It’s good news day. Win 2 club level tickets for WBA; plus Gibbs is OK and Vela is freed

By Tony Attwood

Good news on free tickets, good news on injuries, good news about women, good news about Carlos Vela.

It is all Good, Good, Good, Good.  Oh yes!

First off, the two free tickets for club level this weekend.

If you read my meanderings on a regular basis, then in between your need for occasional psychiatric you will be aware that 02 gave Jane and I a sensational day out in the Blue Room for the Notlob game, with as much drink and you could shake a stick at, the best food I have ever had at a football match, and two super sensational club level tickets, plus a crazed ride in a rickshaw down the Holloway Road, and some fun and games in the 02 bubble.

Now they are back with more tickets at club level, and being the jolly lovely people that they are, they have invited me to help give them away!

Of course I would prefer it if they invited Jane and I back to club level, but well, you know, share it around, and all that stuff.

So here’s how it goes. Every week O2 will broadcast a famous Arsenal chant. They will encourage people to tweet the chant on twitter with the hashtag #o2arsenal and any other message they can fit in. The first tweeter to get 50 re-tweets will win two club level box tickets to the next Arsenal home match. So the first winner will be going to West Brom this home game weekend and experiencing everything I experienced at Bolton.  And I can tell you mateys, it was pretty mind blowing.

More details of the prize and the competition can be found here:

This weeks chant to tweet is

OHH-O Theo Walcott, Theo Theo Walcott, he’s an Englishman at Arsenal #o2arsenal

Meanwhile the good news (or is that Good News) does not stop there.  Gibbs hasn’t broken every bone in his body.  In fact he hasn’t broken any, and will be back in action shortly.

And Carlos Vela pulled the greatest stunt of all, and has got himself banned by Mexico for six months.  That is most of the rest of the season – and that means no more mindblowingly inept and insane trips to the New World and then not being back in time to get over jet lag.

He’s here, he’s ours, and he can play.  Yipeeeeeee.

Now onto the delicate subject of the ladies.

Arsenal Ladies have a real problem in that they are not playing in a league this autumn, because their league doesn’t start until March.  But they still have to play Euro Cup games, and they have just played away in Serbia (a dinky little country Jane and I visited a few years back, as well as taking in Montenegro and Croatia.

Anyway, we won away 3-1 in the first game – a nifty lead for the first game of the season, you will agree.

The official Arsenal web site says, “the second leg on October 14 is not a foregone conclusion.”  Don’t give me that!

Anyway, if all that were not good enough, there is a fair old chance that Diaby and Vermaelen will be fit for the Woobleyous of Western Brom-witch.

So that’s it.  We is unbeaten, 02 are giving away seats in the Clubby Wubby level, with all the food and drink, Carlos had a party, the ladies won, and the Greater London Council is debating whether to send Tottenham back to Middlesex from whence they came.  “They’re an absolute shower,” said Boris.  (Only in Latin.)

Happy or what?

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15 Replies to “It’s good news day. Win 2 club level tickets for WBA; plus Gibbs is OK and Vela is freed”

  1. Good for u mate,have a lots of fun and be careful with foods and drink we need u for rest of the

  2. Great news about Gibbs and Vela. Oh to be…

    I strongly approve of the injury index and ref rating projects. Long may they continue. It’s always good to see the numbers.

    May I suggest another one? A statistical analysis with blatant examples of the media’s ability to generate completely different headlines from the same interview, foul or what have you?

    Keep up the G. W.

  3. Good news all. So Carlos had a party and women won 😉 (he is goodlooking young boy so that is no news). Seriously I’m happy that Carlos will stay with Arsenal rest of season (could he do same next year too?)
    Then again after keeping eye on Arsenal Ladies last couple years I’m not surprised that they won. When other people have been talking about Arsenal not winning I have pointed out the Ladies.

  4. Finngun, that would make interesting reading but I fear compiling all that material would be a full time job for whoever undertook it. Just listen to Talksport for example, you could fill a book every week just with their contribution.

  5. Chelsea 3-4 Newcastle. The Toon blew a 3-1 lead at the Bridge, but they still beat the Chavs at the death. Good week to be a Gooner. Or a Tooner, for that matter.

  6. Chelsea and Blackburn out. I hope plenty of gunners took odds on the CC earlier cos they just got slashed I reckon.

    I think with a little focus we could win it this year eh

  7. Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Man City all out of the CC.

    That really only leaves us and Man Utd, and the way they’re defending at the moment (conceded another two goals tonight against Scunthorpe) I would fancy our chances against them!

  8. Thank Goodness, my comment is showing again. Much as I tried yesterday, my comments of euphoria keep disappearing into some kind of abbys.

    Good News is good, isn’t it?. Gibbs is ‘Gooner’ be fine. Carlos pulls one out of the hat on the M-FA and the callous FIFA can’t do ‘Jack’ about it. The Women? They’ve always bring good news anyway. Chelsea out of the Diddly Cup that they have always been proud to win. Blackburn ‘Elbow-ist’ out. How I wish they stay out permanently. Especially with fellas like Diouf and the other Chief elbow-ist – Kevin (I can’t believe some actually thought he could play for England).

    Long may the good news continue.

  9. Perfect the easier the route to the final the better hopefully villa draw UTD and stuff them …we can steam roll the rest after that.
    Great news on Gibbs delighted for the fella he is going to be ok
    I read how Rosiscky offered both Chammak and Nasri the ball at Sunderland and neither wanted it for the spot kick. Sure glad Wenger had a chat with them before last nights game.

  10. Good news about Gibbs, hope he gets more 1st team games this season. Would love us to turn out later on this year with Gibbs, Walcott, Lansbury and Wilshire in the side together, would act as a huge encouragement for the kids coming up the ranks, I think.

    Re: Vela the party animal, isn’t it the case that Mexico only have one fixture arranged for the rest of the year (friendly vs Venezuela in October, according to That is, at the moment, a six-month ban means he will miss precisely one game. Carlos Vela News is quiet on the subject, I note.

  11. This is one thing that RVP, Cesc, Theo and everyone at the club should learn from Carlos Vela. The guy realized he has no club future if he keeps sitting out the majority of the season injured due to internationals. So he did this master plan of throwing a party, enjoyed the night and gets himself fully available for the club. Master stoke.. what a way to get what u want. I never knew that by throwing a party u can gain so much..

  12. Damn.. you talking about the ladies.. suddenly you changed topic about Diaby and Verminator.. and the good ol’ me still in the ladies topic..


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