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  1. Gord

    This is NOT a congratulations on NOT NOT getting into the NOT NOT NOT a trophy position.

    How Arsenal could line up with Denis Suarez

    On the ground? As in they will all be standing on the ground?

    Can we end this transfer window, so that there is actually the possibility of there being news in the news?

    The only “news” I am seeing, is that Sky Sprots thinks it has friends.

  2. bugdy

    To add, or rather counter, the pitch comments from Klopp; during TV highlights of some kind (can’t remember if it was MoTD or the news this morning) of the Liverpool Vs Leicester match they showed and commented on the Liverpool ground staff furiously working away to clear the penalty box of the end they were attacking, and then doing absolutely nothing to their own defensive end. Although not against the rules, but it should be, it’s not good sportsmanship is it?

  3. Gord

    Welcome Denis.

    I suspect that one of the factors surrounding Denis coming in, was Emile Smith Rowe leaving. Arsenal.com now saying he has been loaned to Leipzig. Good luck Emile!

    OT: Sokratis rehab

    Sokratis is receiving something called “capacitive resistive monopolar radiofrequency (CRMRF)-based treatment”. Of course, someone is got the word “patent” in there, implying the fact that because it is patented, it must be good. Their are tons of perfectly lousy things which are patented, being good is not relevant to the patent application and approval process.

    A paper on this is: https://indiba-germany.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Kumaran_Watson_20151.pdf

    This paper mentions one particular treatment, showing that it is delivering about 42W of energy as RF.

    The frequency involved is much lower in frequency than the “typical” microwave oven, and also much lower in energy rate.

    This treatment increases blood flow to the treated region.

  4. Gord

    OT: GD 24

    Liverpool got a yellow in the 16th minute, which gave them a little Caution (now at 811). For 14 fouls, Liverpool got a single card. Leicester committed 6 fouls for 3 yellows.

    The median of all EPL teams was 1553.5 with a MAD of 208. This puts Liverpool at 3.6 MAD off the median. The median of the ROTP is 1596.5, with a MAD of 131.5. The Top-6 references to the ROTP distribution are:

    Liverpool 811 -6
    Chelsea 1005 -4.5
    Spuds 1173 -3.2
    Man$ity 1345 -1.9
    Arsenal 1761 1.3
    ManU 1838 1.8

    Newcastle is at -3.5 MAD.

    At the low end for treatments, it is CPalace, Watford, Chel$ea, Man$ity, ManU. Cardiff and Arsenal are the 2 teams getting kicked the most.

    As far as inflicting treatments goes, Leicester is lowest at just over 1/2 of Man$ity in second (10 treatments for 15 minutes short-handed and 1 substitution). Burnley is in third, for a whopping 57 minutes of treatment and 5 substitutions. Arsenal now 4th lowest. Some of Arsenal’s inflictions are self-inflicted, but I have no data on this for other teams. The league is being led by CPalace, Spuds and ManU. CPalace victims have been short-handed for 65 minutes and needed 10 substitutions.

  5. Gord

    Some of the GD 24 foul/card data interested me. Looking up the card and foul stats from last year for the entire league, The average cards per game is 1.625 (per team) and the average fouls is 10.349, so the fouls per card is about 6.4.

    When you go playing with this by computer, you run into situations where there are more cards than fouls. Which is possible, but unlikely.

    Generating 100,000 games, the peak bin count is just below 4000. I am assuming Poisson statistics.
    10:1 3965 ManU, StateAid
    9:2 3191 Newcastle
    11:2 3074 Southampton, Fulham
    7:1 2635 Bournemouth
    14:1 1802 Liverpool, Huddersfield
    7:0 Spuds 1590
    8:3 1520 Burnley
    12:3 1413 Cardiff
    6:0 1055 Chel$ea
    14:3 803 Arsenal
    6:3 752 Man$ity, Leicester
    9:4 683 Everton
    8:4 588 Wolves, Watford, CPalace
    5:3 579 Brighton

    At least one of those Foul:Card ratios is close to most likely, and the least likely ratio is not quite a factor of 7 down.

    So there really isn’t anything unusual about any of those Foul:Card ratios.

  6. Gord

    For those who sprechen (I am very poor), here is a link on Emile’s loan to Leipzig.


  7. jjgsol

    I remember when we played Milan in the CL, they dug us the side of the pitch that TW operated from, thus making it virtually impossible for him to run there.

    That was the one they ended up winning on away goals and RVP missed the sitter in the 2nd half of the 2nd leg.

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