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  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Arsenal have the sufficient number of senior Gunners and the youth ones in place at both the Emirates Stadium and at the Hale end at the club that can make Arsenal to have a successful campaign this season to win 2 titles. Firstly, one in the domestic Cup competition and secondly, in the European Cup competition. And to also make the club to have a successful four place finish in the Premier League this season to qualify to play in the Ucl next season.

    Emery, the Gunners head coach is reported to have said in his pre West Ham match conference that Arsenal will not be signing any player on the permanent deal this January window. But he said the club could sign one or two players on a loan deals this winter window to reinforce the Arsenal first team squad. Fine. However, he didn’t give any reason as to why Arsenal will not be revamping their first team squad during the ongoing winter transfer window by doing one or two permanent deals signings for the club. But on our own part as Gooners we could allude that failure to revamp the Arsenal first team squad for the 2nd half of the season revamping exercise with at least 2 top quality new players of a defender and a striker must be as a result of the cash crunch currently prevalent at Arsenal finances possibly due to the repayments of the over $500m bank loan that Stan Kroenke, the Arsenal owner took from the German Deutsche bank to buy Alisher Usmanov’s sake holdings at Arsenal late last year which Kroenke has to now be tapping out money back from his various sporting franchise businesses including of course from that of his Arsenal FC money account to source for money to service the Deutsche bank loan he took. Hmmm. So, let us wait to see what next will happen at Arsenal during the next summer transfer window. But honestly, I am not against the Arsenal business model of self financial sustaining. If at all anything, I am in totally support of the business model. Because that’s how a business should be run in the first place. But the financial playing ground has to be level and not be galloping for all the PL club sides who are doing the same football business that Arsenal are doing.

    Now, going in to discuss the likely success of Arsenal over West Ham in the match tomorrow Saturday away in the PL, with the 5 top quality Gunners who have been sidelined with injuries but now have returned to resume full training last Wednesday for the West Ham match. Therefore, Emery should be in a strong position now to name a very strong Gunners starting XI team and a strong bench too to play against West Ham at the London Stadium and be successful at beating the Irons very well collecting the whole 3 points at stake in the match if all things work according to the plan being planned for the Gunners by Arsenal to execute the plan to a greater success in the match to collect the maximum 3 points at stake in the match by the very strong starting XI Gunners team and a strong 7 Gunners on the bench that Emery will name to have play the match against West Ham matters a great deal. For, he has to get his starts and bench for the match correctly to the letter and not make the mistake of not getting it correctly.

    And in this regard, I will want Emery to take a serious look at my Arsenal 4-2-3-1 playing formation starts and the 7 Gunners strong bench that I’ve named in my starting XI and on the bench for the match and let him adopt them wholesale for the match without making any changes to them. For, these are the Arsenal correct starts and bench that will mold the West Hammers in the game with their hammers after the Gunners have collected them from their hands at gun point to start molding them immediately both the West Ham and the Arsenal teams stepped on the field of play to start playing the match at the blast of the whistle by the match center referee, Jonathan Moss authorizing the commencement of playing the match.

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