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  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Despite Jonathan Moss, one of the well known anti-Arsenal match referee in the PL at the Pgmo being the centre referee in the Gunners match away to the Irons at the London Stadium tomorrow Saturday afternoon in the PL, notwithstanding, if everything happens for Arsenal in this match according to the plan put in place by Arsenal to play the match and win it comfortably. Then, on getting to the field of play starting to play the match, Arsenal will at guns point collect all the hammers that are in the hands of the West Hammers and start hammering them thoroughly with the hammers bending them in the game to render they the West Hammers crooked and incapable of resisting the Gunners from attacking and beating them heavily in the game to the collection of all the priced spoils 3 points that are at stake for collection in the match. And if I may add, Arsenal are reported to have said they are not interested in sharing the spoils in the match with the West Hammers but take all the spoils 3 points away to the Emirates Stadium when returning back to North London after battling to success in the match. Thus the Gunners rejection of the overtures of the Irons to the Gunners in it’s totality to have the spoils in the match shared as it has been reported in the football grapevine media outlet this Friday afternoon today. Hmmm.

  2. Gord

    StateAid (1459:26:-22) v Arsenal (1530:31:-20) under Jonathon Moss 6th:25 (9:16 18:31 1:5)

    There might be a tendency for Moss to be harder on the Away team, which probably will happen.

    Brighton (1495:24:-21) v Liverpool (726:18:-21) under Kevin Friend 3th:31 (17:14 37:19 4:1)

    There might be a tendency for Friend to be harder on the Home team, and nobody cards Liverpool.

    Burnley (1401:17:-17) v Fulham (1480:19:-22) under Martin Atkinson 1th:35 (19:16 41:41 5:4)

    Atkinson seems to be equally hard on everyone, and he leads the referees with the most treatments supervised.

    Leicester (1327:18:-10) v Southampton (1239:27:-21) under Michael Oliver 5th:29 (13:16 20:26 3:5)

    Oliver almost equally treats Home v Away. Leicester is second lowest at inflicting treatments, so Southampton not likely to get kicked.

    Spuds (1087:17:-28) v ManU (1774:13:-27) under Mike Dean 8th:22 (15:7 26:12 4:3)

    Spuds and ManU lead the league in inflicting treatments, but the Spuds seldom get called for fouls or carded. Dean tends to be slightly harder on the home team.

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