Arsenal v Wimbledon – special security issues and the inclusion of a surprise player?

by Tony Attwood

This is obviously an Arsenal site, but if you are a Wimbledon fan and have got here deliberately or by mistake, please stay for a moment because there are security issues going on at Arsenal which affect all fans.

If you are a regular reader you will know that I have been making something of a fuss about what appears to me to have been wholly unacceptable, dangerous and indeed at places illegal activity by Arsenal in arranging the entry to the stadium area for the last home game.

I’ve repeatedly asked for a public apology and explanation from the club as to why fans were treated in this dangerous manner, but seemingly none has been forthcoming.

However thanks to the solid work of AISA, the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, the club has agreed to make significant changes from the disastrous approach adopted for the Norwich match.

Of course we don’t yet know if the club is allowing the same reckless mob that ran security at the last match to be doing so again, but at least we do have some very significant improvements and changes in place for the Wimbledon game. You can read all the information about this on the AISA website    You can also read what else AISA does, beside hold Arsenal to account on vital matters such as fan safety, and if you would like to join AISA, as I’ve done, then details are here.

There’s also a revised club ‘Match Day Guide’ that will apply from Wednesday’s game with Wimbledon.   But in particular you might like to note that thanks to AISA’s clear representation of their members views, the limit on bag size will go up to A4 which should allow supporters to bring in a rucksack or handbag.

However nothing larger can be brought into the stadium.  And given the nature of the bunch of shouty turnips who were manning the barricades before the last game, I wouldn’t fancy taken them on in a reasoned debate about what colours Arsenal play in, let along the size of a handbag.

There is a lot more information on the AISA website and I would strongly suggest that if you are going to the game you should read that – you can access it whether you are a member or not.

Meanwhile a lot of speculation surrounds the young player whom the Mirror name as “Arsenal’s “best ever” academy player who could make debut against AFC Wimbledon”

This is Charlie Patino and of course we have all the usual plaudits such as him being “tipped to be better than Jack Wilshire” with him having “earned comparisons to Phil Foden.”   He is 17, which means that in a year the club will be accused of not tying him down to a proper contract and letting him go on the cheap.

They also tell us that “Charlie Patino captained Arsenal’s under-21s for their EFL Cup clash against Swindon Town” and scored “a brilliant solo goal against Manchester United U23s and has trained with the first team regularly.”

He also took part for a while in the recent friendly against Brentford.

In what appears to be a growing trend at Arsenal, there is a move away from using the loan system, because of the way some managers of ill-repute have abused the system, taking players on loan and then refusing to play them.  Keeping them in house seems to be the new model.

There is a video of Charlie playing on our report of the Brentford friendly.

Up next, the team.