Yes we are getting under AFTV’s skin. Let’s keep it up

By Tony Attwood

This article is about AFTV.  In contrast to AFTV, Untold Arsenal has its own occasional set of videos.  If you would like to see how we do it, do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

This article has raised a number of questions about freedom of speech and as a result a further piece has been published: Freedom of speech vs the need to support the team which you may also enjoy.


Clearly our opposition to AFTV is having an impact on them – there is a six minute piece against what the owner calls “Negative Energy”, and the rubbish of “painting walls”.   He tells us to enjoy our Christmas…  and ends up over and over asking “What is wrong with these people,” a question we might ask of those involved with AFTV if it weren’t for the fact that it is all too painfully obvious.

So this is a long rant about intimidation from the most intimidating, nasty, negative intimidating set of videos of all time.

Now I would never normally give any link to AFTV but really this is so extraordinarily bizarre that it really needs to be watched just to be able to see what we are dealing with here.

The main thing to say is that this piece is that by outing AFTV for its negativity we are getting rants like this – which certainly shows to me we are having an effect.

If, by any chance you agree with me that the rampant negativity on AFTV is bad for the morale of the players, bad for the performance of the players, negative when it comes to the recruitment of players, and completely against the whole concept of supporting the team, then do pass this video on to others.

As my correspondent in Europe who alerted me to this video pointed out to me – you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

AFTV is utterly indefensible.  No one needs to be physical in any attack on it – all we need to do is to give to AFTV what AFTV gives to Arsenal players.   Remember, we are the “thugs” he wants to get out of football!!!!


As noted above the question of freedom of speech was raised by many of the comments below: here’s the link again for the follow up article Freedom of speech vs the need to support the team

43 Replies to “Yes we are getting under AFTV’s skin. Let’s keep it up”

  1. To be honest I can’t see what Robbie was making such a fuss over; especially as he says it’s only a minority and then to say in a tirade against them that they can’t intimidate him. Well Robbie I think that was an own goal, and I’m saying this as someone who actually likes the bloke.

  2. Arsenal have the worst form in hos many years?
    Arsenal have been declining in 10-15 years.
    Arsenal owner dont put a penny into the club
    Arsenal always lets in goals and the People in Change only buy attackers.
    A few of the players are lazy and dont give there all.
    Hell of a long wrong with this club.
    So i get the AFTV frustration on both club and players. What i dont understand is why its ok for the regular tvshows to skate everyone but aftv is not allowed?
    And it feels like this is taking easy points by go after aftv when everyone also is.
    Fans also have tight to have demands when someone dont do the job,like a big part of Arsenal Club.
    Are you really a Arsenal supporter?

  3. Yes , it is high time to get thugs , idiots , morons, and others of their ilk: those who are without formal education; without any work experience ; or any business or sport acumen ,stopped dead in their tracks , and out of MY ARSENAL !

    Goodbye you pieces of shit ! I shan’t miss you lot ! Have a great life . Or not !

  4. Keep your foot on their throats fellas. They’re an embarrassment to Arsenal Football Club.

  5. What some fans did with the guys involved with AFTV was disgraceful to say the least.

    We have all seen videos of Robbie being heckled and asked to leave and not shoot post that game which is deplorable to say the least, and to justify it as your pressure bearing fruit is even worse.

    Like you have an opinion so do they and it gives nobody any right to muzzle anyone whatsoever. Yes, there are excesses at times but that doesn’t mean they are the treated the way some people are advocating they be treated.

    Really disappointed by the stand of Untold on this one!

  6. Robbie blad where you got your idea dat the boyz wot sang to you woz morons? You give de morons a constant platform blad and you caint see de forest for de treez blad. Get your act clean and support Arsenal or call yourself AATV blad. You have de most negative ras on de planet from PGMOL and you neva say one ting bad ’bout dem blad. ‘Wenga out’ and you damn tink we like you? Get a life; go support dem chickens up de road blad.

  7. I have no great love for AFTV but this kind of comment about arsenal fan has connotations of elitism or even something more sinister like social cleansing …..

    “those who are without formal education; without any work experience ; or any business or sport acumen ,stopped dead in their tracks , and out of MY ARSENAL ! “

  8. Kirisoffer, I think you might find it useful to look at the details of a site you are writing to, and maybe a few past posts, before suggesting that the writer is not really an Arsenal supporter. But thanks for writing, because it gave those of us in the Untold office a bit of a smile.

  9. OK, given this has come up several times I’ll write a piece and try and explain why I think AFTV is such a bad thing and why protesting against it is a good thing. It will appear shortly.

  10. I disagree with the idea of negativity but also disagree with dividing the fan base. Why are they the enemy? Why would you want to shut down anybody’s opinion. One platform goes and the rest will follow. We all comment here about football, does that mean untold should be shut down as it is a fan site? Stop fighting each other. You do not have to listen. If I do not want to watch Coronation street I do it through choice. Have we lost the ability to control what we ourselves watch or listen to or like? Football crowds are much like society around us as is seen by the racism problem which is currently and rightly being highlighted. Either we value democracy and choice or we become totalitarian and dictatorial. You may only enter the stadium if you fill out the questionnaire first. Without freedom we have the self serving agenda of mainstream media and the right to agree with it. Please wake up to the deeper dangers for society that you are promoting here. As I have said before one platform goes then they all go. once a movement from one group of fans shuts down another then empty media and stadia will follow. The idea of shutting down an opinion we dislike is the embarrassment here. I thought this was a site used by adults and I am worried about the childish nature of this agenda and those responding to it.

  11. This Untold nonsense is always protesting against other Arsenal fans, and blaming them for the failures of the team; as if they are the ones playing the football and buying shoddy players, and not coaching them effectively. Unless Untold spout toxic negativity themselves it seems like this outfit will be out of existence.

  12. I enjoy listening to and reading about different perspectives on Arsenal and football in general from these guys up through the most qualified of sports experts. On the perspective of negativity, I don’t see AFTV as being anywhere beyond one sigma off center on the scale when it comes to their reviews and rants and I’ve been far more “gob-smacked” by the views of some of the more educated and “professional” commentators. The fact that you spend your time spewing your vitriol against them is far more divisive than anything they put out, is in itself unprofessional in making an issue of their content, reeks of anti freedom of speech and just gives me the impression that you’re petty and jealous because someone can garner more following with less education than you have. Give it a break. Do your thing and leave them to theirs.

  13. Seeing AFTV getting their own medicine is a reason for a huge smile. When you earn money by wattering a poisonous plant, the least you deserve is to have its fruit shoved down your throat.

  14. @Josif,

    right on, that is exactly what I felt when watching the ‘report’. The irony of AFTV being ‘booed’ (or sung out…) themselves was sweet music to me. And their childish response just reinforced my opionion about them.

    I must say I had a couple of good laughs watching the report. The best one was towards the end where he accuses the guy who were against AFTV to be under the influence of substances ans finishing with the sttement that he was going to get a drink himself…

    Apart from that, the lack of respect that AFTV is showing towards players and coaches just ruffles me. Calling players names, insulting them is all so cowardly – when done from the safety of the stands or the internet. None of them would dare say any word like that in the face of the players thes insult.

    The fact that others are doing the same thing does not make what they do right or justified. As I have already stated, thoses supposed fans (and explayers) are just a disgrace. On this level I envy the players of Liverpool or some second half of the table clubs who have fans always behind them, no matter what. The Emirates ought to be a fortress, these guys transform it into a swiss cheese. No team is scared anymore to play at the Emirates, and the referees probably fight among each other to have fun wrecking another Arsenal game – I mean, just look at how many times this season we’ve had the sames refs ! Say what you want, a crowd playing the 12th man would change the whole balance of powers at evry home game. And AFTV are definitely NOT advocating that.

  15. Good point MarcWally; what nonsensical article do you think you can publish against AFTV, Mr Attwood?

    That AFTV became rich by spouting negativities against Arsenal? Everybody in society makes money from everybody else; just a few examples – a private business (and those working for them) makes money from consumers by charging them more than the real price for products and services; funeral and undertaking services will go out of business if nobody dies; I will not get a job in local authority if we did not charge council tax; Kroenke is making a killing out of Arsenal and has not put a penny of his own personal money into our club, despite being one of the richest person in the world – but I never hear you criticise him?

    Yet we are always fighting against small fries like ourselves. From what I understand AFTV have been in existence for around 10 years and it was only in the last couple of years that they were properly known during the decaying embers of your beloved Wenger regime – it is not as if they set out to be negative against the club, but you guys make it out as if nobody has a right to voice concerns about the direction of the club or watching dire performances on the football pitch week in week out.

    Mr Attwood, will it be pleasing to you that all Arsenal supporters should get out of the club if their views are different to yours? if that should happen this club will be another Orient (no disrespect to them) completely losing its global reach. As I said earlier, your site gets read when you are divisive because that is what Untold has always thrived on since the days of Arsene Wenger.

    The fact that Arsenal FC has been in steady decline for many years now does not concern you Mr Attwood – what concerns you is dividing the Arsenal fan base. I will not be reading your article sir.

  16. I normally don’t respond to ‘them’ or do requests , but since we are about to compare our support or at least do an informal IQ testing , let me introduce myself .

    I am a 62 year old Malaysian doctor, who has been an Arsenal supporter since ’71-72.

    I have been an avid reader of this blog from almost since its inception , and also an occassional contributer.

    I was drawn to this blog because of the the same unease that I felt about the EPL, PIGMOB , the press and media, and the very stupid experts telling me ,” Like it is.”

    I see around 50 patients a day, along with their better less said about relatives some of whom can be deemed village idiots.

    So thae it from me that I can see one miles away. My medical observations have been horned by painful experience . I rarely required 20 questions to come to my conclusion.

    I like to think that I have the depth of perception to read beteeen the lines , and get an early gasp of unfolding stupidity.

    As I have mentioned before, I watch only Arsenal games , and never listen to pre, halftime or post game highlights that they would like to expose you to.

    And muting the commentary is the best thing you could do for your sanity.

    I don’t belong to any official Arsenal fan clubs , and don’t watch the above mention Youtube tvs.

    I am a Capricorn by the way !

    Hope that helps in forming an image of an educated , well groomed , gentleman, who doesn’t give a shit what people think.

    Have a great day . I did !

  17. Dear Tony , is it possible to put out some mickey taking videos on your video channel ? You know I’m just dying to contribute . But I promise to be good !

    In the meantime , below here is something I have been passing around in my circles.

  18. Your son is about to get married , and the private eye has just sent you this clip from little missy goody two shoes’ past.
    What do you next ?

    A.Destroy it.
    B. Warn him stat .
    C. Show it at the wedding reception.
    D. Giggle devilishly – That little piece of shit had it comming .
    E – Save it for future blackmail.

  19. While there are aspects of being a species of life on Earth, which have central tendency and are bounded; not all are. There are heights below or above which we are very unlikely to find any specimens; be they humans or trees. Hence, we are confident that a mean (average) exists. And we expect that there is a characteristic spread about the mean which can be described in terms of a standard deviation (square root of variance). Instead of calling the resulting distribution Gaussian (as it should be called), we instead use the _loaded_ word “normal”.

    There are single moded distributions found in nature, which possess a median and yet have no mean (average). Their variance is infinite. The Cauchy distribution is an example of one. I suspect many of the properties of humans which produce the “support” which Arsenal “enjoys”, are derived from distributions similar to the Cauchy (infinite variance). With no defined variance, there is no defined standard deviation.

  20. Joe71,

    I just don’t get the reason why people keep going to that pub where the food is awful, the beer acid, the company unbearable, keep paying for all that and then complain about it.

    Take your money to some other pub and enjoy it there …

  21. Kristoffer

    I’m guessing you’re a ‘glass half empty’ kind of guy.

    1) “Arsenal have been declining in 10-15 years.”

    I’ll list the year, then league finish, then FA Cup, then Community shield.

    04/05: 2 – W – W
    05/06: 4 – X – X
    06/07: 4 – X – X
    07/08: 3 – X – X I think you’ll find 3rd is better than 4th, so no decline there.
    08/09: 4 – X – X
    09/10: 3 – X – X I think you’ll find 3rd is better than 4th, so no decline again there.
    10/11: 4 – X – X
    11/12: 3 – X – X I think you’ll find 3rd is better than 4th, so yet again no decline there.
    12/13: 4 – X – X

    I think it’s worth pointing out at this stage that 4th and no trophy is the exact same circumstance we found ourselves in 7 years earlier, a 7 year period that actually includes 3 3rds, which if I’m not mistaken is an improvement on 4th.

    Either way to suggest that that we ‘declined’ over that period is utterly untrue. We did in fact remain very consistent despite a Zero net spend over the period, whilst 3 clubs, the 3 that usually finished above us, where spending between £30 and £50 million net per season. Overall a pretty remarkable achievement if you ask me.

    We continue:

    13/14: 4 – W – X If I may be so bold, isn’t a 4th and an FA Cup triumph an improvement ?
    14/15: 3 – W – X Well would you believe it? isn’t a 3rd and an FA Cup and a CS yet another improvement ?
    15/16: 2 – X – X No Fa Cup this year but our best finish since our 2nd, well would you believe it, 15 years ago.

    So despite your accusation that we’ve been ‘Declining’ over the last 15 years we somehow finished in exactly the same position as we did 15 years ago.

    And just for good measure:

    16/17: 5 – W – X
    17/18: 6 – X – W
    18/19: 5 – X – X

    So despite an FA Cup and a CS over the last 3 years, I agree that league finishes of 5th, 6th and 5th do represent a decline in league form compared to 15 years ago.


    05/06: 4 – X – X


    18/19: 5 – X – X

    Is hardly the catastrophic decline you would expect to see if indeed we had been declining for the last 10 to 15 years. In fact seasons 13/14 to 16/17 included 3 FA Cup victories and a League Runner Up which represents a massive IMPROVEMENT of 14 years ago.

    So your statement that “Arsenal have been declining in 10-15 years.” is absolutely devoid of any credibility.

    2) “Arsenal owner dont put a penny into the club”

    No they don’t.

    Tell me why they should ?

    Did you miss the bit when Gazidis said Arsenal would be run on the basis of a ‘self sustaining model’ ?

    3) “Arsenal always let in goals and the People in Change only buy attackers.”

    That is just plain silly.

    4) “Fans also have right to have demands when someone dont do the job, like a big part of Arsenal Club.”

    I know Liverpool have now got it right but they went over 10 years without a trophy and until this year nearly 30 without a title, yet I never heard their fans ‘Demanding’ this that and the other. Or flying planes over their stadium. Or protesting outside, and inside the ground. or setting up bloggs that do nothing but moan.

    Similarly Spurs. WTF have they won?

    Similarly where are their fans ‘demanding’ this that and the other? Where are there demonstrations, planes and bloggs?

    And that’s the point you see.

    Apart from the last couple of years I see our previous 13 years as actually pretty good. But maybe that’s because I saw maintaining a position in the top 4 against far far superior wealth elsewhere, as a fantastic achievement. Maybe that’s because I saw a 5 year period of 3 FA Cup triumphs, 3 CS victories ( 9 Wembley visits, 9 victories) along with a runners up finish, as all rather good fun, a period Spurs, and at the time Liverpool, would of died for.

    But hey if you didn’t enjoy it and actually spent your time whinging in the corner over our ‘decline’, then that’s your problem.

    As I say, I rather enjoyed it.

    Maybe I’m just a ‘Glass half full’ kind of guy.

  22. Nitram,

    great demonstration !

    Then again, there are a lot of people in this world who see that the sun is turning around the earth and others for whom the world was created 5000 BC, which means np physics principle and equation, from Pytagoras to Einstein is valid and all that is a hoax.

  23. Chris

    And of course Elvis still lives. I know that for a fact because I saw him in Tenerife…..Oh and Benidorm and Blackpool.

    And to prove it beyond doubt he’s actually now marrying people in Las Vegas.

    Now you cant argue with that can you !

  24. @Nitram,

    hell, I had absolutely not thought about that…. you are so right…. ;=))

    For my part, I have seen Luke Skywalker and Han Solo the other day at the airport.

  25. Doesn’t surprise me because the last time I saw them they were having trouble getting the Millennium Falcon started.

    Dodgy Lithium cell hyper drive plasma converter coil apparently.

    Very difficult to get your hands on in deepest darkest Surrey by all accounts.

  26. Good piece Tony! Call out the negativity! Its your and our right to express it. If not those haters will surely think they speak for all of us, so its important to make it understood that a lot of Arsenal supporters, dont agree with Aftv at all!

  27. It ultimately is about choice and fans should be free to support whichever media outlet they prefer: yours or AFTV. It seems to me that clearly AFTV have conveniently provided a platform for a lot of unknowns who are now having a livelihood…but are they grateful? Do they acknowledge this fact?
    No media outlet can take the moral high ground when it comes to choice. You can both coexist. And there is a lot more wrong with football like the rampant racism; perhaps you should direct your energies there and less at AFTV because a lot of this virtuous signalling is nothing more than unveiled jealousy. Yes. A black guy who supports Arsenal and makes a good living. That is too much for some in “the mainstream” to stomach. Let’s have an honest discussion about what really is your problem. And no I am not affiliated to any media. I simply believe in choice. Don’t watch AFTV is it is so negative. Simple.

  28. TBH you guys are ridiculous, you blaming a channel for the decline of our team give me a bloody break. AFTV made it possible for everyone to come out and express our views. AFTV is entertaining as Fuck when we win or lose supporters are giving their opinions. How the hell can you blame Robbie for our failures he doesn’t train the useless brats or work on formation. Don’t look for clout based on another man’s hard work you lot are insulting to Arsenal fans with brains. AFTV has changed the game shit up and watch the match you don’t need to watch if you don’t want to hear what we as fan’s think.

  29. “you blaming a channel for the decline of our team”
    You know, I do spend quite a bit of time writing each article, and when I receive a comment like this in response I have to conclude either I am, even after all these years, an absolutely awful writer, or else you didn’t read the article.

  30. I just love this response. It’s nonsensical man. These guys making Arsenal fans look like fools. AFTV has given us a platform to express our views positive and negative. Somehow it seems these people are looking for clout. ROBBIE has given a platform and insight to foreign supporters like myself to show that We all as fans express joy and rage with our teams performances.

  31. Clout chasing at its finest. Why can’t AFTV broadcast the opinions and the frustration of fans. What you don’t like is the fact that they are perhaps the most watched Arsenal YouTube fan channel and you are not. So you want to use ‘negativity’ as your weapon against your competitor basically. Discredit them and take their attention. Just be honest about it rather pretending to have some moral high ground. Embarrassing mate, stop whinging.

  32. “What you don’t like is the fact that they are perhaps the most watched Arsenal YouTube fan channel and you are not”
    I tell you what Hunter, if anyone offers you a job as a mindreader, you might wish to be cautious before accepting.

  33. craig arendse

    “….Robbie for our failures he doesn’t train the useless brats or work on formation”.

    Charming. With ‘supporters’ like you who needs enemies.

    As I intimated above, apart from the last 2 years we’ve been more successful than Liverpool and Spurs yet neither of those clubs has a TV channel constantly berating their every false step, or flying planes or protesting in and out of the stadium.

    That’s without mentioning every other Club apart from the big 3 and Liecster that have won absolutely nothing for years and years.

    Yes you have the right to moan and groan, whinge and whine, and even call them ‘useless brats’ as much as you like, but:

    It doesn’t make it right.

    It doesn’t make it helpful.

    It may make you feel better to have a good old whinge, but as players and managers and psychologists have said time and time again, it does nothing, absolutely nothing to help the team, which after all was what I thought we would all want to do?

    But no certain outlets think it’s their right to call out every player that doesn’t quite live up to their demands.

    Again as I pointed out above, WE ARE A SUCCESFUL FOOTBALL CLUB ffs.

    OK the last 2 years could of gone better but both Man UTD and Chelsea have fallen, and actually ended the season, in similar positions to where we are currently.

    I never saw a plane or heard a demo. And they certainly haven’t had a CFC or MUFC blogg set up with what seems the specific purpose of telling the World what a shite Club they ‘support’!!

    Honestly, having ‘the right’ or not, is pretty irrelevant when what we are supposed to be are ‘supporters’ that ‘support’ their team, their players, their Club, through thick and thin, especially through thin, don’t you think?

    That’s what I thought being a supporter was.

    Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s all about whinging and whining at every player who has a bad game. At the team every time it loses. At the Club every time they don’t buy exactly who YOU thought they should.

    Honestly I just don’t get it.

  34. @Nitram,

    that is 2 of us who don’t get it.

    Wonder how all these guys supported their kids when they were playing any kind of sports or studying….

  35. Frankly after watching the video and reading the article, Robbie comes out looking like the more reasonable fellow.
    @Tony, this article is really beneath you. Well, Chelsea will be at the Emirates today, we’ll see how this aftv-gate goes

  36. Hi Chris. I am an inspector. I go to that distasteful pub to gather evidence as to why it should not be used by others.

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