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  1. Brickfields Gunners

    The real reason Mourinho snubbed Arsenal ?

    I actually shouldn’t be helping out that lot , but what the heck ! Take you pick –

    a) Arsenal won’t spend any fucking money .
    Fucking money of course refers to crazy money that the club don’t already have .

    b) The club won’t line his agent’s pockets by buying players from his stable.

    c) The club will not give him his own statue anytime . Ever !

    d)He was never in the picture,but as usual,our alleged interest got the Spuds moving.

    e) Arsenal will not be sacking UE anytime soon .

    f) The Arsenal fans for once are united in their distaste for him.

    g) The Spuds job is another stepping stone for a better offer.

    h) Arsenal fans do not want to see parked buses .

    g) Arsenal refuses to get relegated in their 100th year in the top division.

    Did I miss anything else ?


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