West Ham v Arsenal: the confirmed Arsenal team…

Tomiyasu, Holding, Gabriel, Tavares
Xhaka, Elneny,
Martinelli, Odegaard (c), Saka
  • Leno
  • Cedric
  • Kirk
  • Swanson
  • Lokonga
  • Oulad M’Hand
  • Smith Rowe
  • Pepe
  • Lacazette

21 Replies to “West Ham v Arsenal: the confirmed Arsenal team…”

  1. yeahh’ massive performance and massive 3 points from the Arsenal. really like this team fighting spirits and togetherness and cool head’ Rob Holding is my MOTM tonight. 1.30 am local time, bedtime calling and happy Eid Al-Fitr to all who’s celebrating. come on Arsenal!

  2. Not exactly a classic, but the Big Boys did the job; Rock Holding must be one of the very best buys this club’s ever made.
    Eddie would have deserved at least one goal, and he has also shown the world what arrogant c..ts Rice and Cresswell really are, well done kiddo – the boy “won’t back down/he’ll stand his ground/won’t be turned around”
    There are so many more goals to come from that lad, buying anyone else would be dropping the prey for the shadow, but that wouldn’t be the first time, unfortunately
    I’m worried about Emil being left to rot away on the bench; we’re gonna lose that boy, what a disgrace it’ll be
    Anyway, very well done lads, there was a Grahamesque-memory-lane-feeling to that game; really starts to smell like Europe, doesn’t it?

  3. Well…… funnyo’ game like Tony says…..Maybe this was the last game with Dean and Deanmageddon did not happen.
    Maybe he is really getting old and needs to be retired ?

    But how damn diffucult this was. Tierney has not been replaced at all. The left side was scary…

    Then, again, the game was fought until the end, the young guns are learning to fight, grind out the opposition, to resist to pressure.

  4. I really expected Dean to give Ramsdale a red card. Thank you the honest linesman.

    But what was he doing, standing still showing a yellow card to Eddie and just watching as a whole posse of West Ham players were trying to beat him up.

    Rice showed himself up by continuing to fight Eddie, but Dean ignored it.

  5. @ Chris

    Completely correct. Tierney is such a huge miss. A great defender who brings so much to the attack.

    Irrespective, a great performance but the guys today COYG

  6. The trouble is Chris, if we bring in a Tierney II, what does he do when Tierney comes back and plays most of the season, and the replacement can’t get a game?

  7. Our boys are being criticised again for over zealous post match celebrations, this time by Chris Sutton.
    ‘Anyone would think they had just won the league’ according to him.
    Do other teams have to put up with this s**t every time they win an important three points.

  8. I don’t know why I keep being surprised by the BBC but here are the touch stories on their footy website at this moment:

    Pickford saves Everton
    Chelsea ladies
    Barcelona v Mallorca
    Celtic stuff
    Another story about Chelsea ladies
    “Big teams win ugly – Arsenal back into top four”

    The only surprise is that there wasn’t a story about how brilliant the Spuds were!! I’d hate to be so inadequate that I’d behave with such a level of bias and ignorance!!

  9. Elneny has been complimented as a useful squad player, but with the qualification that he makes safe passed, backwards or sideways.

    I feel therefore that it’s worth a reminder of his perfect long pass which put Eddie through on goal in the second half. Possibly the outstanding pass of the whole match.

  10. Tony,

    well aware. Just felt his replacement was having a bad day at the office and if we play european football, definitely we’ll need options.
    I am fully aware it ain’t easy and that I may state the obvious.
    At least the obvious is not fake news nor fantasy football !!!

  11. Seriously dubious foul in the build up to the Spuds second. BBC reaction….not to show it at all. I wonder how they’d have treated it if it had been us!

  12. Fantastic to see MotD explain that West Ham were hard done by because Dawson was suspended!!! FFS

  13. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done the lads . Was a very tight match , but Eddie should have score a few !
    Almost a very good day around for us . If the Spuds had lost , it would have been perfect !
    Come on guys , I have this dream !
    Up the Gunners !

  14. @mick shelley

    Chris Sutton’s utterances are perfect examples of inconsistency. He regularly contradicts himself.

  15. I’m sick of reading the newspaper articles complaining that Arsenal should not be letting Eddie go. If I’m not mistaken, a new contract was offered, but Eddie rejected it due a lack of game-time. His game-time has recently increased, and I imagine that discussions could resume at the end of the season.

  16. I hope that both Eddie and Lacazette are with us next season, together with Balogun who seems to have done OK at Middlesbrough.

    I also hope that Pepe stays.

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