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  1. Sammy The Snake
    11 January 2022

    Spur’s NEW MANAGER BUMP won’t last long. I hope.


  2. Mikey
    11 January 2022

    One would need to know by how much each club is adjudged to be overachieving in order to draw even the most basic of conclusions. One or more clubs may be alleged to be overachieving by just one point which is so negligible as to be close to meaningless. While others may have “overachieved” by many points more than expected.

    The other thing is that a club is only overachieving in relation to other clubs since you couldn’t have all 20 premier league clubs all overachieving (in league terms anyway).

    Is there anyway of showing a full table as to who is overachieving/underachieving and by how much?


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