth Official Darren Drysdale

Derby County FC v Southampton FC

Referee Oliver Langford

Assistant Referees Andrew Fox & Shaun Hudson

Fourth Official Neil Hair

Accrington Stanley FC v Ipswich Town FC

Referee Dean Whitestone

Assistant Referees Matthew Jones & Wayne Grunnill

Fourth Official Steven Copeland

Fleetwood Town FC v AFC Wimbledon

Referee Ross Joyce

Assistant Referees Grant Taylor & Darren Wilding

Fourth Official Benjamin Speedie

Middlesbrough v Peterborough United FC

Referee James Linington

Assistant Referees Matthew McGrath & Philip Dermott

Fourth Official Andrew Miller

Aston Villa FC v Swansea City FC

Referee Gavin Ward

Assistant Referees Mark Russell & Geoffrey Russell

Fourth Official Samuel Allison

17:30 Newcastle United FC v Blackburn Rovers FC

Referee Kevin Friend

Assistant Referees Matthew Wilkes & Adrian Holmes

Fourth Official Martin Coy

VAR Craig Pawson

AVAR Simon Bennett

17:30 Crystal Palace FC v Grimsby Town FC

Referee Martin Atkinson

Assistant Referees Harry Lennard & Lee Betts

Fourth Official John Busby

VAR Jonathan Moss

AVAR Gary Beswick

17:30 Bristol City FC v Huddersfield Town FC

Referee Peter Bankes

Assistant Referees Nick Greenhalgh & Matt Foley

Fourth Official Kevin Johnson

17:30 Blackpool FC v Arsenal 5.30pm

Referee Michael Dean

Assistant Referees Michael McDonough & Andrew Halliday

Fourth Official Paul Tierney

17:30 Norwich City FC v Portsmouth FC

Referee Darren Bond

Assistant Referees Mark Jones & Robert Merchant

Fourth Official Dean Skipper

Sunday 6 January

14:00, Millwall FC v Hull City 

Referee Andy Woolmer

Assistant Referees Ian Cooper & Graham Kane

Fourth Official Robert Whitton

14:00 Preston North End FC v Doncaster Rovers FC 

Referee Andy Davies

Assistant Referees Adam Crysell & Billy Smallwood

Fourth Official Barry Lamb

14:00 Fulham v Oldham Athletic FC

Referee Anthony Taylor

Assistant Referees Gary Beswick & Simon Bennett

Fourth Official Lee Swabey

VAR Lee Probert

AVAR Ian Hussin

14:00 Manchester City FC v Rotherham United FC

Referee David Coote

Assistant Referees Peter Kirkup & Simon Long

Fourth Official Paul Marsden

VAR Lee Mason

AVAR Derek Eaton

14:00 Woking FC v Watford FC

Referee Graham Scott

Assistant Referees Stephen Child & Nick Hopton

Fourth Official Roger East

14:00 Queens Park Rangers FC v Leeds United AFC

Referee Geoff Eltringham

Assistant Referees Dean Treleaven & Adrian Waters

Fourth Official David Rock

14:00 Sheffield United FC v Barnet FC

Referee Tony Harrington

Assistant Referees Mark Dwyer & Michael George

Fourth Official Leigh Doughty

16:30 Newport County AFC v Leicester City FC 

Referee Christopher Kavanagh

Assistant Referees Sian Massey-Ellis & Dan Cook

Fourth Official Michael Oliver

Monday 7 January

19:45 Wolverhampton Wanderers FC v Liverpool FC

Referee Paul Tierney

Assistant Referees Constantine Hatzidakis & Stuart Burt

Fourth Official Andre Marriner

VAR Anthony Taylor

AVAR Harry Lennard

One match kicks off the 3rd round, tonight, Tranmere Rovers against Spurs  without the benefit of VAR.

On Saturday

Seven matches kick off at 12:30, four (United, Bournemouth, West Ham and Burnley) with VAR.

Ten kick off at 15:00, none of which will have VAR.

Five kick off at 17:30 including Arsenal, Newcastle and Crystal Palace get VAR, we don’t

On Sunday 

There are seven matches with a 14:00 kick off, Fulham and Man City get VAR

Newport v Leicester kick off at 17:30 without VAR

The Round finishes on Monday evening with Wolves v Liverpool this last match having the benefit of VAR.

The eagle-eyed of you will all have noticed that our allocated referee is none other than our old friend Mike Dean.  Enough to send most of us looking for conspiracy theories, particularly as VAR is not going to be in use for this match.  Whilst it is entirely possible that he will tilt the pitch, he will have to do it to an extraordinary degree to enable Blackpool to have any real chance of getting anything from the game.

Our players need to be careful of making any challenges that can be interpreted as worthy of a card and certainly anything in our penalty area will be picked on with glee.  Equally it is extremely unlikely that we will bet a penalty ourselves if past history is any indication.

We need one of our rare quick starts and a couple of goals in the opening exchanges to take the result out of Mr Dean’s hands entirely.


10 Replies to “The FA Cup Third Round – All the games and match officials including those on VAR duties”

  1. Tierney as assistant VAR, won’t get a penalty then even nailed on. Probably a yellow or two.

  2. Ah, just seen we don’t have VAR not sure whether that is better or worse with those two.

  3. On VAR duties for each match there are a PGMO referee and assistant referee. I’m not sure exactly what each of them is required to do. Presumably they will look at incidents from those perspectives, although how that helps getting the right decisions I don’t know. I’ll ask Walter if he can give a note of clarification.

  4. In Belgium where VAR is already in place in every match there are always two VAR referees on duty in a match. On Assistant VAR who will focus on the offside decisions and one VAR who will focus on the refeee decisions. They do this to make sure that when double decisions (eg doubtful offside and possible foul) are at stake so each can come to the conclusion quicker in their field of experience.
    Mind you even with VAR the ref on the field has the final word. VAR and AVAR can only call the referee over and say he should have a second look. If the ref on the field ignores it, he can do this

  5. My latest data on Mike Dean:

    He has supervised 22 treatments as of Game Day 21, 15 against home teams and 7 against away teams (statistically, these two values are similar). In the course of those 22 treatments, the home team needed to substitute the player 4 times, and the away team 3 times (that is even closer to being similar). The length of time the home team was short-handed was 22 minutes, and the away team 15 minutes. My guess is those numbers are similar.

    Compared to the previous time Mike Dean appeared, he had no change in ranking.

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