Arsenal v Newcastle Utd: the prediction based on this season’s analyses.

By Tony Attwood

This is going to be another match I’ll miss what with being in Australia for a few more days before flying home.  But of course it is still possible to see how our prediction system of analysing the home and away performance of each club comes up with a result.  And it has served us well this season, so I’m growing in confidence.

At home we continue to be flying – third in the table taking home matches only into account, equal on points with Liverpool although they have one home game in hand.   And let us not forget we are nine points above Chelsea in terms of points gained at home, although again they have one game in hand.

Home games only

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Manchester City 16 15 0 1 53 12 41 45
2 Liverpool 15 13 2 0 44 9 35 41
3 Arsenal 16 13 2 1 37 12 25 41
4 Chelsea 15 9 5 1 29 10 19 32
5 Manchester United 14 8 5 1 28 18 10 29
6 Tottenham Hotspur 14 9 1 4 25 13 12 28
7 West Ham United 16 8 3 5 27 23 4 27
8 AFC Bournemouth 16 7 5 4 28 21 7 26
9 Everton 16 7 4 5 23 21 2 25
10 Wolverhampton Wanderers 15 7 3 5 22 19 3 24

13 Replies to “Arsenal v Newcastle Utd: the prediction based on this season’s analyses.”

  1. Bon voyage when it happens
    When I used to travel back & forth from Brisbane each year,
    I always preferred Singapore as the break in the journey.. hotel in transit lounge, rooms available / hour, open-air swimming pool and full Premier League coverage via satellite tv.
    As far as this week’s match goes -it’s an evening game, innit? I haven’t got the resources/nous to compare results under lights with daytime games but I bet someone can..
    2-0 sounds reasonable to me, unless they Sp*rs it up, let in a silly late goal and have to scrap it out for the last 10 minutes and have a player sent off.
    But I shall always support the Arsenal..winning is just a bonus

  2. @Gord,

    Poor taste but monday’s Anthony Taylor is probably just as dangerous to AFC.

  3. I’m so glad the international break is over…. onto much more important things like the mighty Arsenal! These 2 weeks have dragged!!
    I’d be happy with 2-0… Torreira will be missed. Hope Xhaka makes it… COYG

  4. Whatever could be the kind of stubborn defending that could likely be put up on the game by Newcastle against Arsenal, and whatever could be the anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL likely to be perpetrated in the game by the PGMO’s referee, Anthony Taylor and his 2 match assistants against Arsenal using Newcastle to force Arsenal to drop 2 valuable points at home in the match will not work. Because come what may in the game and in the officiating of it, Arsenal will still beat Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium on Monday night.

    Nevertheless, let me advice the Gunners to not take their beating the Magipies lightly so as to avoid being caught napping in the game by them. The Gunners SHOULD take their beating the Magipies seriously. And play the match with all the seriousness that are in them not giving in to complacency or overconfidence in the game to beat the Magipies. For, giving in to such 2 anti-match win could cost Arsenal the win that they are after to obtain in the match.

    As a precaution, the Gunners in their defending in the game SHOULD keep an eagle eye watch on former Arsenal target, Almiron who can shoot powerfully to goal from 30 meters infeild but block him from taking such long range shot towards Arsenal goal. And let Leno be at alert to such long range shot coming to him in the Arsenal goal. Should such a long or short range shot be taken to him, if he can’t save the shot or shots but parry over, good. But he SHOULD not parry to play but parry to touch. Let Leno avoid the mistake of parring the ball into play. Because Rodon and Perez could be lurking in the box to capitalise.

  5. PGMO still doing the business.

    Man$ity have roughly twice as many fouls as Fulham and both of the treatments needed in the game have been Fulham players; but the only team to get cards is Fulham.

  6. I’m sorry I haven’t had the time this week for either the normal referee piece or a preview of the vital Women’s match tomorrow at Birmingham.

    Six hours a day with my wife for cancer treatment and then looking after her at home. Still treatment going well and only one more week to go before the thing is gone. The side effects of daily chemotherapy and radiotherapy are a bitch though and it is hard to watch her reduced (temporarily) to a sad parody of her usual wonderful self. My thoughts go out to anyone reading who is going through any kind of long term health issues.

    COYG cheer me up by beating Birmingham Ladies tomorrow, 12:30 on the BBC Red Button or online sports services, and Newcastle on Monday night. The U23s yesterday 1-0 against West Ham and the U18s this morning 8-0 againstSwansea have started the weekend off in the right way

    The U1is play second place Spurs on Tuesday evening in what will probably be a title decider. Spurs are second, one point bebend but with a game in hand.

    Thanks to the person who bought my seat for Monday through the clubs ticket exchange.

  7. Best of luck with the chemo for your wife Andrew. Mom and I visit a friend in Grande Prairie (80 miles) away, who went through chemo a year ago. He is mostly back to the health he had before the cancer (he developed polio as a child, so has been partially crippled all his life). Mom and I are still working on improving Mom’s memory.

    PGMO still doing the business.

    Most of the fouls and most of the treatments are by ManU, and Watford have the only card so far.

  8. @Andrew Crawshaw. Hope your wife gets better very soon man. My love to her even though she does not know me. But as long as you are a true-blooded Arsenal fan, which I know you are, we are family (sort of).

    I am quietly confident that the boys will deliver tomorrow. Like someone here said, being an Arsenal fan is all that is important. Winning games is a bonus. A good one.

  9. Dear Andrew , I do hope that your missus clears the final hurdle and gets well.soon. Our best wishes and fervent hopes for a full and total recovery.
    Cheers !

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