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  1. DeShalome

    it is interesting

  2. FrankA

    Although I’ve read this story previously, it’s still interesting reading it all over again.

    Kudos for reminding us.

  3. Kenneth Widmerpool

    Netflix: the Great Hack, have a look if you get the chance.

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    So, the envying, jealousying and hating of Arsenal by some top club sides presently in the Premier League started way back to 1912-13 season-106 years ago. Which was when Arsenal FC was manipulated down from division one League to the 2nd tier League. Which was facilitated through the corrupt collaborations of Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC at the time. And only God knew the amount of money that changed hands from Chelsea to Liverpool to help them facilitate their staying up in the top echelon of the League that season. But was done to the detriment of Arsenal which saw them painfully got relegated down from division I to division II. This act was appalling, pathetic, criminal, shameful and outrageous behaviour that were carried out by Liverpool and Chelsea against honesty, truth, justice and fairness in football which Arsenal were made to suffer for the act to become the victims. And I cannot disbelieve my thinking but believe it that the FA taking sides with Liverpool and Chelsea to cover up the evil deed that was perpetrated by the duo club sides was for nothing when Henry Norris raised his eyebrows and spoke against the match fixing that he watched Liverpool and Chelsea did blatantly. But would the FA who took side with Liverpool and Chelsea to overruled Norris be without haven gotten any financial inducements in return?

    Let me congratulate Arsenal FC and their teeming million fans across the world including myself for the club staying up in the 1st division renamed the Premier League consistently for a century now without been suffered any relegation to the lower League division again since they were last suffered conspiracy-relegation in season 1912-13 campaign.

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