Two players absolutely totally dead certain to sign for Arsenal plus new Director of Football

By Sir Hardly Anyone

And those two players are…

“£26m star ready to snub Man Utd to join Arsenal after Gunners make contact over deal”

That headline is from Football-Talk and it relates to Yannick Carrasco.

The other player comes through this headline…

“Offer accepted: Player agrees Arsenal transfer after chat with Unai Emery, talks between clubs…”

That is from CaughtOffside which says that “Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez has reportedly had a verbal agreement with Arsenal manager Unai Emery over a transfer to the Emirates Stadium this January.”

That story is more or less everywhere…

“Denis Suarez to Arsenal: Barcelona swap seen as deal that would ‘suit all parties’” says the Daily Star

“Arsenal ‘tested the ground’ with agent, total approval, player even willing to take pay cut” pronounces  Sport Witness.

But what of Yannick Carrasco?

He is 25, and Belgian playing as a winger for Dalian Yifang.   Also known as 大连一方足球俱乐部   He started with Monaco where he scored 20 goals in 105 games, winning Ligue 2 in his first season and finishing runner-up in Ligue 1 in the second.

So what is Dalian Yifang?

Dalian Yifang Football Club is a professional Chinese club that plays in the Chinese Super League.

Which to gather it all together says we are going to sign a Belgian player who plays as a winger in China.

But if you are worried, please don’t be because the Sun calls him tbe “ex-Atletico Madrid ace”

And as if this were not enough, there is another tale under the utterly incomprehensible title ED-ING BACK?

The story in the Sun says that “Arsenal offer Invincibles star Edu role as director of football but must lure him away from Brazil”.   And the luring is explained by the fact that Edu is the current Technical Director of the Brazilian national team.

The whole story is blamed on Globoesporte (isn’t it funny how the Sun never take any responsibility for any story they run).

So let’s hope his passport is in order, if he does get the job.  If there is a job.

10 Replies to “Two players absolutely totally dead certain to sign for Arsenal plus new Director of Football”

  1. Just looking at the VAR images used in Spuds – Chelsea. So the line for offside only focusses on the feet it seems. Kane was level with his feet but his body was leaning forward and thus he was in an offside position but it was not given and so the penalty was given. It seems the PGMO also seems to be able to mess up the VAR system….

  2. If the board back the manager then we will be ok ( financially ) if they don’t then we will be in a bigger mess than in our entire history both on and off the field.. if they are seriously thinking about getting back in the champions league .. Are they that stupid that not spending more money now from dipping in their own pockets .. we will never have a better chance of getting back in the champions league.. any way more money for everyone if they are clever .. we will just wait and see…. brilliant manager.. will see the true colours of young kroanke ……PLEASE KROANKE DONT LET US DOWN. IF YOU DO THE FANS OF AFC WILL NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET AND WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL 😡😡

  3. Wow! Nick using BIG letters!!

    VAR is just another tool for PGMOL to cheat with. It’s their officials that manage the whole system, from selections to appointments to corrupt implementation. There is no point waiting for change as all this seems to be a law unto itself.

    Kane has only got to decide which goals he wants as he did last season. He might even choose some scored in the Australian league!!

  4. @ Walter

    The Sky footage suggested that Kane was onside. The Chelsea footage suggested that he was offside. For some reason, everyone seems to be assuming that the Chelsea footage is better and therefore correct. In truth, however, it is no better than Sky’s footage. It enhances the possible illusion of offside every bit as much as Sky’s footage enhances the possible illusion of onside. Besides which, the official responsible for the VAR decision didn’t have the benefit of the Chelsea footage so was fully entitled to make the call that he did.

    If it’s any consolation to you however, Spurs were denied a 2-0 win by Oliver incorrectly blowing for a foul by Lamela as he was about to score.

  5. PGMOL are not even implementing VAR correctly. The referee should be able to look at a monitor at the side of the pitch – as everywhere else does. This is the ruling from IFAB.

    But no the PGMOL say the VAR referee has the final say – cant help thinking that allows for more corruption…

  6. Not me Menace…At least he doesnt try resort to racist thretening agressive and bullyboy posts that you do..You are the special one protected by Tony and Walter,,the gift that keeps on giving.

  7. When I saw the images used by the PGMOVAR I noticed a big difference between how they do the interpretation and how it is done in other countries. The images they showed are the “feet only” option. That is wrong.
    And it surprised me that the on field ref didn’t go to a monitor to see the images himself. I don’t know who the VAR ref was (Dean? 😉 ) but I think there might have been another conclusion if the onfield ref had seen the images himself.

  8. @ Walter

    No, I don’t think any on field official would have called it differently. They would still only have had the Sky footage to guide them. And there’s no way that you could determine from the Sky footage that any part of Kane’s body was ahead of the last defender.

    Besides which, as you should well know as a referee, the clear FIFA guidelines regarding offside for games covered by VAR are that linesmen should not flag for marginal calls and, instead, should let VAR do its job. And since last night’s instance was the very definition of a marginal call, the only person who truly erred was the linesman who flagged.

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