The top six Arsenal stories doing the rounds today

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

1: Elneny is an undroppable.

The Sunday Express tell us that “Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has found three new undroppables in addition to Aubameyang.”

These three, as you will probably have guessed are Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes, and Mohammed Elneny.

A slight tap on the back for Untold since we were praising Elneny from the moment he turned up in those pre-season games this season, as well as noting his abilities before he went on loan.  And here’s a thing, he cost us £11.25m – no more.  Quite a good buy!

2.  What Pochettino said about Arsenal and Tottenham 

HITC comes up with this one reminding anyone who needed reminding that Tottenham Ho. had “endured a long period where they had finished below their North London rivals.”  Apparently Pochettino, whom HITC insists on calling “the Argentine” has said that “Tottenham finishing above Arsenal was like ‘winning the Champions League’ for the Spurs fans.”

If you recall we finished eighth and they finished sixth.

3.  The magic of Nikolaj Duus Moller – our new signing

“What do we know about Arsenal signing the giant Nikolaj Duus Möller?” asks the Daily Cannon who they point out joined us in the transfer window.   They say that many fans were “wanting to know more about the new centre-forward acquisition.”

So they have been digging and have found that having scored “three goals in three games in September, he got a call-up to the Sweden u18s”.  Then Arsenal signed him on deadline day.

Apparently then 101 Great Goals ran an interview with the players former coach Robin Asterhed who said,

“He can play as the target man and as the one who runs in behind.   Comparing to former Arsenal players, I would say maybe Kanu is the closest one. On the pitch, Niko is a really technical player.

“He can flick in behind, he can combine and he has a really good one touch. He also has the dribbling abilities but more and more the last year he has been less and less dribbling.

“He is a huge player. 194cm, 90kg and for this size, he is really mobile. He can run in behind, he is quick in the first meters and makes quite well-timed runs….

“The biggest potential weakness is that he can be too involved.  Instead he should tactically know how can I create space? How can I go away from the ball to get a better position? And to create more finishing chances.

“He can hit the ball really hard and really precise but maybe he comes to too few finishing situations to be a really successful number 9.”

4.  Rio Ferdinand reminds everyone what he said about Arsenal player earlier this year 
And what he wanted was for Manchester United to sign Thomas Partey.  But they moved too slowly, or couldn’t be bothered or something like that, and Arsenal nipped in.  Of course it may have been that Partey thought that Arsenal had a better manager, that the club’s style suited him more, or that his companion fancied London rather than Manchester as a home.  One never knows with these things.
5.  Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta warned he has made a mistake following Thomas Partey signing 

But it is not all brightness and light, as that highly experienced manager Paul Merson tells the Daily Express.   Merson states that the error is that Ozil should have been kept into the Arsenal squad to play in the same team as Partey.

6.  Troy Deeney speaks about Mo Elneny

For reasons that will not become clear at this time, Troy Deeney of Watford has been speaking to talkSport – and HITC have been reporting it under the headline “‘Fair play’: Troy Deeney gives his verdict on much-criticised Arsenal player.”

And Mr Deeney was full of praise.   The website quotes Mo’s figures taken from WhoScored, showing 88.7% pass accuracy, 72 touches, three interceptions, one clearance and one cross.

And those by and large are the big tales of the day, according to the blogs and papers.