Final score and live match report FA Cup Blackpool – Arsenal : 0-3

By Walter Broeckx

Apparantly Koscielny injured himself before the match so the line up given at first had to be changed. Jenkinson came in his place. Nketiah leading the line in this match.

Arsenal team at the start: Cech, Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Willock, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Ramsey, Iwobi, Nketiah
On the beach: Martinez, Jenkinson,Medley, Torreira, Guendouzi, Lacazette, Saka

Nketiah with a first chance after 2 minutes but his missed the target. It was a good move from the youngsters up front setting up Nketiah. But at the other end Cech had to stop a break through from Blackpool and had to make a stop. A second chanc for Nketiah but again he missed the target this time from close range. The pitch looks to be rather bumpy and certainly not the quality we are used to at our stadium. Nketiah was brought down just outside the penalty area. Ramsey with the free kick that crasched against the goalpost and then Willock headed in the rebound. GOAL! 0-1 to The Arsenal after 11 minutes. What a free kick from Ramsey by the way.

A cross from Iwobi finds Jenkinson who heads back in front of goal but Blackpool can clear before an Arsenal striker can put it over the line. Blackpool with the old trick of pushing and pulling the keeper but Dean gives a foul. Surprise. Cech with a good stop on a deflected shot from Blackpool. Elneny with a shot that trickled wide. Arsenal has to attentive with crosses to the big lump centre forward from Blackpool who is physically very strong it seems. A shot from Iwobi goes just wide after some sustained pressure from Arsenal. Dean then with the I think the spuds scored from a free from there but the flag had gone up so it wouldn’t have counted anywas if Cech hadn’t stopped he header. Still 0-1 to The Arsenal after 30 minutes.

Blackpool do have a few players with PL experience on the field in Spearing and Delfouneso. Arsenal attack on the right flank after bringing up the ball from the back. Iwobi for once on the right gave it to Jenkinson who put in a low cross that was diverted slightly in the middle by Nketiah. The ball trickling down to the far post and Willock once again on hand to put it over the line. GOAL!! 0-2 to The Arsenal aafter 38 minutes.

Nketiah almost away but the keeper first on the ball. Kolasinac with a good run forward but his cross was too close to the keeper. 1 minute of extra time but nothing changed so Arsenal go in at half time despite a last second effort from Nketiah that was clawed away by the Blackpool keeper. 0-2 after 45 minutes.

Blackpool trying a few long balls a the start of the second half but apart from a shot that went well wide not much danger. Arsenal win a corner that is worked out between Iwobi and Ramsey but the latter sees his shot diverted. Arsenal mostly trying to keep control of the match. Kolasinac with a pull and Dean finds this enough to pull out a yellow card. Oh Dean…. A bit later a low cross from Blackpool goes past everyone apart from a Blackpool player who shoots over from 11 meters out. Arsenal playing too casual for the moment and Cech almost with a slip when we play the ball out from behind. Come on guys score that third goal. Still 0-2 after 60 minutes.

A slight contact from Willock is given as a foul by Dean but ath the other end an Arsenal player is burried in the ground but nothing is given. The free kick results in a dangerous situation in front of the Arsenal goal. After 63 minutes Lacazette comes on and Nketiah who could and probably should have scored goes off. Blackpool keep on blocking the keeper at corners but Dean sees nothing wrong with it now. A good attack from Arsenal but Willock can’t come to a shot and then Elneny shoots wide. The Blackpool keeper then pulled something after a goal kick and it looks he can’t continue. Kolasinac has a first attempt at the new goalkeeper but his shot goes well over. Still 0-2 after 75 minutes wit not that much to report in this phase of the match.

Arsenal attack but the cross from Lacazette goes past everyone in the box. The match now very much like the pitch: bumpy and so the quality not that high. Kolasinac offers Willock his hattrick but the flag had correctly gone up for offside. Arsenal win the ball high up the pitch and Lacazette gives it to Ramsey who takes a shot that is half saved by the keeper but Iwobi is on hand to tap in the ball. GOAL!!! 0-3 to The Arsenal after 82 minutes. Repley shows Iwobi was offside when Ramsey took his shot so he and we can count ourselves a bit Lucky with what looks to be the first error of one of the assisants.

Meanwhile Zach Medley replaces Kolasinac. Iwobi is send away from our own half but he can’t get the ball behind the keeper who can stop his shot. Iwobi is then taken off and Saka comes on after 85 minutes. Arsenal just keeping the ball in the closing minutes of the match. Come on play in Saka and let us have a look at what he can do. Ramsey almost with a goal but the keeper came out of his area and then Saka couldn’t come to a shot at the rebound. 4 minutes of extra time. In which nothing really happened.

Arsenal make no mistake in their first match in the FA cup under Emery Unai. It was a comfortable win and the scoreline could have been higher if Nketiah would have been in top form. Willock will be the hero of the day with his two goals. Well done guys.


16 Replies to “Final score and live match report FA Cup Blackpool – Arsenal : 0-3”

  1. Gunners are getting lots of shots, not many on target though. Sharpen those aims guys!


  2. Not a bad first half. Poor pitch…almost every player has to use two touches. I like the effort being put in by our young players tracking back and running onto through balls. As Blackpool tires we are going to get chances. You can see that this is a makeshift side, though, as many of our runs are a little mistimed.

  3. The BT commentators trying their best to show that Iwoba controlled the ball with his arm in the build up to the second goal.
    Absolutely pathetic.

  4. So far no major Deanisms, he has been relatively benign. I just hope we continue to keep it clean and give him no chance to send a player off

    I fancy Nketiah to straighten up his aim in the second half, also Iwobi to score

  5. MickHazel

    You are right about the nonsense that Iwobi handled the ball — even if the useless commentators were correct (note the Liverpool connection – again) they seem to have forgotten that a key requirement in the Laws of the game that handball has to be intentional.
    In the split second it supposedly happened, Iwobi would have been a magician to control the ball on thigh and arm intentionally.
    Knowing the Laws of the Game are not needed for numbskull commentators.


  6. Some twits about Mike Dean:

    Until Mata and Rashford came on Mike Dean was the only one showing any sort of desire to win for Manchester United.

    Mike Dean in charge of big televised games is like Katie Hopkins with a whistle.

    Mike Dean will go home, pour a glass of red, check how many tweets contained his name and then log the results on an Excel Spreadsheet.

    Mike Dean started well here, really imposing himself on the game, but he’s faded a bit and you’ve barely noticed him. Needs to step it up

    BREAKING: Man United announce they’ve put in a £40 million bid to buy Mike Dean from Tottenham Hotspur


  7. I have no commentary on my stream…strangely unbiased! 🙂

    It did show Iwobi and the second goal…clearly used his chest/tummy.

  8. Dean up to his old tricks. Phantom call on us and nothing for a two footed challenge from behind on them.

  9. Well, Iwobi gets his goal. Is this a debut for Medley? I don’t think so. Isn’t he really big/tall?


  10. Watched this on a Dutch language stream. No mention of handball for 2nd goal. What a surprise!!!!

  11. @Gord,

    I think Zech Madley is either 6ft 3 or 4. He is likely to be some player when he fills out in a year or two.

  12. Offside or no offside and ball handling or no ball handling, the most important thing is Arsenal have won the match and that is uthentic. Irespective of whether Mike Dean did anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the FA Cup in the game or not. It’s doesn’t count nor matter. What counted and mattered is Arsenal have won the match and that is important and the most important thing in the match as far as Arsenal are concerned.

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