The football media just follow each other; how they miss Elneny

by Tony Attwood

As we have seen of late, English journalists don’t have a clue what is going on in football.  As a result they make things up.  They could do some research, but they don’t.  Instead they just read what each other writes, take that as the normal, and write some more about that.

Then, eventually, after Untold Arsenal and a few other websites, point out how far they are from reality, they sometimes pick up our point, and just carry on as if they were there all the time.

So it finally came to pass that after ignoring the fact that Elneny played in a pre-season friendly and the Community Shield match, the word has come out.

Although perhaps it was suitable that he shouldn’t be talked about, because his new approach to the concept of the “invisible wall” made him, well, sort of, invisible.  At least invisible to journalists in between their drinks.   (Although I watched the Fulham game in the pub with a pint and I still saw him).

Anyway, finally he has been found with this snippet from the Guardian.  Rather late in the day, but at least they got there in the end.

“Elneny looks ready for top flight”

4 Replies to “The football media just follow each other; how they miss Elneny”

  1. Now we can sing and cheer and dream of the unbelievable. We have a captain that has stayed and not been sold!! It shows a change in the tide of fortune for Arsenal.

    Those who claimed Arsenal might go the whole season undefeated could be right. We have been so good, so far!

    Now it’s just a matter of consistency.


  2. Well played Mo as the saying goes. Great to hear debate amongst the fans as to Whether he or Granit were the better in midfield against Fulham. I admit I was one of those who had all but forgotten him whilst he was in Turkey so really pleased for him to come back and perform as he has done so far. Auba’s deal announced today as well and I can not think of an Arsenal player I am unhappy with at the moment.

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