Chelsea banned, FA fined, Coventry on the edge…

By Tony Attwood

We’ve been here before, and before and before: the issue of the transfers of young players, and the way English clubs treat them.   There have been warnings and fines for several clubs over time – Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City – I won’t go through it all again, as we have covered it all before.

This time there was some thought that Fifa, exasperated by Chelsea’s activities with children on an industrial scale might lead to longer bans, particularly as the Spanish clubs that have been banned simply got around the issue by a) appealing to the always compliant arbitration panel CAS and getting the ban cut in half, and then b) simply doubling up their buying in the last window available to them.

But maybe Fifa are mindful that CAS are themselves now the subject of a court investigation as to whether their activities are compliant with EU rules.  We await the outcome of that one.

However there is the extra bit this time that the FA have finally been sanctioned for being complicit in the breaching of regulations concerning minors, and that, I suppose, is a tiny step in the right direction.

Chelsea have been caught out no less than 29 times this time around for breaching article 19 – the regulation concerning under age players and breaching regulations on third party involvement with players.   They also got a fine – which is fairly meaningless given the wealth of the owner.   The FA’s fine is more of an issue (just under £400,000) given their own financial problems.   They too will appeal.

Meanwhile there is more trouble brewing for Coventry City FC who have not been able to tell the Football League where they will play next season.  (Mind you Tottenham haven’t been able to tell the Premier League for much of this season, but PL rules seem rather more relaxed).   Coventry now have until 5 March to give an answer, otherwise they will be thrown out on 25 April – if other clubs support that move.

Coventry City state that they want to do a deal with Wasps Rugby Club who also play at the same ground.  But they are owned by Sisu, a financial company, who regularly take actions that are quite hard for mere mortals like me to grasp.  Sisu’s main occupation it seems is taking the local council to court, spending £millions in the process – and they appear to lose every time – or at least most of the time (there may have been a couple of cases I missed en route.

Basically because there are on going cases, Wasps can’t agree to stay at the venue, despite the success they have had in attracting a crowd there, and so the whole thing falls apart.

Sisu has been owner of Coventry since the start of 2008, and was blamed for mismanagement by the judge in the 2014 legal case, having stopped paying the rent it should have paid the council for the ground, 18 months earlier.  Among other things they took Coventry City to Northampton to play its games for one season.  A few of us went to watch one of the games there – the crowd was incredibly tiny.

What next for Coventry is anyone’s guess simply because it is hard to understand what Sisu is doing, in taking on and losing all these court cases.

What next for the FA and Chelsea is easier to see – they will of course appeal, and the compliant CAS will be compliant, unless it is ruled to be acting contrary to EU law in the meantime – although there is no date set for the case against CAS that is being bought.

The Daily Mail in an article just published has found over 40 Chelsea players out on loan at the moment, and suggests that Chelsea might need to bring some of them back to cover for the two window ban.  I suspect an appeal, and a lot of spending next summer will see them through – and matters will probably continue as before.

Plus ca change plus la meme chose, as I believe it is said in foreign parts.

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  1. UEFA given Lacazette another 2 match ban, maybe they too should be investigated for any bias or corruption.

  2. In the quest to get a top four place table finish this season, Let Arsenal beat the Saints on Sunday’s afternoon the 24th at the Ems in the PL to keep running on forward in the race and in their strides going on to reach the top four destination.

    As for the banning time and the fines on money imposed on Chelsea by Fifa as punishments to them stopping them from signing players from the transfer market for 4 transfer windows consecutively beginning from next summer window I am assuming is for their unlawful signings of numerous underage youth players whom they purposely have signed to input them into the their players loan market business cycle that is churning out money handsomely for the club in every transfer window whenever they loan out or sell any of these youth players. And also for the FA getting fined big money by the same Fifa for their knowingly aiding and abetting Chelsea in their illegal and criminal signing activities of youth players mainly for business money making and not for football reason in actual sense. But notwithstanding if both Chelsea and the FA are appealing their fines and the ban imposed on Chelsea and have appealed. Justice is seen on the way to be severed to both Chelsea and their Godfather the FA. Therefore, let’s wait to see how the Fifa appeal court will rule on the case when Chelsea and the FA make good of their threats to appeal their indictments by Fifa. And if the case got to the Sports appellant court – CAS, we’ll see how it will turnout. But will both Chelsea and the FA of all people be discharged and acquitted by CAS if the case got there or they’ll get a reduced fines and transfer banning time in the case of Chelsea? That assuming Their fines and the transfer banning time imposed on Chelsea will be upheld by the appeal court of Fifa.

    Let the compassionate, the merciful and the gracious Almighty God make Nigeria my country to have a peaceful Presidential and NASS general elections today Saturday, the 23th February, 2019. And let Him not allow the outcomes of the elections lead to any violence at any place in the country. And let Him also make the losers of the elections accept the declaration of the results of the elections by INEC on Sunday and thereafter. L pray in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth our Lord and Saviour the only begotten Son of the LORD God. Amen!

  3. Up in Sheffield where our Women take on Man City and there is a major blow for Zarsenal as leading goal scorer Viviane Miedema is only fit enough to be named on the bench.


    Sari Van Veenendaal (gk)
    Janni Arnth, Louise Quinn, Leah Williamson, Katharine Vene,
    Dominique Bloodworth, Kim Little, Danielle Van de Donk
    Lisa Evans, Beth Mead, Katie McCabe

    Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, Ava Kuyken, Amelia Hazard, Cat Albuquerque and Viviane Miedema

    Miedema looked to be struggling in each of her last two matches neither of which she scored in. The injuries to our squad continue to build up. Of our 19 senior players we only have 12 fully fit and one ‘walking wounded’. Ava, Amelia and Cat are all 17 years old and whilst promising youngsters are unlikely to be able to match City’s bench of full internationals

    Prior to kickoff at 12:15 it looks like a clear advantage to City. The game is live on BT Sports fron 12:00 for those of you not at Bramall Lane

  4. @Polo After watching some games in the UCL and Europa League this week I am convinced there is at least incompetence at UEFA, if not downright corruption.

    I saw the performance by our own Anthony Taylor. I watched both Shaktar – Frankfurt and Sevilla – Lazio. How the hell does that moron get games. He seems to have a rule book all of his own that bears no relation to the IFAB rules.

    I also could not believe the performance of Felix Zwayer in ATM – Juve. It seemed to me that Juve could do as they please without any sanctions. The BT sport panel once again seemed to be at another game – not that I expect anything else from the “bookies mates”

    It also seems that VAR at UEFA, just like the PIGMOB version, is designed to make sure the favoured teams are given even more help.

  5. Les Williams

    “It also seems that VAR at UEFA, just like the PIGMOB version, is designed to make sure the favoured teams are given even more help.”

    A point I have made on here many many times, right back to the very earliest days of it being mentioned.

    We will be screwed.

  6. First corner to City 5th Min. Too long and cleared without undue difficulty.

    Nearly a chance for Mead at the other end.

  7. Neither side have their shooting sights set yet in to the 14th min. Netither keeper troubled yet

  8. Referee good so far hasn’t missed anything

    Nearly an opening goal for Arsenal. Fast break and Löw Cross almost turned in by City captain.

    Resulting corner cleared

  9. 23 minutes in and another Arsenal corner on right hand side. Poor and goes straight out for goal kick.

  10. Another corner on the right for Arsenal. Weir blocked an Arsenal cross and seems to have jarred her knee. Play stopped. She’s now on her feet and OK to continue. Corner comes to nothing

  11. City making loads of niggling fouls Stanway gets yellow card for kicking the ball away after the latest. City frustrated at the moment. Four minutes to go in the first half

  12. City corner in added on time. Header just wide Good save by Sari in fact.

    First half ends no score.

  13. Good job Andrew. The Burnley /Spuds game has been uneventful & Dean has not made any controversial decisions thus far.

  14. Good defence by Quinn as City looked to spring a quick break

    City playing with more net sixty this half

  15. Intensity I meant. Corner Arsenal left hand side, throw in to Arsenal other side. Cleared

    Mead body checked off the ball blindside of the ref. 53 min sustatained pressure. Little went down on edge of area but again nothing from the ref.

    Commentator making apologies for the ref

  16. Yellow card for Bloodworth for foul on Parris. Min 58

    Parrish nearly headed the ball in from the. FK came back off the bar.

    Stanway got a final warning following some Afters.

  17. Miedema warming up. Another near miss from City as a free kick is. Issued by everybody.

    Sub for City Becky on for Wullaert

  18. Beckie not Becky

    Miedema on. For Arnth and Hazard for Veje off with an ankle injury. Into the last 20 minutes

  19. City looking the more likely to score at the moment.

    So far Miedema not touched the ball

  20. Last 10 minutes. City throw their half

    Players on both sides looking tired

    Corner to City, Parris booked for dissent.

  21. Cbig Chance City another good save but goal kick given

    Into last 5 minutes. City goal kick.

  22. Lots of. mistakes from both sides. Another save by Sari from long range shot..

    Extra time looming after 3 added minutes. Miedema just wide

  23. City off the post in the last of the 3 added on minutes. We go to extra time. No score after 90 minutes of very hard fought football.

    Whichever team makes the fewest mistakes will probably win.

  24. Arsenal. FK good position but Mead delivery not good enough.

    Arsenal throws in our half

    Miedema and Jill Scott both down following a tangle of legs. Jill Scott back up but walking very gingerly as is Miedema. Both back on.

    Another break in play, no one sure why. Arsenal restart with Goal kic

  25. Jill Scott about to come off for City but ball still in play

    Another great save by Sari

    Katie McCabe off receiving treatment Arsenal down to 10. Must be back on now

    City change Parriss off not sure who came on

  26. Hemp on

    First part of extra time over – still no score.

    Last 15 minutes. Jill Scott still on with crocked ankle.

    Header from Hemp just wide

    Then another good save by Sari

  27. Last 10 minutes

    Corner to Arsenal left side Cleared. City break but Arsenal strong enough. Arsenal. Gk.

    City again petulant after yet another of their fouls

    Another Arsenal left hand side came to nothing.

    Cross from City easy for Sari

    3 minutes to go

    City Shot over the bar. Sari had it covered

    City change with 2 mins to go. Emslie on for Weir

    City Cross all the way out for Arsenal throw.

    1 Minute added time before penalties

  28. Last throw in to Arsenal and whistle goes before it’s taken so we go to penalties.

  29. So it’s now up to Sari for Arsenal and Bardsley for City

    City first. Stanway scores bottom left corner unstoppable

    Little for Arsenal. Scores top right hand corner

    Hemp saved left side

    Williamson for Arsenal also saved

    Elmslie scores left side

    Danielle Van de Donk saved left hand side. Advantage City

    Houghton unstoppable into bottom left corner.

    Bloodworth needs to score. Bardsley gets yellow card. Scores bottom left corner

    Beckie scores for City bottom left corner again

    City win on penalties by 4 goals to 2

  30. We now just have to concentrate on winning the league. Win our games in hand over City and we win the league.

    Thanks for bearing with me

  31. Well done ladies – no shame to hold City to penalties.

    Better luck in the remaining competitions.

  32. Thanks for the reports, Andrew. Reading was almost as tense as watching! Sorry we lost but looks like we put up a great fight.

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