Who is the best Arsenal striker of all time?


There might still be several weeks to go in the season, but already there is an “end of term” feeling around Emirates Stadium. Sure, there is a big difference between finishing third or sixth, but to fans, even third will represent nothing more than a season of solid performances that never threatened to take the team to the very top.

There will time enough for looking at what opportunities were missed and the improvements that can be made for next season, but right now, we cannot help but think about some of the all time greats. For sure, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been a revelation, and he could well finish the season as top goalscorer, which would be a remarkable achievement up against the likes of Kane, Salah et al. But how would he have stacked up against these legends from across the years?

Cliff Bastin


Younger generations of fans might greet the name with a blank stare, but for years, Bastin was Arsenal’s top goal scorer of all time. His tally of 178 in only 395 games is remarkable by any standard, and were it not for the outbreak of World War Two, who knows what he might have gone on to achieve? As it was, world events brought his career to a premature end at the age of just 27. After the war, Bastin ran a pub in Exeter and enjoyed betting on his old team right up until his death in 1991. We can only imagine what he would make of the sports betting and NZ no deposit bonus on free-spins.org that are part and parcel of the 21st century.

Charlie George

With his blonde flowing locks and his ladies’ man reputation, Charlie George was the poster child of 1970s football. But there was a unique skill behind the façade, to the extent that Alexis Sanchez famously described how he watched footage of George  to improve his game. His overall tally might have been lower than others on the list, but this was the man who led Arsenal to their first ever league and cup double. George followed Bastin’s lead into pub ownership after his playing career, but now, he’s back with the Gunners in a corporate hospitality role.

Ian Wright

Wondering who finally managed to beat Cliff Bastin’s record? Of course, it was the man who was to the 90s what Bastin and George were to the 30s and 70s. Ian Wright hit the back of the net 185 times in 221 appearances. His insatiable appetite for goals, along with his larger-than-life personality made him a crowd favourite and a natural for the media roles that were to follow.

Thierry Henry

Deciding who is the greatest of all time is always going to be subjective. But if a straw poll was carried out at Emirates Stadium tomorrow, Thierry Henry would win it hands down. In fact, a recent survey voted him the greatest striker in Premier League history. 228 goals in 337 appearances speaks for itself, and he was the man who made dreams come true during the most successful years of the club’s history.

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  1. I wouldn’t rate Charlie George as a great goal scorer (although he did in fact score some exceptional goals), but his stats probably do not stand up as a consistent scorer. He rates as a legend of course, but his career was hampered by long term injuries. Shame, as he’s one of the best Arsenal players I have had the pleasure to actually see in his pomp.

  2. While Charlie George was ,my only favourite player ever , he was not a prolific goal scorer . But he had it all, flamboyant , cheeky , could score with either foot and a very good header of the ball. That he left us all too early , was to greatly weaken that double winning side. The sale of Ray Kennedy to Liverpool also did weakened us , and strengthened them .

    Wright and Smith were quite a formidable combination initially , but later route one football under GG , was our undoing.

    TH 14 will always be remembered for his goal contribution in the early AW years , as well as for the excitement he generated. Permanently etched in my mind will be Martin Tyler regularly screaming ” …Henrrryyyy ! ” , after scoring at the end of one of his many mazy runs !

    Let us hope that we may be fortunate enough to enjoy similar joy and pleasure for many years to come from both Aubameyang and Lacazette .

  3. If you get the chance go and see An Evening With Charlie George it is well worth the admission price as it’s brilliant fun. In the show CG describes himself as a scorer of great goals but not a great goalscorer. He is one of my all-time favourite Arsenal players.

    I would throw John Radford and Malcolm MacDonald into the mix. The former is very under rated and the latter had his career at Arsenal sadly curtailed by injury. My favourite goal scorer to watch was Ian Wright. The best I’ve seen was Thierry Henry.

  4. I guess would have to be Henry but two names from the past that I always regarded highly were David Herd and Joe Baker from the 60’s era when we were struggling mostly.Both prolific goalscorers and Herd had one of the hardest shots in football timed even fiercer than Bobby Charlton.

  5. Joe Baker’s record stands against anyone and his right hook against Ron Yeats was a precursor to the Cooper Ali fight and just as good a punch.

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