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  1. Brickfields Gunners

    Thanks for the info Walter – it looks like a nice and quaint setting.The hill side of the ground looks fine for a family bbq/picnic area while the opposite side seems to be an x-games potential paradise.
    Hope we come away with all 3 points and without conceding a goal and without injuries.

  2. walter

    Oh bugger, they removed the arbitration errors from the main page. Believe me it was there.

  3. Gf60

    I just hope that unlike the second half on Saturday, they don’t start successfully passing to the red shirts and white sleeves.

  4. Armin

    As Brickfields Gunners noticed, it is really nice place for bbq, and lets hope we wont take it as some picnic trip than rather do it stylish (as we know to do) and make others believe it was only picnic for us.
    Portuguese as passionate people so atmosphere will be electric and loud.

  5. Macca

    It’s interesting. The story of Braga’s kit change has parallels with Arsenal’s kit history in that Woolwich Arsenal changed their kit to claret and blue (in homage to league football’s creators, and England’s original powerhouse, Aston Villa F.C.)in 1895. This change proved short-lived and they soon returned to an all red top the season after – the Villa colours not bringing Woolwich any luck at all.

    When Herbert Chapman took over, the Villa influence kicked in once more, however. Whilst Highbury was being redeveloped with the gravitas and splendour of Villa Park as its inspiration, Chapman, in 1933, had the Arsenal kit changed to mimic Villa’s world famous claret body/blue sleeves template (first worn by Villa in the early 1890’s).

    A man who recognised the importance of iconic design, Chapman’s instinct was to be proven correct with the adoption of that Villa design classic being destined to serve Arsenal well and to give them an identity that was to become their own.

    Football and its history is marvellous stuff. The only conclusions we can safely draw from it all is that – save for the genuinely old, historic clubs of the game – ALL football clubs have had teams and club sides that have inspired them in one way or another. Just as Arsenal begat Braga, Aston Villa begat Arsenal…it’s like a family tree of sorts.

    If you good Arsenal folk are visiting Villa Park this weekend take a look at the statue of William McGregor on the Trinity Road side of the ground: this ancient, bronzed Villa director was the creator of the world’s first football league. Stare up and salute the father of the game, whilst reflecting on the notion that if it hadn’t been for him football today would be very, very different. There would probably be no Arsenal, no Braga, nor kits, nor colours. William McGregor’s league became the life blood of the sport allowing new clubs to spring up and flourish everywhere.

    Kits, tradition and history…here’s to a fine match this weekend. Enjoy your stay at the birthplace of this great game.

  6. AFCNews

    I was going crazy with the last Gunners game the other day, i hope we can get the points up and win the league, Come on you gunners!

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