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  1. Mikey
    30 July 2020

    I find it somewhat hard to believe that De Gea is worth the same as Leno & Martinezt put together. I take either of them over old butter fingers any day of the week…….and Matt Macey would be a close call too!


  2. Kobie Fourie
    30 July 2020

    I totaly agree with you Tony as Guendouzi is concernd. We have real talent here. I realy hope something can still be worked out. How sad will it be if we see in future a Guendouzi in other coulers playing fantastic football with the knowledge that he once belong to us….


  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin
    31 July 2020

    Well, let me reiterate all what I have said before on the UA website and JustArsenalnews. Which of course are, I’ve said after last season’s campaign in the PL has ended and Arsenal finally finished 8th in the table that Arsenal are looking to be seriously in need to do 2 major reinforcements signing for their first team squad to upgrade the quality standing of the squad for next season’s campaign in the PL after they’ve missed on the PL top-four place finish by doing 2 top rated new players major signing of: 1, a top rated over 20 top League goals scorer per season striker to replace would be a very long absentee Martinelli, and partner the new striker signing with Aubameyang in the Arsenal central attack profile. Which if employed could guarantee for Arsenal the scoring of a minimum of 45 goals scored by the duo strikers partnership striking in the PL next season’s campaign. But this is premised on if Auba extend his deal at Arsenal to remain at the club but not leave during the next summer transfer window. And 2, Arsenal will also need to do a top rated specialist midfield enforcer signing next summer window and use him to replace Torreria who I think should be shipped out in the next summer window. For, he has looked unconvincing in the PL for Arsenal last season as if he has saidm he can’t do this job as required by Arsenal. All these my perceiving should be done by Arsenal this summer if the club is to successfully challenge for the Premier League title win next season’s campaign.

    But not withstanding, Ozil’s unrelenting continuously been absent for Arsenal in the play maker position in the Arsenal midfield at the snap of the finger should necessitate Arsenal to do a new top rated midfield creator player signing during the next summer window even if Ozil refuse to leave the club on transfer to another club, Arsenal MUST go ahead to sign a new top rated play maker player. For, Ozil has proved overtime to be not trustworthy or reliable for Arsenal in matches as he has only been making number of cameo appearances for the club in the PL.

    So, by my own reckoning for Arsenal as far as next summer transfer window concerned them, the club will have to do 3 major signings next summer window to properly reinforced. But has club enough money to undertake these 3 major signings that I’ve said above that the club should sign this summer? Well, they can raise some money if the club so desires to sign them by offload Guendouzi, Torreria and a very few other Gunners.


  4. JW
    31 July 2020

    Football at the elite level (EPL, Serie A, La Liga, The EUFA competitions and the World Cup) get their revenue from TV Deals, and Advertising deals.

    TV companies get their revenue thru Advertising.

    Football is pretty much a non-stop game for two 45 minute halves.

    The US TV companies are finally seeing these football competitions as big money makers.

    The trouble is they need more time for advertising.

    The US are particularly interested in the World cup. They view America as the ideal venue.

    So, when FIFA deigned to give world cups to Russia and Qatar, the US were upset. So much so that the US Justice department went after FIFA.

    The result was Blatter had to leave town, and several FIFA delegates from the Americas were indicted. I believe FIFA were shaken an worried that other members might be indicted.

    So, since their public spanking by the US Justice department, FIFA have made several changes to our game.
    One is to give the US (and Mexico and Canada) a World Cup.
    Since Mexico and Canada are sharing, they have forced (sorry persuaded) FIFA to increase the number of teams that get thru.

    I believe that the TV companies have pressured FIFA to make changes to the game.
    FIFA have sold the changes to the public as improvements, but the intention is the introduction of breaks in the play.
    VAR was the first. Inceasing the number of substitutions to 5 is another. The water break is another (this being an attempt to go to 4 quarters instead of two halves).
    To make the 4 quarters look sensible, they will be 15 minutes each.

    Waiting in the wings is the “Time Clock”. Once people start complaining about all the stoppages, the answer will be the clock. Once the clock exists, then you can have as many stoppages as the TV companies want, because you just stop the clock when play stops, then restart the clock and carry on.

    Football will become an American TV sport. The next step is to go to a Super League, played, naturally, in America.



  5. Menace
    31 July 2020

    Can anyone suggest how to stop the cookie message that pops up like a devil wanting to steal your soul!!


  6. seismic
    1 August 2020

    I imagine that the “value” of this Arsenal team may have risen noticeably after today’s result. Another great performance. We have beaten all of the “Top Four” this season.


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