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  1. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin
    15 May 2021

    I think the exercise behind pushing Infantino’s control FIFA to form the European Super League and wanting to control the show of it at the detriment of UEFA controlling the show, is crave by him to get more and more money a crude to himself and to his clique at FIFA for sharing amongst them.

    But why is isInfantino’s insatiable urge to become richer and richer albeit through illegal, unlawful and criminal means. When he’s looking to be rich and rich already. And must have been rich to the brim of his throat to can’t no longer be able to swallow more riches beat me to ponder.

    For, this man Infantino has already made enough money that will last him his lifetime to not see him getting financially broke throughout his lifetime. But leave him leaving some large chunk of it starched away in banks, properties and lands as inheritance left for his wards to inherit them.


  2. Nitram
    15 May 2021

    Unless there is some form of restriction put on the amount of money that can be pumped into football clubs by the likes of Abramovic and the Mansours this will not go away.

    The current ‘big’ clubs, and I include Arsenal in this despite our recent slip, are not going to sit by and allow clubs to usurp there status simply because a Billionaire wants a new toy, or a Nation state needs a new Global marketing tool.

    Either we get FFP in some form or another or it will happen.


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