Arsenal v Leeds: the home/away split, and the gaslighting influence

By Bulldog Drummond

hands holding puppet strings used to represent gaslighting

As we saw in the last article Arsenal are caught in a perfect referees’ trap for Leeds match. 

Our one hope is that as with the Leicester’s expansions of the tackling and penalty-gaining rules, now the negative way Arsenal are being treated is exposed the referees know they have been rumbled, and reign things back in.

This, along with our detailed exposure of how the “gaslighting” approach to debating what is going on in Premier League is stopping all serious debate about refereeing, is the main issue in Premier League football today.  An index to the gaslighting series is at the end of this article, but in simple terms it means manipulating a debate by moving it to other areas (such as “you only complain about refs because Arsenal are doing badly) and thus pretending the original issue (refereeing is not reasonable and fair) does not exist.

But the game is to be played, and the refereeing will be done by PGMO, and the reporting will be undertaken using all the usual gaslighting techniques by the media and the compliant blogs that follow their lead.

So we have to contemplate the season so far with the relative achievements of Arsenal (at home) and Leeds (away)

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
11 Arsenal home 11 4 3 4 12 11 1 15
9 Leeds United away 11 6 0 5 22 22 0 18

Not surprisingly, with their ability to tackle with near impunity Leeds are a stronger team away from home than Arsenal are at home, and thus must start as favourites.  The one thing in our favour is that we can defend well, which is quite amazing considering  that almost every tackle we make is penalised as a foul.  If we can only get our forward line working we should be ok.

The other point of course is that having published our gaslighting series the PGMO know we are on to them, and know that we are going to compare the tackles, fouls and yellow cards for both clubs.  The media won’t take any notice as under gaslighting rules they won’t ever comment on the referees, so we are pretty much in this fight on our own.  Which is why it is once again becoming the key focus of Untold, as it was when we had Walter writing referee match reports.

In terms of what has happened this year, we can notice is that Leeds have played seven, won three and lost four (including a defeat to Crawley Town by 3-0 in the FA Cup.)   They have conceded 11 and scored eight in these seven games.

While Leeds have just been playing seven games since the new year Arsenal has been playing nine games.  We’ve won four, drawn two, lost three.   If however we take just the last seven to give a comparison with Leeds our results are won two, drawn two, lost three.  We have conceded five and scored eight in those games.

That is a much better performance by Arsenal than Leeds in terms of the defence as our overall performance from the start of the season has indeed been.  Indeed despite recent poor results we are still the third best defensive team in the league.

Here is the top four based on defences…

Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 Manchester City 22 15 5 2 43 14 29 50
2 Tottenham Hots 22 10 6 6 36 22 14 36
3 Arsenal 23 9 4 10 27 23 4 31
4 Chelsea 23 11 6 6 38 24 14 39

In the next piece we will have a look at who our top scorers actually are, and how well they are doing.  The Gaslighting index is below, in case you missed the series.



Gaslighting: how refereeing in the Premier League is manipulated, and why the media never speak about it.

5 Replies to “Arsenal v Leeds: the home/away split, and the gaslighting influence”

  1. The more stats you publish the more I draw the conclusion that referee is being incorrectly used. It seems we have a person blowing a whistle but it is a strong stretch of the imagination, due to their application of the rules of the game, to be using the title referee. Nowadays we might have to be careful we don’t upset the real ones.

  2. @Laos Gunner The best description I ever found was “entertainment facilitator”. I have no idea what it is supposed to mean but it does sound like management bull excrement. Like you it is way too cruel on real referees to call them such

    They should be called “bookies runners” because if the Truth is told…

  3. I describe them as representatives of the devious Riley, following his instructions within the confines of a football field so as to ensure the safety of the sporting regulations that protect them from English Law. They do not apply the Laws of The Game nor do they reflect the spirit of those Laws including the illegal use of an off field referee.

    The use of technology to further their goal of making money is obvious. The point where the ball is kicked is not shown with the accuracy of where the players are when it is supposed to have been kicked.
    How can you be off side when the ball is kicked 0.1- 0.3 secs after the frame that is used to check player position. Sometimes it might be later.

    The systems and the users are working in tandem from one secret unquestionable society called PGMOL. An organisation that is not answerable to anyone and is not transparent to the nation that holds the game as sacresanct is an abuse of integrity.

    When a football supporter gets so angry as to threaten the official with death, it is obvious something is wrong.

  4. Tricky game coming up.
    Though he is always associated with Utd for the most obvious of reasons, referee supreme, Mike Riley was actually born in Leeds, wonder if he has any affection for them?

  5. The gaslighting thing is very valid.
    But English refs are untouchable, Wenger said that quite directly. Even now with VAR, the technology , in England at least, is only used to back up the PGMOL.
    Come on Wenger, do these criminals

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