Racism: football is just packed solid with excuses, so why don’t we admit we do nothing?

By Tony Attwood

It is interesting that in following up the issue of racial abuse by some Tottenham supporters in the recent match against Chelsea there has been very little commentary in the media about the history of racial abuse and nothing much on the failure of the authorities to take any action.   What for example happened as a result of Harginey Borough players walking off the pitch when they suffered racial abuse in a game against Yeovil?   Maybe you have heard – I certainly haven’t.   Has Yeovil been fined, or disbarred from the FA Cup?

In fact it seems that this lack of information and seeming lack of action is simply the norm in England in the case of dealing with abuse.

Indeed for anyone who does more than a few seconds’ research the details of the game on 28 September 2008 will soon pop up.  That was the date of Portsmouth v Tottenham, as a result of which 11 men, including three juveniles appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court in connection with alleged racist and homophobic chanting.

Hampshire police released pictures of 16 people caught on camera at the match at Fratton Park, and  Superintendent Neil Sherrington said upon the release of the photos: “As part of our investigation into indecent chanting at Fratton Park, we have identified 16 people we would like to speak to. Our inquiry is aimed at identifying and putting before the court those individuals who engaged in unacceptable behaviour at this public event.

Now in the past 11 years the UK has become the leading surveillance state in the western world with more surveillance data per 1000 people than any other western country.  London is the most surveilled state in the west, and indeed is the only non-Chinese city to appear in the list of the top nine surveilled cities in the world with 627,707 cameras for 9,176,530 people or 68.40 cameras per 1,000 people. Other English cities are following suit.

Given that virtually all the people in the stadium were members of Tottenham’s supporter’s registration schemes, and given the advances in photo identification matching in the past 10 years, it is inconceivable that the pictures of those spotted shouting in an aggressive manner at the moment of the alleged racist chanting cannot be extracted.   Then these can be matched with known previous transgressors and those people brought in for questioning on suspicion of a racially aggravated crime.

No one was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated behaviour, even though the club will know exactly who was in which seat for the all-ticket match.  Liverpool meanwhile supported Suárez who failed to apologise to Evra beyond a generalised apology to everyone for “any offence caused”

One of the excuses regularly used (and it was certainly used in relation to Tottenham) is that the police can take no action because everyone is doing it.  If that is their view then there should be no fuss about the current spate of racial abuse since it means that the policy is that nothing is going to be done at all.  Certainly after the Portsmouth incident there could have been the threat of a blanket ban on all Tottenham support at away games if there was ever any incident again.  That would have stopped further outbreaks one way or another.

Where there is wholesale breaches of the law there really does need to be action, otherwise the law is brought into disrepute and should be reformed or removed.   I think we should fight racial abuse but if we are not going to fight racial abuse then let us at least be honest about it and say, “England is a country where racial abuse is not officially condoned but no action is taken against it.”

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  1. One things for sure if Arsenal were involved in any way then somehow the authorities would investigate and clobber The Arsenal.
    Unrelated to this you’ll likely remember the ‘battle of Mouldy Traff ‘ Winterburn on the deck being assaulted by a Man U player by having his head repeatedly thumped on the pitch result ? Arsenal players fined including Winterburn and the the saintly red devil that clobbered him? No action or sanctions taken ( think it was McLair) Then overall Arsenal deducted 2pts and old red nose’s crew 1pt .

  2. Tony,

    what happened in the end about the racist abuse the 3 Lions team had to experience in the Euro 2020 qualifiers recently ?
    Is the FA actively pursuing it or is this just dying out as no one in the higher circles really cares ?

  3. Let’s get this right, there was no racial abuse from Spurs fans aimed at Rudiger. The player just cheated to get Son dismissed. He was trying to cover up his guilt with these false allegations. As have been proved by the authorities and, as a Spurs fan I am awaiting an apology from Chelsea. But I’m not holding my breath!

  4. In relation to the incident against Chelsea you are making unfounded accusations against Tottenham fans and THFC based upon one player’s testimony.

    Tapes have been released to the authorities, lip readers employed, witness statements taken, and so far no evidence has been found. Could we be dealing with playing the race card here, mis-interpretation of “cheat cheat” for “ooh ooh” or plain bad hearing?

    This player has form by the way.

    Regrettably biased nonsense like this puts the cause of racism back decades and exposes you for what you are, and inverse racist who just jumps on the “take the moral high ground”.

    Tony Attwood, you should be truly ashamed that your bias towards THFC has blinded you on such an important topic. Just stick to simple subjects that do not inflame a situation just to satisfy you narrow minded agenda.

    People like you need to be outed as much as the decrepid racists that litter every premier club in the country.

  5. Racism is one thing, but what about the Birmingham thug who ran on the pitch at Aston Villa and attacked Jack Grealish during a live tv match ?
    it seems that the police are also very slow to act and deter such incidents.

  6. Mr Attwood, before you behave like the “pot calling the kettle black” (and I am being sarcastic with that racist terminology), you can start by allowing a black owner of an Arsenal fan site go about his legal business without interference from your good self.

  7. @Paul,

    I don’t know what page you are reading, but as far as what I see on my screen, the piece is about a few clubs, among which THFC, is being talked about.
    Furthermore, the press in general have reported about it, alas for many not ging deep into the subject.

    So where is the bias ? Mr Attwood has repeatedly condemned such abuse, making no difference who is getting abused.

    Is his piece biased towards Yeovil and Liverpool ?

  8. The container of liquid that was hurled on the pitch must have fallen from the chicken on the roof. The sound that Rudiger heard was clucking of said chicken on the roof. Morinho said that the red card was issued as a result of Rudigers play acting following the nice boy Son stretching his legs to avoid cramp.

    Usually the penalty for a red card is increased if appealed unsuccessfully but not for Son.

    Why did the officials stop the game twice if they didn’t hear any racist abuse? What were the Tottenham stewards doing?

    Rudiger clearly indicated that he heard abuse and reported it to his captain & the officials. Insinuating that he was lying is a serious position that could end up in huge fines.

  9. @Joe71,

    So, when here on Untold Arsenal there is criticism of AFTV, this is called ‘interfering with his business’ ? This is what you wrote right ?
    So tell me then, AFTV criticising Arsenal is that not ‘interfering with Arsenal FC business’ as well ?
    Which means, under your logic, that AFTV ought to stop criticisin Arsenal FC.

    Did I get it right ? Do we agree ?

  10. @Joe71 Pot & Kettle is a colour prejudice. Neither have a racial connection.

    There is no racism on a piano just a colour difference.

  11. Gord

    I have always maintained that I do not believe the PL to be corrupt or bent in the traditional sense of the words, by which I mean I do not believe brown envelopes are passed, or favours exchanged, in return for decisions made on the field of play in favour of, or to the detriment of, any team in particular.

    I have always maintained there are simply agendas set by the snouts in the trough, or as we know them, the media.

    The PGMOL and at there behest, the referees, just follow the line of least resistance, or put another way, the line that will keep them in a job.

    It is of course possible that bribery and corruption are rife within the PL, With so much money swishing about nothing would surprise me but I honestly don’t believe it.

  12. Nitram,

    I’d like to believe it is just that.
    Just that considering the amounts in play, I’ve come to a point where I am not trusting most of the people when money is in play, the more when it comes to ‘rich’ people. After all, tax evasion is their playground (for most of them…) isn’t it ?

  13. When there is no regulation of officials and while there are secretly appointed officials for the games, the probability of corruption is huge. It is even worse when the same official is appointed for one team, several times within a short space of time.

    I have watched too many games where unreasonable decisions have been made and that gives me reason to believe the officiating is corrupt.

    The PGMOL as a group are obscene when it comes to transparency. They do not report to a higher sporting authority and do not declare their ‘HR systems’ openly. The FA are just as obscene in their transparency.

    There is a lot more to be said but perhaps it need a whole article.

  14. Chris

    Or Tax AVOIDANCE as the ‘rich at our expense’ prefer to call it.

    Chris and Menace

    Two very plausible arguments.

    None of what you say would come as any surprise to me, but at this moment I still believe it is a media driven bias (which after all still has it’s roots in money) rather than a Club/Syndicate/Gambling driven bias.

    But whatever is behind it, it still stinks.

  15. very good reply @chris
    I think you will not hear from him
    Alas its very fashionable these days to criticize without logic nor reason
    just money making mixed with personal frustration
    you confront them with just one simple smart logical question
    i hope they will learn something from it but I m affraid that
    if they would understand you they wouldn behave and say the brainless things they say
    that s the conundrum

  16. Just been listening to the Wolves 3 – 2 Man City match on prime.

    I swear the commentators are knocking one off at the sheer delight of it all.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they break out into ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ at any moment, it’s that obvious.


  17. Pot /Kettle translation:-
    Pot n Pan = Old man
    Kettle = Timepiece worn on wrist.

    Confused of the Big Smoke.

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