Arsenal now tell fans to arrive at the ground BEFORE the stadium opens!!!!

By Tony Attwood

As you may know, I have occasionally been a little critical of Arsenal’s administration in terms of the way in which admission to the ground is being handled.

I have suggested that perhaps some of the people in charge of such matters are possibly not up to the job, and also that the fiasco of entry to the last game should have resulted in an abject apology to all fans.

We haven’t had the apology, but instead on the Arsenal official email just sent out to members we are told


General Admission opens at 18:30
Kick-off at 19:45

We strongly recommend that all supporters arrive a minimum of ninety minutes before kick-off to avoid queues and delays entering the stadium.


Now by my calculator 90 minutes before kick off (the advised time of entry) is 1815.   But the ground opens at 1830.

So, err, we have to arrive at 6.15pm, all hang around in huge numbers which is going to be very unsafe indeed, and then all try and enter en masse at 6.30pm.  Is that right?  Or should we scale the walls – bringing our own ropes and climbing equipment?

Well, certainly that is what we are being told.   And I repeat there is still no apology for the fiasco of entry at the last match, which I think is disgraceful.   

And now this.

Maybe one or two supporters could actually help Arsenal get their messaging sorted out?  

Maybe this time there could be an apology for this error, plus an apology for the abuse and danger we suffered at the last match?

Maybe someone at Arsenal could get their communications hub sorted out.

And most importantly, maybe someone could actually apologise for treating us like people of utterly no consequence whatsoever.

Arsenal, do not just change that ludicrous email and pretend it never happened.  Apologise to fans for this whole fiasco, sack the person responsible, and change the people handling security outside the ground.

And do it now before someone gets hurt.

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  1. @alan,

    yep, you’re right. Same with me :

    What pandemic ? I did not get Covid neither did my family.

    Thanks for your intelligent, constructive, and thoughtful comment.

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