That seems to me to be the key: are the players going to adjust to the new style of play under Arteta as they did several times under Wenger?

The one player they want introduced to the team is Joe Willock – a choice that many people seem to be making at the moment based on the Europa League games with comparisons being made to Aaron Ramsey in terms of his late runs into the penalty area.

What they also suggest is that we have a separate style of line up against the rest of the “Top six” which of course is not a top six at the moment.  Here they suggest a 3-4-3 approach, as was deployed in the victory against Man U, with Elneny playing alongside Partey.

They also say Arteta shouldn’t be afraid to deploy a more defensive 3-4-3 line-up similar to the one that dominated United at Old Trafford.  That brings back in Elneny playing along side Partey.

These are big calls to make, and the type of call that some managers can make and get right and others not.  It’s a moment for bravery and decision making.